Will Liberals Admit that ‘Black Panther’ is the Most Racist Movie Since 1915’s Ku Klux Klan Epic ‘Birth of a Nation’?

-By Warner Todd Huston

I just saw Marvel’s Black Panther and after reading dozens of reviews touting it as one of the best Marvel movies ever, I have come to wonder this: Will liberals admit that this movie is a terribly racist film?

If you are planning on seeing this black-centric superhero movie, don’t wait. It really is a fun ride. It has heart, it has emotional weight, talk of loyalty, love, trust, and betrayal. It has lots of action and great special effects. It is also a super hero film that gets you to believe its mythos quite easily. It is a fun, engaging, worthwhile watch. I highly recommend it.

But, man oh man is it racist. It is the most racist film since 1915’s Birth of a Nation, a flick from the classic era that celebrated the birth of the Ku Klux Klan in a south ruined by a just concluded Civil War.

The film introduces us to the Black Panther storyline informing the viewer that the mythical African nation of Wakanda was built around a mountain filled with a mysterious and powerful metal that helped the five tribes unite into a technological giant that predated all of mankind’s other great nations. But because the early Wakandans understood that their “Vibranium” was so powerful, they realized that they had to hide their wealth and power from the world lest the knowledge of that power consume the world with avarice and war.

So, Wakanda invented stealth technology, developed great medical arts, and made powerful weapons long before the technology of the rest of the world even dreamed of such wonders. But they hid their nation behind a giant cloaking device deep in the heart of Africa. They eschewed contact with any other nation and kept their five tribes hidden from the world.

In the film we see Wakanda in all its hidden splendor with great skyscrapers, amazing magnetic railway systems, astonishing medical technology, and wondrous flying machines… and we see only black faces. No white, no Asians, not even any Africans from other regions of the so-called “Dark Continent.”

How racist, eh?
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Will Liberals Admit that ‘Black Panther’ is the Most Racist Movie Since 1915’s Ku Klux Klan Epic ‘Birth of a Nation’?”

FBI Warns of Growing Domestic Terror Threat Posed by Black Extremist Groups

-By Warner Todd Huston

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is warning that the country faces an increasing level of threats from acts of domestic terror at the hands of a growing number of “black identity extremist” (BIE) groups.

The bombshell new report released by the FBI’s counterterrorism division states that these groups are targeting police.

“[I]t is very likely BIEs proactively target police and openly identify and justify their actions with social-political agendas commensurate with their perceived injustices against African Americans,” the report says, according to Fox News.

The report goes on to say that these BIE’s began forming after the 2014 shooting of African American teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

The report mentions that the Bureau began monitoring for threats after the Ferguson riots and in the intervening years have complied a long list of incidents to prove the threat is real. It also noted that these incidents of violence are “likely” to continue.

“It is very likely that BIEs’ perceptions of unjust treatment of African-Americans and the perceived unchallenged illegitimate actions of law enforcement will inspire premeditated attacks against law enforcement over the next year,” the paper said. “It is very likely additional controversial police shootings of African-Americans and the associated legal proceedings will continue to serve as drivers for violence against law enforcement.”

Naturally, minority groups are insisting that the relatively new term “black identity extremists” is “racial profiling” and an example of racism at the FBI.
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FBI Warns of Growing Domestic Terror Threat Posed by Black Extremist Groups”

White Nurse Arrested for Acting ‘Black’!

-By Gary Krasner

As you’ll see shortly, that is MY headline. And this is the seminal issue of our time. First, watch this video.

It is the story about the nurse in Utah who was arrested after refusing to give police officers a vial of a suspect’s blood because they didn’t present her with a warrant.

It was all over the MSM and internet. Everyone thinks the nurse was right to refuse the detective’s order. I say she was wrong.

Let’s be clear first what happened. You don’t see this on video, but the hospital patient was just previously evading police, and was unconscious.

The detective was ordered by his lieutenant to get a blood sample of the suspect. The nurse in charge would not do it and would not allow it.

When you refuse a lawful order from a cop, you can be arrested. When you refuse an unlawful order from a cop, you can also be arrested.

My advice is to follow any order, unless it will result in bodily injury or death. The nurse was obstructing what seemed like an unlawful order. And she was resisting arrest.

In all likelihood, she will not be charged for the obstruction and resisting arrest, because it seems the police order was unlawful.

Had the nurse followed orders, a judge would have thrown out the evidence as illegally obtained. So the nurse didn’t have to resist, and which could possibly have caused injury for someone, or herself. Ask yourself, WHY DID SHE DO IT?!

