Death by Entitlement

-By Gary Krasner

This is classic: Death By Entitlement.

But I’m not going to rag on these two people who met with a tragic end. The author correctly assesses why they died. Even some NY Times readers had it right.

Besides, the virtuous and laudatory beliefs of youth don’t deserve to be denigrated, even if one of those beliefs led to their demise.

However, this story has a very powerful message about how one’s belief systems, that lack evidence, can be dangerous for you.

Liberal ideology, for example, teaches that young blacks males are as non-violent as any other race. But inconvenient data says otherwise. Believe the data and act accordingly. Jesse Jackson does!

It’s not necessarily about liberals. I warn my friend, for example, to be cautious as he travels all over the world. He’s conservative.

But it is their blog entries about their travels and beliefs that provides a marvelous window for us to see how and why this ended tragically.

As the cliche goes, we’ve seen this movie before.
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Death by Entitlement”

Insanity Prevails for Forbidden Words

-By Gary Krasner

In a company conference call, John Schnatter uttered the word “nigger” in a “role-playing exercise to prevent future public-relations disasters” for the company.

But the “role-playing exercise to prevent future public-relations disasters” created a public-relations disaster.

Liberal insanity still prevails.

EXHIBIT A: Recall, Detective Mark Fuhrman was crucified on the witness stand for using that word. But liberal attorney Marcia Clark was too afraid to rehabilitate her witness by allowing Fuhrman to explain that he used that word in an audition, merely to sell his script to a movie producer.

Instead — like the cowardly, hair-brained liberal she was — Clark distanced herself from Furman and that politically incorrect word, thereby leading to OJ’s not guilty verdict.

EXHIBIT B:Recall comedian Andrew Dice Clay’s premier about 20 years ago, role-playing on stage as a brash, misogynistic, goombah. His use of vulgar words and epithets of women, gays, and minorities was intended to showcase the character’s bigotry and ignorance — to laugh AT HIM. But the silly libs and MSM destroyed him in that politically correct era.

The 1970s was a more enlightened time. Carol O’Conner played a similar character in the TV series, All in the Family. He was nominated for 9 Emmy Awards for lead actor, and won 5 times. Unlike Clay, no one accused O’Conner of being an ignorant bigot.

Fool Me 114 Times

Fool Me 114 Times
-By Gary Krasner

I learned of a new level of click bait tonight.

I received an advertisement in my PJmedia email news feed.

it read:

“Remember Catherine Bell from Jag”
“Wait till you see where she is now”

I never saw an episode of Jag. But I had a collection of bare-breasted pics of Bell, thanks to Google — a valuable research tool.

Since I appreciated her breasts, I was curious where they were now, as the advertisement promised.

So I clicked on the ad and landed on this webpage… WARNING, don’t feel obligated to click!
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Fool Me 114 Times”

Was It Moral, Yes or No?

-By Gary Krasner

Sen. Camila Harris, the black female hope for president, and shameless demagogue if there ever was one, kept asking that question.

Gina Haspel SHOULD have said the following.


Senator, it was neither moral nor immoral. It was considered NECESSARY, and at the time, LEGAL, by the DoJ’s Office of Legal Counsel.

Nations in crisis may have to do what is necessary, and that might be considered immoral, especially absent of mitigation. But there was mitigation—-the imperative to protect Americans.

The countervailing element was to save lives. Killing is immoral. Killing someone in self defense or to defend someone is moral.

Sen. Harris, you support extinguishing the life of an innocent baby. You voted for partial birth abortion. Your countervailing consideration is the convenience of the mother. Is abortion moral—yes of no?

Moreover, we tortured no one. waterboarding the way we do it is merely a discomfort, according to OLC. We do it to our own military as training for interrogation. But the way waterboarding has been done by evil regimes is absolutely considered torture by Geneva conventions, and the reason many Japanese military leaders were prosecuted as war criminals.

So taken in context, for a nation, “morality” is not always dispositive. But NECESSITY is always the prime consideration, and it’s often justified.


We need to have an adult conversation about this issue, and Democrats must stop the petty demagoguery and hypocrisy.

Certifiably Straight

-By Gary Krasner

I can’t agree with this article (short excerpt below). There IS such a thing as being totally straight. And space-age technology proved that I was.

Four years ago Progressive Insurance offered subscribers a chance to reduce their premiums significantly. I jumped at the offer!

All I had to do was plug in a device into my car’s computer connection. It would transmit data to the company analyzing my driving habits.