I’ve said that too many black motorists have adopted this underclass, anti authoritarianism attitude that you should resist front-line civil authority. It seems this white nurse had that attitude.
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White Nurse Arrested for Acting ‘Black’!”

ESPN Pulls Asian University of Virginia Announcer Because His Name is Robert Lee

-By Warner Todd Huston

If this isn’t the dumbest thing in the news today… According to reports, ESPN pulled an Asian American announcer off the William and Mary at University of Virginia college football game afraid he would enflame racial tensions because, like the famed Confederate General, his name is Robert Lee.

The story was first reported by Clay Travis of the popular sports website OutKickTheCoverage.com.

“To avoid offending left wing idiots,” Travis wrote on August 22, “Robert Lee, the Asian college football announcer, not the Confederate General who died in 1870 and shares a name with him, was switched,” with another announcer.

Travis cited “multiple Outkick fans inside ESPN,” as his source for the story of announcer Lee’s reassignment.

“Is there anything more pathetic than ESPN believing people would be offended by an Asian guy named Robert Lee sharing a name with Robert E. Lee and calling a football game?” Travis wrote.
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ESPN Pulls Asian University of Virginia Announcer Because His Name is Robert Lee”

Sorry, Liberals, You Don’t Get to Have Moral Outrage Over Charlottesville Murder

-By Warner Todd Huston

A monster went to Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend and used his car to kill a pedestrian standing on the street. This criminal deserves the worst the law can do to him not to mention that his name should become a black mark in history. But, liberals don’t deserve to use this creep as their focus for moral outrage or to use him as a weapon to attack “the right” because liberals wasted their moral authority by ignoring the many deaths and other outrages perpetrated by members of the Black Lives Matter and Occupy Wall Street movements.

After literally years, now, of liberals claiming people from “the right” are “dangerous,” “bloodthirsty,” “murderous,” “violent,” and any other label they care to use, the left finally got their monster. But on the way to this ONE guy “from the right” who committed murder, they’ve time and again ignored murderers when they came from within their own ranks.

Before we get to the left’s wasted moral authority, though, we need to clear up so definitions.

There is factually no difference between Nazi-styled racists and the Black Lives Matter movement. Both are racist groups bent on separating their favored races from society and creating a segregated section for themselves. Both constantly spout hate against every race but their own. Both have been responsible for riots, property destruction, and deaths. In fact, BLM is guiltier of such things than any Nazi, Alt-Right, or white supremacist group. But they should be loathed equally, and both denounced as domestic terrorist groups.

Yet, the left will use this James Alex Fields, Jr., as a rallying point to claim that “the right” is dangerous and deserves to have their free speech curtailed.

First, we need to clear up this “the right,” nonsense.
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Sorry, Liberals, You Don’t Get to Have Moral Outrage Over Charlottesville Murder”

[VIDEO] Filmmaker Utterly DESTROYS the ‘White Privilege’ Junk Taught in Our Universities

-By Warner Todd Huston

Guerrilla filmmaker Ami Horowitz has been excellent at exposing the stupidity of the left and his latest film takes aim at the empty logic of “white privilege” as taught in our feckless colleges and universities.

Horowitz showed up outside a Kansas City conference pushing the nonsense of “white privilege” on students and school administrators and asked them if they truly believe in the idea, according to Daily Wire.

Naturally, every single person he asked dutifully parroted the far-left talking points and insisted that all white people are permanently racist.

One women even said that she feels “super guilty all the time” because of her so-called “white privilege.”

Most of these white leftists also told Horowitz that all whites in America are racist.
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[VIDEO] Filmmaker Utterly DESTROYS the ‘White Privilege’ Junk Taught in Our Universities”

The Hysteria Over Trumps Nonexistent ‘Muslim Ban’ Grows by the Minute

-By Warner Todd Huston

The left and their minions in the media are losing their collective mind over President Donald J. Trump’s temporary halt to immigration from a list of terror-sponsoring nations and it appears that they are trying to bully him into withdrawing his order. Thus far they are not winning… and that’s a good thing, too.

First of all, the 90-day moratorium on immigration from these troubled nations is not a “Muslim ban” nor is it something that Trump just dreamed up out of nowhere. After all, Trump merely strengthened an Obama policy with this whole deal.

The order specifically maintains that “The United States cannot, and should not, admit those who would place violent ideologies over American law,” and goes on to list the several nations Obama already flagged several years ago. That’s right, the list of nations, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Iran, Syria, Iraq and Sudan, were already signaled out by Obama in 2015. Obama called them countries of concern.

As an aside, speaking of other presidents, the left’s favorite anti-American ex-president, Jimmy Carter, also banned certain Muslim immigrants when in 1980 he banned Iranians from entering the U.S.A. after Iran’s Islamic revolution and the Hostage Crisis.

So, before we even get into this topic, you must understand that this is not that “new” nor is it a “Muslim ban,” and the liberals making these claims are simply lying.
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The Hysteria Over Trumps Nonexistent ‘Muslim Ban’ Grows by the Minute”

Nat’l Committee Chair Candidate Proves White People Are Not Wanted in the Democrat Party

-By Warner Todd Huston

As the contest for the next chairman for the Democrat National Committee comes down to the wire it is becoming clear that the party still doesn’t want to open its tent to the millions of white voters who fled the party to vote for Donald Trump. In fact, one candidate is now saying she sees it as her duty to “shut white people down” if she were lucky enough to be voted in to take over the party’s chairmanship.

These foolish words were spoken by DNC Chair candidate Sally Boynton Brown, the current executive director of Idaho’s Democratic Party. Brown’s jaw dropping comments were made at a recent forum for the seven DNC Chair candidates held at Georgetown University on January 23.

It appears that, as far as Brown is concerned, the Democrat Party hasn’t bashed white people enough and going forward should not let white people speak in the party. I don’t mean figuratively, either. She said it flat out.

Here is how Brown, herself a white woman, envisioned her job as the next DNC Chairperson:
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Nat’l Committee Chair Candidate Proves White People Are Not Wanted in the Democrat Party”

Black Professor and CNN Mouth Calls All Blacks Who Dare Meet With Trump ‘Mediocre Negroes’

-By Warner Todd Huston

In yet another example of the hate that liberals promulgate, African American professor and CNN contributor Marc Lamont Hill decided that any black person who dares talk to Donald Trump must hence forward be dismissed and branded a “mediocre negro.”

This is what Morehouse College Professor and CNN Commentator Marc Lamont Hill said on Monday’s “CNN Tonight.” Hill, a professor of the fake discipline called “African American Studies,” was once again seen on CNN accusing Donald Trump of being a “racist.” But he also engaged in that long practice indulged by the black left of Uncle Toming other blacks who won’t toe the liberal line.

During the show Hill decided that any black person who has the temerity to meet with the President-Elect should be labeled a “mediocre negro,” essentially labeling any black he doesn’t like an inconsequential person, Breitbart News reported.

Hill’s name calling started when CNN host Don Lemon reminded the panel that black comedian Steve Harvey recently visited Trump in New York. During his comments on Harvey’s visit with Trump Hill decided that Harvey was one of “a bunch of mediocre negroes being dragged in front of TV as a photo-op for Donald Trump’s exploitative campaign against black people.”
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Black Professor and CNN Mouth Calls All Blacks Who Dare Meet With Trump ‘Mediocre Negroes’”

After Civil Rights ‘Icon’ John Lewis Smears Trump, Democrats Launch Boycott of Inauguration

-By Warner Todd Huston

After long-time Democrat Party hack and “civil rights icon” Congressman John Lewis attacked Donald J. Trump as an “illegitimate president” — and after Trump replied to Lewis’ hate-filled attack — a growing list of Democrats have announced a boycott of Trump’s inauguration. But it is a boycott with a happy outcome because it will just make room for more real Americans to attend the festivities.

During a recent interview Lewis, who played a minor role in the civil rights movement in the 1960s and subsequently parlayed that into a seat in Congress, attacked Donald Trump as an “illegitimate president” and floated the wild-eyed and untrue conspiracy theory that the Russians corrupted the U.S. election system so Trump could win the White House.

Of course, there was no “Russian hacking of the election.” It just plain did not happen. Yes, the badly protected servers of the Democrat Party and Clinton campaign chief John Podesta were breached revealing many disturbing and embarrassing communications. But that is not the same thing as hacking the election.

In point of fact, no state had its electronic election systems breached or hacked by Russia. Indeed, many states reported that far from any foreign entity trying to hack into their election systems, it was Barack Obama’s U.S. government itself that tried to do it, not any foreigners.
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After Civil Rights ‘Icon’ John Lewis Smears Trump, Democrats Launch Boycott of Inauguration”

Fake News du Jour: The ‘Washington Post’s’ Callum Borchers is a Liar

-By Warner Todd Huston

Over the New Years weekend I published a story at Breitbart News detailing how a story about the lynching of a black man back in 1899 turned out to be fake news when new research revealed it never happened. After my story went live a liar named Callum Borchers published a piece at the Washington Post that imputed all sorts of vile motives to my piece. Naturally he never once called me to discuss the piece before his hate-filled screed went live.