Basically, you have to demonstrate that you drive like a faggot. You can’t drive fast or brake suddenly. Shit like that.

After 6 months of data stored, I received a notice saying I failed to get the discount. I called Progressive to find out why.

Progressive Insurance is founded by a hard left commie. So I made sure to watch my language, and not sound politically incorrect.

The bitch on the phone explained that the data showed that I didn’t drive safely. She told me how to display the results on their website.

Then she pointed out the dates where I braked hard, for example. I countered that most often, the speed indicated I was going only 10 MPH at the time!

None of my complaints mattered. She gave me enough details on the ways the computer assesses driving if I wanted to try it again.
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Certifiably Straight”

The Importance of Income Inequality

-By Gary Krasner

Chek out “The Dangers of America’s Obsession with Inequality.” That’s the title of Michael Tanner’s much too short essay.

It prompted me to add my thoughts to it and some more detail to what he’s saying because class warfare is still the prime political strategy for Democrats. Resentment of the wealthy is a great motivator during hard times. It is one reason Obama ran the economy into an 8-year-long business recession. All for political gain. Even lefty economists, like Krugman of course, got with the program, claiming that the eras of greater than 2 percent growth were over.

As soon as he got into office Trump disabused them of that idea. We now have over 3 percent growth, which Obama never achieved a single time in 8 years. Then following his tax cut in January, the Fed collected more revenue than any other month in the last 30 years.

ALSO SEE: Feds Collect Record Taxes in First Month Under Tax Cut; Run Surplus in January

Which brings us to the inequality theme which Dems (pardon the phrase), are banking on in November.

In 1996, I asked my boss why my friend Sally was earning more than I was. He showed me the job printouts. He said, “See, she works faster and makes fewer mistakes. Mistakes are costly”

I worked in the printing industry and back then Imagesetter film WAS costly This was before computer-aided typesetting and digital printing presses were widespread. I got his point. But liberals ignore it, because “income inequality” is the new name for the old Marxist phrase, “to each according to his needs.”

If liberals get their way on “equal pay for equal work”, then workers like Sally will earn less, but it will be equal to their less talented cohorts. How does that help women?!
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The Importance of Income Inequality”

Showtime’s ‘Billions’ is Hard to Believe

-By Gary Krasner

Hey, maybe I can help resolve the issue with this article: “Actor or actress? Billions star Asia Kate Dillon on how non-binary people fit into the Emmys.”

If you got a penis, or something other than a gap, then you’re a man. Otherwise, you’re a woman!

But then I’m just a simple old fart with a simple mind.

I will not refer to a gender confused person as “them” or “they.” I may be politically incorrect, but I won’t be grammatically incorrect.

Just like dick or no dick, a person is either singular or plural (def: Composed of more than one member, set, or kind). But even that is a minor matter with this series.

I started watching Billions (Showtime) last week, and it felt like I was watching the old “The West Wing” series w Martin Sheen and all those commie actors.

In Billions, the rich (assumed to be Republicans) are demonized and everyone else (self-proclaimed Democrats) are the good guys, speechifying incessantly and virtue signaling ad nauseum.

And when I say everyone else, I mean ALL THE GUEST STARS as well. I never saw so many recycled liberal actors from left wing TV and movie dramas.

So many of them! The who’s who of liberal Hollywood. The only one missing Ed Asner (I think because he’s dead?)
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Showtime’s ‘Billions’ is Hard to Believe”

Discussing Guns … With a Child

-By Gary Krasner

I’m sick of the liberal media interviewing little kids about the latest shooting in Florida, as if kids have the solution to shootings.

It’s really a cheap way the elicit emotion and anger at legal gun ownership.

I spoke to one 6 year-old from the school who won’t be fodder for those child predators:

Gary: You must be very sad today.

Joey (6 year-old): Yes, my friend was shot by a bad man.

Gary: How did that happen?

Joey (6 year-old): My mommy said it’s because there are too many people with guns.

Gary: More people die from car crashes than guns. So should we outlaw cars, or the wheel – just to be extra safe?

Joey (6 year-old): I don’t know.

Gary: Well, let me ask you this. Do you like ice cream?

Joey (6 year-old): YES!

Gary: And when your little brother always spills it on his shirt, what does your mommy do?

Joey (6 year-old): She yells at him and takes the bowl away from him.

Gary: And what does your mommy say about guns?

Joey (6 year-old): She says guns should be taken away from everyone.