My story, “Fake News: 117-Year-Old Story of Pittsburgh ‘Lynching’ Busted,” was published on December 31 and detailed the legend of a black man named David Pierce who was supposedly lynched in Pittsburgh by an angry mob of white people in 1899.

The story has been used for nearly 100 years by activists wishing to prove how badly blacks were treated in the area. But in an attempt to verify the account for inclusion in a new history of the area, modern researchers discovered that the tale is just that, a tale.

It turns out that this lynching never happened. Not only was the real black man in the incident never threatened with any lynching, but he was given a fair court hearing and even a lighter sentence based on the evidence. Further, his name wasn’t even “David Pierce.”
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Fake News du Jour: The ‘Washington Post’s’ Callum Borchers is a Liar”

Hate Crime Hoax: Black Man Arrested Made for ‘Vote Trump’ Burning of Mississippi Church

-By Warner Todd Huston

Police were investigating the burning of an African American church in Mississippi as a hate crime after graffiti reading “vote Trump” was found spray painted on an outside wall. But now authorities have reported that a black man has been arrested for the crime and race hate has been abandoned as a motive.

According to Mississippi Department of Public Safety spokesman Warren Strain, Leland, Mississippi, African American resident Andrew McClinton was charged with first-degree arson of a place of worship, CBS News Channel 3 reported Wednesday.

McClinton was arrested for the destruction of the Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church in Greenville, Mississippi. The church was burned on November 1, seven days before the 2016 Election Day.

The sanctuary of the church was heavily damaged while the rest of the building suffered water and smoke damage, authorities reported last month. The structure was deemed a total loss.
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Hate Crime Hoax: Black Man Arrested Made for ‘Vote Trump’ Burning of Mississippi Church”

Left-Wing Daily Show Host Jon Stewart Says Obama Bad on Press Freedom and Left’s Racebaiting ‘Has to Stop’

-By Warner Todd Huston

Jon Stewart, former host of the left-wing Comedy Network cable TV show, “The Daily Show,” had a LOT to say during a recent interview with New York Times editor Chris Smith and with his uppercut smacks to the left in general and Barack Obama in particular, some of what he said is sure to infuriate his fellow leftists. But in fact, Stewart was right on with many of his criticisms.

Stewart was being interviewed ostensibly to push his new book, “The Daily Show: An Oral History,” but the waning Obama administration and the state of the left in America today seemed to be weighing far more heavily on his mind than a mere book tour.

Firstly Stewart slapped the left for its absurd habit of claiming everything people right of center do is motivated by raaaacism.

“Not everybody that voted for Trump is a racist,” Stewart insisted. “I don’t give a f*ck what any of you say to me. You can yell it at me, you can tweet it at me. They’re not all racists. Or they’re not giving tacit support to a racist system. We all give tacit support to exploitative systems as long as they don’t affect us that badly.”

He went on to slam Hillary Clinton saying she was “an unqualified Secretary of State because the way she handled classified material.” Though in the same breath he criticized Trump for considering disgraced General David Petraeus as a candidate for Secretary of State because Petraeus practically did the same thing when he was in government and it was the main reason he was cashiered from the Obama administration and sent home under the threat of prosecution.
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Left-Wing Daily Show Host Jon Stewart Says Obama Bad on Press Freedom and Left’s Racebaiting ‘Has to Stop’”

Hypocrite Media Pushing All This Alt-Right Nonsense to Attack Trump

-By Warner Todd Huston

The leftist media’s newest dead horse to flog is the so-called “Alt-Right” and its “connection” to President Elect Donald Trump. So, as a conservative, should you be worried about all this? Is it something you need to denounce? Is it a growing worry for your side? The answer to all that is a decided “no” and always remember the media are liars and hypocrites in the first place.

Liberals are losing their tiny minds over this “Alt-Right” pish tosh, for sure. You can’t find an old media “news” outlet that isn’t — as President Obama would say — “all wee-weed up” over the matter. Many are insisting that President elect Donald Trump needs to come out and definitively denounce this tiny group of no-accounts as if they are the core of the center right movement. But the this is really al just more liberal media fake news.