Gary: So then maybe we should take away ice cream from everyone too? That way, no one can spill it, including your brother.

Joey (6 year-old): NO!!! I should have ice cream because I don’t spill it!

Gary: Hmm, I see. So only responsible people like you should have ice cream?

Joey (6 year-old): Yes! I’m responsible!

Gary: And so maybe responsible, law-abiding citizens should keep their guns too?

Joey (6 year-old): (pondering . . . ) Yes!

Gary: So what would you say to your mommy now?

Joey (6 year-old): Bitch, keep your dirty liberal hands off my ice cream! And my gun too, when I’m old enough to have one.

Gary: You’re a smart little kid, Joey.

I’m floating on air (lyrics by Freddie Cosmo)

-By Gary Krasner

Oh, what a beautiful mornin’,
Oh, what a beautiful day.
I got a beautiful feelin’
Ev’rything’s goin’ my way.

I’m sorry about that. I’ve been breaking out in song and dance all day.

If people saw me on the street today, they would wonder why that faggot was singing and dancing.

Let me tell you why: ALL THE DOMINOS ARE FALLING!!!!!

All the liberals I hate are dropping through a trap door on a daily basis. Poetically, a trap door that THEY carefully constructed for Trump, Fox News, and Roy Moore.

There’s a bright golden haze on the meadow
There’s a bright golden haze on the meadow
The corn is as high as an elephant’s eye,
An’ it looks like it’s climbin’ clear up to the sky.

Sorry again. I can’t contain myself. Is this what it’s like to be gay?! I was never that crazy about Broadway show tunes until now!

The liberal media ICONS are toppling. NBC fired Matt Lauer today. He was the biggest apologist for Dems, and one of the most shamelessly biased one.
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I’m floating on air (lyrics by Freddie Cosmo)”

Our New, Post Weinstein World Order

-By Gary Krasner

After reading slimy stories about Weinstein, Franken, Rose, et. al., I believe the take-away is that a man must respect a woman’s dignity!

And that means that men must, ASK BEFORE YOU GRAB! “ABYG” must be taught is grade school, along with “Just say no to drugs.”

I don’t want to get into the weeds of this policy. But since no one else has, I guess it’s up to me. And language is important. For example:

Wrong: “Hey Miss Jones, can I grab your ass?”
Right: “Pardon me, Ms. Jones, may I have the great pleasure of fondling your buttocks?”

See that you’re careful to avoid vulgar terms. Stick to the safe ones, like penis, breasts, and buttocks. You want to avoid creating a hostile work environment or make a woman feel like a slut — unless it’s a time when she wants to be treated like a slut. Always ask first!

And one must never ASSUME that a woman would want to see your penis. You just don’t know unless you ask. But politely!

Wrong: “Hey Miss Jones, what do you think of THIS. Ehh?! (Canadian version)”
Right: “Excuse me Ms. Jones, I was just wondering whether or not you might wish to view my penis?

And add, “and would you prefer it flaccid or erect?” And also, “Do you want fries with that?” In other words, provide her with options. Because when it comes to women’s empowerment, you want to be part of the solution; not part of the problem!

Remember, it’s about RESPECT!

(You found this distasteful? I’ll quote Franken, “it was just a joke!”)

Video: PBS News Hour Victim of Violent, Senseless Attack

-By Gary Krasner

Last evening, during the Oct 10th broadcast of the PBS News Hour, a devastating attack occurred on the mindset and sensibilities of the correspondents and production staff at the network.

According to reports, a balding, gray-haired man in a business suit wandered past security and into the studio during the segment on Trump’s announcement to roll back Obama’s EPA plan to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

The viewers first saw PBS correspondent John Yang interview Gina McCarthy, Obama’s EPS Commissioner, who was critical of Trump’s plan. This was normal PBS procedure.

But then the crisis became apparent when Yang introduced someone with the opposing view. On occasion, the program will air counterpoint, just enough to show that they’re unbiased.

But when they do, the supposed opposing view is some moderate Republican who often ends up agreeing with his opponent on some of the issues, and then ends up being critical of the Republican president. Some of the more squishy such Republicans appear as regulars. Nothing is left to chance.

Except last night, apparently. Because John Yang next introduced Bob Murray, of the Murray Energy Corporation, for the counterpoint, unaware that Murray is a real conservative.

Murray discussed the merits of coal and fossil fuels generally, including it’s much lower cost for budget strapped consumers.

But it wasn’t until Murray posited scientific challenges to global warming did the staff become alarmed, as it was information that’s been carefully excluded from the program previous to Murray’s slot on the show.

According to reports, regular viewers of the program called to complain. Some of the staff at the News Hour were provided with psychological counseling to deal with the trauma.
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Video: PBS News Hour Victim of Violent, Senseless Attack”

White Nurse Arrested for Acting ‘Black’!

-By Gary Krasner

As you’ll see shortly, that is MY headline. And this is the seminal issue of our time. First, watch this video.

It is the story about the nurse in Utah who was arrested after refusing to give police officers a vial of a suspect’s blood because they didn’t present her with a warrant.

It was all over the MSM and internet. Everyone thinks the nurse was right to refuse the detective’s order. I say she was wrong.

Let’s be clear first what happened. You don’t see this on video, but the hospital patient was just previously evading police, and was unconscious.

The detective was ordered by his lieutenant to get a blood sample of the suspect. The nurse in charge would not do it and would not allow it.

When you refuse a lawful order from a cop, you can be arrested. When you refuse an unlawful order from a cop, you can also be arrested.

My advice is to follow any order, unless it will result in bodily injury or death. The nurse was obstructing what seemed like an unlawful order. And she was resisting arrest.

In all likelihood, she will not be charged for the obstruction and resisting arrest, because it seems the police order was unlawful.

Had the nurse followed orders, a judge would have thrown out the evidence as illegally obtained. So the nurse didn’t have to resist, and which could possibly have caused injury for someone, or herself. Ask yourself, WHY DID SHE DO IT?!

I’ve said that too many black motorists have adopted this underclass, anti authoritarianism attitude that you should resist front-line civil authority. It seems this white nurse had that attitude.
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White Nurse Arrested for Acting ‘Black’!”

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Democrat Party Scorned

-By Gary Krasner

Every Democrat allegation since their horribly shocking night of Nov 8 was designed to undermine the Donald J. Trump administration and slow his conservative agenda.

The Saul Alinsky method of constant personal (as opposed to policy) attacks is clearly evident. Assigning defamatory labels (again, instead of arguing policy), for example.

During the campaign, Trump supposedly engendered Hillary’s list of horribles: misogyny, islamophobia, xenophobia, homophobia, racism, and an evil greedy capitalist one percenter.

Also during the campaign, Obama was busy using the national security apparatus and FISA courts to spy on Trump campaign, associates, and supporters.

Trump seemed uncritical of Putin, and his associates had (legal!) business ventures in Russia or with Russians, so that was to be the pretext to make it look proper and justified.

After the election, the illegal surveillance would have been exposed by a President Trump, so the pretext of national security had to be rushed on stage.
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Hell Hath No Fury Like A Democrat Party Scorned”

Political Bias or Sloppiness?

-By Gary Krasner

On CNN’s State of the Union, with Dana Bash, on May 28, 2017, the topic of Sanctuary Cities was discussed with Sanctuary City Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago.

The definition of a “sanctuary city” is one which allows illegal aliens to reside within its jurisdiction, flouting state and federal immigration laws. And the operative word is “illegal.”

But, the word “immigration” was spoken 8 times, without the prefix “illegal”. “Immigrant” was used spoken 4 times, with the prefix “illegal” zero times, but “undocumented” used only once.

For example, Dana introduced the mayor this way:

“Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is bucking the president’s new orders and he has launched a new ad campaign promising the Windy City will continue to welcome immigrants.”

See? Sanctuary cities are defined as welcoming ILLEGAL immigrants. Welcoming immigrants is what every city does!

Later, Mayor Emanuel said:
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Political Bias or Sloppiness?”


-By Gary Krasner

From the outset, the Weiner affair has been pulsating and throbbing (no pun intended) with tabloid news excitement.

Previously separated, now Weiner is cut off (no pun intended) by Huma.

Huma dumped the pedophile Democrat and onetime favorite for mayor of “sin city” NYC.

Hours after he was sentenced, Huma reportedly said “enough”, after the pounding (no pun intended) she received in the media from the scandal.

Political observers agreed with her move, noting that there’s only so much one woman can swallow. (no pun intended)

Now, as a registered sex offender, and a registered Democrat, he’s a shoe-in for the Democrat nomination.

There was no doubt about his popularity, possessing a fully engorged (no pun intended) personality, and being a member (no pun intended) of the hard left (no pun intended).