First of all the entire question once again reveals the leftist media’s hypocrisy. After all, did the media call for Barack Obama to denounce Reverend Jeremiah Wright whose constant hate speech and anti-Americanism from his Chicago pulpit was endorsed for years by the Obama family? In case you don’t remember, no, the liberal media didn’t call for Obama to denounce Wright, at least not at first.
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Hypocrite Media Pushing All This Alt-Right Nonsense to Attack Trump”

Time to ‘John Birch’ the Alt-Right? No, More Like Time to Ignore Them

-By Warner Todd Huston

This week redoubtable conservative columnist Jonah Goldberg noted that the conservative movement must “John Birch” the Alt-Right, meaning we need to destroy them and kick them out of the center right tent. But Jonah is being ridiculous. In reality we need to go back to ignoring this group of loudmouthed misfits because they are insignificant.

In his August 31 article, Goldberg waxed poetic over how wonderful Hillary Clinton has been for defending conservatives against the racists, hatemongers, and nutballs of the “Alt-Right.”

Hillary recently went on a tirade against this mysterious Alt-Right, denouncing them as racists, and slamming GOP nominee Donald Trump for playing the Alt-Right’s racist, white supremacist game. Goldberg apparently thought her speech and focus was wonderful and suggested that instead of Hillary shouldering this task alone the whole of the center right coalition should come down on the Alt-Right just as hard as William F. Bucklyites did against the John Birch Society in the early 1960s.

For a bit of history, the John Birch Society (JBS) was a very large and potent pseudo conservative group founded in 1958 and led by a messianic leader named Robert W. Welch, Jr. The group’s main appeal was a virulent anti-communism, which was a popular ideal at the height of the Cold War. It also developed into a strong nationalist organization that opposed the U.N. Welch even attacked President Eisenhower as a communist plant in the White House and there were also elements of racism among JBSers.

At one point the group claimed to have a million members but whatever its real number it certainly had chapters all across the nation. And all its members were fed by Welch’s newsletters and propaganda.

Eventually the group got so radicalized that Buckley, founder of the National Review magazine, decided that it was time to ostracize them from the conservative movement and make sure Americans understood that the JBSers were absolutely not part of the conservative movement.

That is what Goldberg is proposing that we now do to the Alt-Right, an internet fringe that grew out of white separatist ideals, crypto Nazism, and filled with Ku Klux Klan members who grew to feel the Klan was just a bit too radical even for them.
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Time to ‘John Birch’ the Alt-Right? No, More Like Time to Ignore Them”

Liberal, Black Rioter Mad Because ‘Rich People’ Don’t ‘Give Us None’ of Their Money

Liberal, Black Rioter Mad Because ‘Rich People’ Don’t ‘Give Us None’ of Their Money
-By Warner Todd Huston

THIS is what the left has wrought, folks. We have as the left would define it “a protester” — but who should really be termed “a criminal rioter” — telling the media exactly why he and his pals are setting Milwaukee on fire… it’s because, you see, “the rich people, they got all this money and they not like, you know, tryin’ to give us none.”

Milwaukee TV grabbed one of the rioters who had set about to destroy his own neighborhoods and asked him why they are all rampaging through the streets like lunatics. He said the riot occurred because “rich people” won’t “give him money.”

Here is what this uneducated young man said on live TV:

“It’s sad, because, you know, this is what happen because they not helping the black community, like, you know, the rich people, they got all this money and they not like, you know, tryin’ to give us none…”

And all this rioting in Milwaukee is being perpetrated in the name of a career criminal who confronted police with a semi-automatic firearm and has a long history of crimes including witness intimidation!

Folks, this is what the left has inculcated in our youth – not just in African Americans.
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Liberal, Black Rioter Mad Because ‘Rich People’ Don’t ‘Give Us None’ of Their Money”

Feds File ‘Hate Crime’ Charges Citing Suspect’s Confederate Flag Tattoo as Evidence of Race Hate

-By Warner Todd Huston

Federal prosecutors filed “hate crime” charges against an Ohio man for beating a black man citing the suspect’s Confederate flag tattoo as evidence of his racial animus towards blacks, a report says.

The federal complaint filed in Toledo, Ohio, charges 33-year-old Charles Butler with a hate crime in the beating of African American Adrian Williams, 46. Butler, the filing says, is a racist who hates blacks because he has numerous tattoos of Nazi symbols and Confederate flags, according to TheSmokingGun website.

Vanita Gupta, head of the Justice Department’s civil rights division, said in the court filing that Butler and his accomplice, 25-year-old Robert Paschalis, were “white supremacists” and cited Butler’s Nazi-image-strewn Facebook page as evidence. She also pointed to Butler’s many tattoos to prove his racist intentions in the attack.
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Feds File ‘Hate Crime’ Charges Citing Suspect’s Confederate Flag Tattoo as Evidence of Race Hate”

One Day Before More Officers Killed, New Black Panther Party Started Baton Rouge Chapter

-By Warner Todd Huston

Only a day before three police officers were shot and killed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, reports circulated that the militant New Black Panther Party started up a new chapter in the city.