But pedophile support now appears flaccid (no pun intended), after Weiner announced that sex with under-aged kids is a sickness.

News about Weiner first re-emerged last year, when it protruded (no pun intended) into the Hillary email scandal.

But today, with news of his conviction and two-year prison sentence, the Weiner affair is once again glistening and dripping with aroused media excitement. (no pun intended).

While serving his sentence, Weiner will be probed (no pun intended) by federal investigators for having classified docs on his laptop.

They Fumble the Ball for Trump Almost EVERY Time

-By Gary Krasner

Another Sunday and another failure of Trump’s surrogates to correctly frame Trump’s gaffs and misspeak.

The media is going gaga over what they are characterizing as Trump’s saying that the U.S.A. is just like a murderous Vladimir Putin.

The administration sent Vice President Mike Pence out to set the record straight on the Sunday morning shows (e.g. Meet the Press, Face the Nation). And as usual, Pence drowned in his own words when he tried to spin it on TV.

Pence’s poor performance will be online soon, so you can see it yourself, but here is how my “imaginary competent Pence” would have responded:

MSM Liberal Host: So was Pres. Trump using moral equivalence.

Imaginary Competent Pence: Absolutely not. O’Reilly said “Putin is a killer”. He wasn’t suggesting that Putin PERSONALLY killed people. Rather, he could only have meant that as a head of state, Putin ORDERED the killing of people by way of agents of the government. That’s the only context one can interpret O’Reilly’s comment.

And consequently, the president’s answer was correct. Sovereign nations can and do kill people! Armed conflict is occurring each day in the mideast. Last week, President Trump ordered the killing of al Qaeda leaders in a raid in Yemen. President Obama ordered hundreds of drone assassinations. Would you say Obama “was a killer”?

So it was O’Reilly who misspoke. He said “killer” when he meant to say “murderer.”

There! Was that so damn hard, Mr. Pence?!

For reference:

O’Reilly: Putin is a “Killer”; Trump: “What, Do You Think Our Country’s So Innocent?”
By Ken Meyer | 7:16 pm, February 4th, 2017

Trump’s Accusers Are Liars

-By Gary Krasner

First, details surrounding some of their claims have been found to be false. (Lying requires that you to get all the small facts right.)

It’s also clearly orchestrated for political reasons:

First, you have NBC release the Billy Bush audio tapes of Trump bragging in locker room fashion –5 weeks before the election, for lasting effect and giving little time for damage control.

Then, armed with that pretext for “relevancy”, they followed it up with the accusers — women who have never been heard of before. Who have no witnesses, despite the allegations of assault taking place in public.

And they each coordinate with each other to make sure they come forward with press conferences on DIFFERENT days, in order to consume the news cycle and drown out Trump’s message of the day.

That’s key. If they all came forward together, that would consume just one day of news. Anyone familiar with the rolling thunder pattern of Democrat slim fabrications can see this as a coordinated political operation.

And any woman who lends herself to this operation has a credibility problem. They’re probably all Democrats or liberals.

By contrast, the accusers of Clinton came forward long ago, on their own, and their stories have been vetted long ago, and written about in many books, and meeting no defamation lawsuit from the Clintons.

NBC is keeping a very damning interview with Juanita Broaddrick under wraps, unlike what they did with the Billy Bush audio.

We knew the Clinton machine would have an October surprise. This was it. Why is anyone surprised?

Andrew Breitbart said that he became a Republican after seeing the defamation operation they ran on Clarence Thomas.

I became a Republican in part, because Bill Clinton would have gotten away with a lie to a grand jury, and the American people, had his semen not been found on a dress.

Anyone old enough to remember how the Democrat slim machine operates needs no more evidence than a good memory.

How Trump Can Still Win

-By Gary Krasner

I’ve decided to offer some advice to Team Trump. Apparently he needs it badly. Here are the main things he can do to right his campaign ship:

1. Take his smart phone away from him. Have the campaign professionals post twitter remarks to the millions of his twits.

2. Trump must stick solely to his scripted speeches, and no ad-libbing on the side, because that is what will be aired on the nets!!!

3. Donald must shut up about bimbo allegations and Melania must publicly refute them. Only Melania. And she must ask:

a. Why did these women wait 3 weeks before the election, and how and why did they organize coming forward together?

b. Point out that some alleged women victims were misquoted by NY Times.

c. Call for the resignation of reporters who have been working with HRC campaign to tailor their messages.

d. Demand that Hillary, finally and once and for all, deny allegations from Broderick and Wiley


Trump must do the following at the upcoming last debate.