On Saturday, July 16, members of the militant group arrived in Baton Rouge to help lead a Black Lives Matter protest against police officers over the video taped shooting death of Alton Sterling. While in the town Panther representatives announced that local African American activists had asked to form a new chapter there.

“It is time for new leadership and a new organization to step forward in Baton Rouge,” local activist Edwin Smith said according to WBRZ. “I feel like the New Black Panther Party is the organization that can bring new leadership to Baton Rouge.”

Jerald Justice, one of the NBPP who arrived in Baton Rough to lead the protest affirmed that the group was working with Smith and other locals to launch the new chapter.
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One Day Before More Officers Killed, New Black Panther Party Started Baton Rouge Chapter”

An Example of How the Lying Media Has Warped the Orlando Shooting to its Own Ends

-By Warner Todd Huston

There is a new piece in the L.A. Times that is distressing at the least, but also shows how the liars in the Media and the American political left (but I repeat myself) have distorted the Muslim terror attack in Orlando into a message that the U.S. Constitution is bad, Americans are evil, and guns, guns, guns.

The proper lesson from the ISIS/Islam-inspired terror attack by an American-born, Muslim extremist and all around mentally sick individual is that Islam is a cancer on humanity. But instead of the proper focus on the root cause of the mass murder of 49 people in an Orlando gay nightclub in Florida we get effluvia and puffery disguised as analysis and outright lies peddled as causation.

This is clearly evinced in a piece written by The Times’ so called “national race and justice correspondent,” Jaweed Kaleem–just another mediot obviously trying to absolve Islam for the attacks.
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An Example of How the Lying Media Has Warped the Orlando Shooting to its Own Ends”

Students On ‘Hunger Strike’ Demanding University Prez Resign Over Non-Existent Racism on Campus

-By Warner Todd Huston

Once again we see the folly of sending anyone to an American college in a story out of Missouri where a large group of black students, including members of the football team, are on a purported “hunger strike” demanding that the president of the college resign over supposed acts of racism on campus none of which really even happened.

Students at the University of Missouri are taking action… meaningless action, naturally… over claimed examples of “racism” on campus. The incidents, these mewling little whiners say, are examples of “endemic” racism on campus.



On the campus of an American university.

The places where a politically correct attitude is so ingrained that speech codes have been implemented to stop people’s widdle feewings from getting hurt. The places where PCism runs amuck. The places where no conservative speakers are allowed to appear. The places comedians won’t even appear at anymore because everyone is perpetually “outraged.” The places where freedom does not exist. This is where these fools are pretending they see racism everywhere.
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Students On ‘Hunger Strike’ Demanding University Prez Resign Over Non-Existent Racism on Campus”

NOT a Victim: The Story of the Armed Black Man Stopped by Cops and WHY He DIDN’T Go to Jail

-By Warner Todd Huston

Everyday the liberal, old media establishment search for stories of black men illicitly accosted by our “raaaaacist” law enforcement community. So, you probably won’t hear this story of the armed African American who had an out-of-date driver’s license and other violations and was stopped by police but wasn’t arrested, or beaten up, or killed.

The story comes from the Facebook posting of a fellow named Steven Hildreth, Jr., an African American who wanted to tell the whole world about his encounter with the Tucson, Arizona police department.

But, unlike so many others looking to score big in the racebaiting industry, Mr. Hildreth didn’t post his story to call raaaacism, or attack our men in blue. In fact, Hildreth not only had the opposite message, but he even had a moral to pass on for why he wasn’t beaten up or harassed by police even though he was an armed black man who had some registration violations.

In fact, I’m not going to even rewrite his story. Here it is as he posted it on October 27:

So, I’m driving to my office to turn in my weekly paperwork. A headlight is out. I see a Tucson Police Department squad vehicle turn around and follow me. I’m already preparing for the stop.

The lights go on and I pull over. The officer asks me how I’m doing, and then asks if I have any weapons.

“Yes, sir. I’m a concealed carry permit holder and my weapon is located on my right hip. My wallet is in my back-right pocket.”

The officer explains for his safety and mine, he needs to disarm me for the stop. I understand, and I unlock the vehicle. I explain that I’m running a 7TS ALS holster but from the angle, the second officer can’t unholster it. Lead officer asks me to step out, and I do so slowly. Officer relieves me of my Glock and compliments the X300U I’m running on it. He also sees my military ID and I tell him I’m with the National Guard.