Avoid attacking Hillary on allegations that have already been aired. Hillary’s Achilles Heel is addressing allegations she has not been prepped for with ready and rehearsed answers.

Also, use a rhetorical device that’s memorable and can be repeated during and after the debate. Reagan said “there you go again.”

Suggestion: I propose, “True or False, Hillary?!”

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How Trump Can Still Win”

Placing Trump’s Comment in Proper Context

-By Gary Krasner

This will not be a defense of Trump’s private comments about women. The ultimate point will be that it’s not dispositive of how he will govern.

Indeed, it merely reflects a personal attribute that was shared by other presidents, including JFK and Bill Clinton.

Is it a common attribute? Yes. Just watch the first episode of the first season of the comedy, Key and Peele on Comedy Central.

This hilarious sketch is located at the 2 min, 47 sec mark of this video:

It illustrates how men feel giddy recounting how dominant they supposedly are in their marriages.

But ironically, at the same time, it shows how terrified they are that their spouses might be able to overhear them talking like that. And the great lengths to undertake to prevent that.
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Placing Trump’s Comment in Proper Context”

Hillary’s Lie About The Lie She Explained Was Not A Lie, But Was

-By Gary Krasner

The Clinton (“come with the cash”) machine came out yesterday saying that other (younger) staffers also came down with pneumonia.

It was an obvious attempt to show that whatever is ailing her now (pneumonia is the call today. Tomorrow, who knows?) is not related to her age or any underlying health problems that would make her unfit to serve.

(She is unfit to serve in any government position for myriad reasons, but that’s another story which MSM won’t publish.)

In other words, Hillary is saying that the pneumonia has been contagious. OK, that’s fine.

So knowing that she could transmit pneumonia, she nonetheless visited her daughter on Monday, following the 911 memorial service in NYC.

Her press people say that Hillary was playing and “running around the house” (yeah, right) with Chelsea’s infant.

This is a woman who clearly doesn’t foresee — nor care about — consequences. SERIOUS consequences.
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Hillary’s Lie About The Lie She Explained Was Not A Lie, But Was”


-By Gary Krasner

Of course, with that title I refer to none other than Don Trump.

Hillary had 2 horrible weeks. So bad, that Trump could have been up 10 points by now, if he had just shut his blasted mouth.

But no, the narcissist can’t shut up. He must draw attention to himself. And he can’t deliver a scripted speech. Boy, is that secret out now.

His scripted speeches are delivered in monotone, as if he were a 6 year old reading something out loud. At least now I know why he eschews reading a teleprompter. He knows he’s bad.

But does he know that he can’t explain crap? I mean anything! Does he even know he’s blowing up his campaign?

n eExample was the very first speech announcing his candidacy. All he had to say was, “no, of course I didn’t mean that all Mexicans are killers and rapists.”

And when you understand his inability to explain, or to backtrack from a comment he has made, you understand what happened today:

Trump: “Obama and Hillary founded ISIS.”
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The Costly Access to the Clintons

-By Gary Krasner

Trump misses many opportunities. I wrote about that theme a year ago, and I’m still writing about it.

As Barry Farber used to say, you most decisively destroy an enemy when you destroy it’s aircraft before it gets off the ground.

What does that mean? It means that you PREVENT an enemy’s asset from doing damage to you. You do not wait for the threat to become activated.

When you don’t wait to react to something, it’s called “preemption.” Trump merely reacted, without substance, with a mundane tweet about Hillary’s cliches.

Trump failed to prevent what Rush Limbaugh said in his opening sentence today: “Everybody knew it was coming.”

I’ll give you an example. Chelsea Clinton introduced her mom at the convention Thursday. It was a well delivered speech, and as Rush said, we knew what she would say.

Whatever she was going to say, the best way to derail it would have been to ask Chelsea questions BEFORE she delivers the speech. WHY?

Because then the media and public will be focussed on those questions! The buzz will be, “will she address it?” What if she fails to address it?

If Chelsea failed to address a legitimate question in her speech, when the media focus is on her, then the conclusion will be that the allegation has merit.
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The Costly Access to the Clintons”

Michael Savage: Stupid and Arrogant

-By Gary Krasner

I was doing work in the house, so I had to listen to my radio, instead of internet radio. That meant I had two choices.