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NOT a Victim: The Story of the Armed Black Man Stopped by Cops and WHY He DIDN’T Go to Jail”

What a Surprise: The Racist Virginia TV Killer Was a Big Obama Fan

-By Warner Todd Huston

Is anyone surprised at this? Anyone at all? We’ve now discovered that the failed TV reporter who filmed himself murdering two white former co-workers in Virginia on Wednesday was once reprimanded by his TV boss for wearing an Obama badge while reporting election results in 2012.

Murderer Vester Lee Flanagan was a former reporter at WDBJ TV before being fired in 2013. His rambling, race-tinged manifesto reveals that he had been disgruntled about being fired ever since and he claimed that racism was a motivation for the murders.

Flanagan, for instance, claimed that the shooting of several African American churchgoers in Charleston was a prime motivator for his own murder spree.

But Flanagan seemed to have many more problems than the Charleston shooting. As The Daily Mail reports, Flanagan had a habit of verbally assaulting cameramen in public and “intimidating them with his violent temper.”
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What a Surprise: The Racist Virginia TV Killer Was a Big Obama Fan”

Call Me A Racist

-By Gary Krasner

You won’t read this observation in National Review Online, because some people might find it offensive. Even though it’s a frank observation, with a little tongue-in-cheek added.

Yesterday, I posted to some friends this video of a black bear and her cubs occupying a family’s back yard above-ground pool.

(Note: We don’t know if the family is white or black, or “white” hispanics.)

Later on, I had time to view the full 11 minute video.

It was later in the video where we saw the inflated pool toys being destroyed by the bears’ rough treatment of them.

And this is where some people may accuse me of being racist, because it was at that point in the video when I was reminded of another video we saw a couple of months ago.

That was the video released last June showing black rowdy teens occupying a private community pool in Texas, and ignored the police orders that they leave.

Now, even though both videos showed a violation of private property, I’ll admit there are a couple of differences:

First, it was enjoyable to watch cute bears playing in a pool–even when they were gnawing on the child’s floatie.

That’s because bears are covered in fur and look cute. And they don’t use foul language.

And second, the bears didn’t pull the “Michael Brown” race card when they were forced to leave. Even though they were black.

And besides that, the pool incident in June was more complicated than being just about race.

As Media Worries Over Trump, Hillary Clinton Ignored for Saying All Cops and Judges are Racists

-By Warner Todd Huston

As the media continues to lose its tiny collective, hive mind about every little utterance made by Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton has come out to proclaim that every cop and judge is a racist.

Hillary Clinton went on criminal Al Sharpton’s radio show late last week and insisted that all cops are racist toward black men. She also said that the judicial system is inherently racist and can’t properly judge blacks.

During the conversation, Clinton told Sharpton, “I believe we need to end the era of mass incarceration. If you compare arrest records in, you know, in charging of crimes, in convicting of crimes, in sentencing for crimes, you compare African-America men to white men, it is as unfortunately clear as it could be that there is a bias in favor of white men.”

She goes on to praise Obama’s task force on policing “roadmap for reforms.”

So, Clinton just proclaimed all cops, all judges, all lawyers, the whole judicial system, to be a racist system inherently aligned against black people.
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As Media Worries Over Trump, Hillary Clinton Ignored for Saying All Cops and Judges are Racists”

Yes That Black Panther Party Historical Marker in North Carolina MUST Come Down

-By Warner Todd Huston

Did you know that there is a historical marker in Winston-Salem, North Carolina celebrating the founding of a chapter of domestic terrorists and hate group the Black Panther Party? Now there is a petition demanding that the city remove the marker celebrating the hate group.

The marker, situated at the corner of Fifth Street and Martin Luther King Boulevard in Winston-Salem, N.C., was erected in 2012 and celebrates the fact that the state’s fist chapter of the racist group formed on that spot in 1969.

This photo by Bruce Chapman depicts the 2012 unveiling of the historic marker.

The marker hasn’t caused much fuss, really, but after racist black groups have spent the last few months defacing decades old Confederate monuments all across the country and have been demanding that all Confederate history be erased from existence, now there is a move to do the same to this marker celebrating the founding of the city’s racist Black Panther Party chapter.
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Yes That Black Panther Party Historical Marker in North Carolina MUST Come Down”

An Example of How the Media is Lying About the Confederate Flag

-By Warner Todd Huston

The current flap over the Confederate flag has two very interesting features. One is that the debate over the flag is completely divorced from the incident that supposedly spawned it–the nine murdered in a Charleston church. And two, it is notable for the fact that the media is lying about the flag’s history by making the Confederacy out to be a “Republican problem” instead of more properly a Democrat one.