After Sean Hannity’s stupidity made me ill, I switched to Mike Savage. A book-smart guy (in some areas), but an egotist who’s very arrogant and rude to listeners who call his show. But Savage can be as stupid as Hannity:

Stupid Comment #1:

Mike Savage said that the German shootings today could be a false flag operation, by German neo-Nazis, in order to cast blame on Muslims. Although he said he doubted it.

Stupid because (1) a false flag operation, with the intention of making it appear that Muslims did the killing, is wholly unnecessary when Muslims are committing mass killings on their own, on an hourly basis!! And stupid because (2) German neo-Nazis are atheists who see no advantage to going on suicidal shooting sprees, and have not been randomly killing women and children. Only Muslims and crazy people have.

Stupid Comment #2:
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Michael Savage: Stupid and Arrogant”

Hillary’s Opponents Shrink From Attacking Her

-By Gary Krasner

The MSM is clearly blacklisting most of the Clinton scandals. But we can’t let her political opponents off the hook—-Bernie, and even Trump.

Trump has a feast to choose from. Of the two articles I am citing (Is Bill Clinton A Sexual Predator Or Just A Sex Addict? and
Hillary Helps a Bank–and Then It Funnels Millions to the Clintons), I chose the current scandal in which Bill flew to pedophile island where young teens are held prisoner for the purpose of Bill and friend Epstein to rape them.

Democrats have a method when republicans do bad things. They ask OTHER republicans–who are not involved in the bad deed–if they would condemn the accused for his bad deed.

It’s a trap question. If you don’t condemn, then you appear to condone the (alleged) bad behavior. If you condemn, then Dems succeeded in isolating and destroying a republican (the accused).

It matters not whether the allegation is true. It matters not that the accused acted alone. Dems and MSM make every republican responsible for the alleged deed, just by being in the same party.

DUMDUM Trump, the novice apprentice in politics, is unaware of this tactic. It’s obvious, because he has a wealth of opportunities to adopt that tactic against Hillary, to isolate and destroy her.
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Hillary’s Opponents Shrink From Attacking Her”

Robert De Niro Forced to Pull Anti-Vaccine Documentary From the Tribeca Film Festival‏

-By Gary Krasner,

(Note: In an Associated Press article published on March 26 in The New York Times, it was reported that due to pressure from pro-vaccine activists famed actor Robert De Niro pulled a film from the Tribeca Film Festival that linked vaccines to autism. This is the story that Gary Krasner, the Director Coalition For Informed Choice, is reacting to below…)

The essence of this story is about defamation of Andrew Wakefield, and how personal defamation has replaced civil debate.

When one party wishes to dodge a debate on the merits of issues (Trump), he will defame his opponent (Cruz) with slanderous lies.

Seeing that progressive politics was a hard sell to the mainstream public, the infamous radical community organizer Saul Alinsky raised it to a high art.

In his “Rules For Radicals” (1971), Alinsky taught that defamation of character is an important tactic to use. Hillary Clinton was an early disciple of his work.

In 1969, Hillary Rodham wrote a 92-page senior thesis for Wellesley College titled “There Is Only the Fight . . . “: An Analysis of the Alinsky Model’.

20 yrs later, Obama taught the rules of this great tactician to Chicago activists when he worked for ACORN. Defamation of his opponents enabled him to win his first 2 local elections.

Today, Alinsky’s 13th rule: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it”, is being used against parents who think vaccination is a contributing cause of ASD.
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Robert De Niro Forced to Pull Anti-Vaccine Documentary From the Tribeca Film Festival‏”

Why Millennials Don’t Understand Economics

-By Gary Krasner

THAT is the question. It is not “why do they love Bernie.” Bernie is just another product of the liberal educational system that produces economic ignorance.

So the reason Millennials are for Bernie is the same reason economic ignorance prevailed in 2008 when people voted for Obama.

And some of that begins with GW Bush, who spent government money like a liberal does, and never explained supply side economics, let alone know what the hell it was. Faux conservatives McCain and Romney were no different.

That is why, to this day, Americans blame Republicans for the recession. Democrats came out of the gate with political demagoguery, and Bush and McCain looked like deer caught in the headlights. They own that legacy, which remains dead weight around the neck of every conservative running for office today. We needed moderate, “compassionate” conservatives like we need Pope Francis’ advice on immigration policy.