While Democrats and their media lapdogs run around attacking the Confederate flag in support of the nine murder victims of the AME church in Charleston, the fact is the flag has nothing at all to do with the attack. Many have noted that the whole debate is a total distraction, certainly, but it is a distraction with a point and that point is in my second reason for this debate. Clearly the goal is to drum up a fake issue with which to attack Republicans.

One of the more fitting example of this effort to paint Republicans as the Party of the Confederacy is in a Monday piece by The New York Times’s Michael Barabaro and co-author Jonathan Martin.

The Monday piece is entitled, “5 Days That Left a Confederate Flag Wavering, and Likely to Fall,” and the entire article is a skewing of history in order to foist the controversy of the Confederacy upon the Republican Party–yes, the very party that fought against the Confederacy.

The most revealing paragraph is the article’s fifth.
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An Example of How the Media is Lying About the Confederate Flag”

Jeb Bush Calls Southerners and the Confederate Flag ‘Racist’

-By Warner Todd Huston

Jeb Bush has now told the entire south that he doesn’t want their vote by claiming that the Confederate flag and all who support it are racist.

Bush made his comments on Monday at a campaign stop in South Carolina.

He told the media in Charleston that he has felt that the flag and those who support it are racist since he took down the flag in Florida in 2001.

“The symbols were racist,” the Republican presidential candidate said during a campaign stop at a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant.

“If you’re trying to lean forward rather than live in the past, you want to eliminate the barriers that create disagreements, and so I did,” he added.

Notice that Bush used the liberal terminology “lean forward” here? Quite telling on how he thinks.
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Jeb Bush Calls Southerners and the Confederate Flag ‘Racist’”

Spokane NAACP Leader Lied About Her Race on City Job Application, Turns Out She’s White!

-By Warner Todd Huston

The City of Spokane, Washington is now reporting that the local head of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)–who for years has claimed to be a black woman–lied about her race on her application to serve on the citizen police ombudsman commission. She claimed she is black, but now her parents and official records have come forward to show she is actually a white woman.

Rachel Dolezal serves as the chair of the city’s citizen watchdog commission but she is also an adjunct faculty member at Eastern Washington University and president of Spokane’s NAACP local chapter. For years she has told people she’s black.

Now we find she lied about her race on her official application which city officials say is a violation of the city’s ethics codes.

On her application to serve on the commission, she identified herself as African-American. But public records, including Dolezal’s own birth certificate, list her biological parents as Ruthanne and Lawrence Dolezal of Montana. The Dolezals told KXLY Thursday that Rachel is their biological daughter and that they are both white.

“We are committed to independent citizen oversight and take very seriously the concerns raised regarding the chair of the independent citizen police ombudsman commission,” Mayor David Condon and City Council President Ben Stuckart said it a joint statement Thursday. “We are gathering facts to determine if any city policies related to volunteer boards and commissions have been violated. That information will be reviewed by the City Council, which has oversight of city boards and commissions.”

She married a black man and has pretended to be black herself for quite some time.

Dolezal in bizarre tribal photo with her husband

But it seems that her lies have been just about to bubble out for some time…
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Spokane NAACP Leader Lied About Her Race on City Job Application, Turns Out She’s White!”

It’s Time So Much of This ‘Free Speech’ is Shut Down for Inciting Violence

-By Warner Todd Huston

The First Amendment of the United States is one of the keystone principles in our founding, certainly. And it is about time that as a nation we put an end to its abuse. Not only does this key amendment give us free speech but it also assures freedom of the press, so it’s time for government to step in and stop people from abusing it.

Over the last two days we’ve seen such abuses of the First Amendment that should infuriate every true American. We have seen, for instance, a group in Texas holding an event that was meant as a means to incite Muslims to kill people. The Federal government should have stepped in to prevent this event.

After all, what happened when they held an event soliciting graven images of the Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him? That’s right, good and true Muslims came out to kill the infidel, just as they are instructed to do by the Quran.

The simple fact is that these Muslims would not have taken up arms if not for this event.

The guardian of a free press and the First Amendment, Rukmini Callimachi of The New York Times, had it right when she Tweeted, “Free speech aside, why would anyone do something as provocative as hosting a ‘Muhammad drawing contest’?”

Callimachi is exactly right. Free speech must be put aside if it attacks the Prophet.
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It’s Time So Much of This ‘Free Speech’ is Shut Down for Inciting Violence”