Here’s what these moderate Republicans should have said then, and what Trump can say today if he were articulate on public policy:
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Why Millennials Don’t Understand Economics”

Open Letter to Radio Talk Show Host Mike Gallagher

-By Gary Krasner

Dear Mike,

I was listening to your radio broadcast on February 16, 2016. You devoted the first hour of your show to a discussion of Kentucky Senate Bill 152, which would require women seeking abortions to undergo ultrasound and force them to view the fetus in the womb.

I didn’t hear you mention ultrasound. Instead, you presented the bill as a reasonable measure for women to receive pre-abortion counseling. You correctly mentioned how many women experience depression following their abortions.

The issue of ultrasound vs. counseling is not relevant to the topic I wish to raise, although the public should be aware that prenatal ultrasound is unsafe: see:, and

But to my point, I oppose this Kentucky bill that compels women to consult a physician before obtaining an abortion.

Personally, I’m pro life. I’m conservative. I regularly contribute to this website and for 10 years I wrote for I’m friend and confident to the pro-life activist Debi Vinnedge of COG For Life.

Yet I oppose the bill because when you make something compulsory, YOU are inviting government into the private affairs of OTHER people who are engaging in lawful activities.
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Open Letter to Radio Talk Show Host Mike Gallagher”

He’s Not One of Us: Marco Rubio is an Establishment Republican

-By Gary Krasner

Is Rubio a conservative? “Compared to what?” as Henny Youngman would ask. And he’s right. Everything is relative.

Which is why I was jolted when Rush Limbaugh seemed to say during his Feb. 2 show that Rubio is a conservative no different than Ted Cruz. Rush visited the topic the next day, too.

But then Rush is a pushover. He knows his fellow Floridian personally and I suspect he feels it would be a betrayal to cast him out. Rush was a good soldier for President G.W. Bush, if you recall. Because Rush is a nice guy. Loyal to friends. He’s not like Michael Medved, for example, who calls Ted Cruz a self-interested political opportunist, and lauds people like John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Oren Hatch, and had actually supported Mitt Romney as his first choice.

Given the folks Medved has loved for years, it’s no surprise to me that Marco Rubio is his preferred candidate. But Rush considers Rubio sufficiently conservative, and distinct from John Kasich or Jeb Bush?! The man from Realville? It doesn’t compute.
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He’s Not One of Us: Marco Rubio is an Establishment Republican”

President Dumdum Pops Off On San Bernardino

-By Gary Krasner

In the wake of the shootings in San Bernardino CA, CBS News played an interview at 6:45 PM EST, in which President Dumdum expressed dismay over the shooting, and while admitting that we know nothing about the shooting yet, managed to claim that the cause of the shooting was the fault of insufficient safeguards against the wrong people obtaining guns.

President Dumdum then immediately stated that we have a No Fly List in which people on that list are legally able to purchase firearms, and that it must be stopped. It was a total non sequitur, since we don’t know that the San Bernardino shooters were on the No Fly Zone.

Like most liberals who have been making this argument to support more gun control, President Dumdum apparently doesn’t know the reason for a No Fly List, and how it relates to our Constitutional protections.

The No Fly List is not a list of people who are guilty of any crime. Senator Ted Kennedy was on the list, presumably by mistake. The list was intended to be an overly cautious measure to screen out or scrutinize SUSPECTS, who authorities SUSPECT may wish cause the plane to crash.

The exclusions based on the list may ultimately be found unconstitutional, but if you read the fine print in the contract you signed to purchase airline tickets, you will see that you agreed that you have no right to fly on a plane, and that you may be detained if you refuse to comply with intrusive methods to search you––which possibly includes cavity searches.

This list contains approximately 50,000 people. No one knows how they get on the list, and many are on the list erroneously.

And this is the list which Democrats and President Dumdum wants to use as a basis to deny Americans their Second Amendment rights!!
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President Dumdum Pops Off On San Bernardino”

What’s Wrong With Ben Carson?

-By Gary Krasner

Glad you asked.

He’s not a practiced politician, and it shows. at least in one respect, it’s a deficit.

We just saw a story from a mainstream organ–Politico.

The story alleged that Carson fabricated an event. which event? An event he’s discussed and wrote about in his book.

Carson has written and stated (e.g. Charlie Rose recently) that he was offered a scholarship to West Point, but that he never applied to West Point and instead went to medical school.

Instead of conveying that fact accurately, Politico falsely wrote that Carson claimed to have APPLIED to West Point, and West Point states there was no application by Carson.

THEREFORE, according to Politico, Carson lied!!!

And when contacted by Politico, Carson’s people repeated the facts as Carson wrote it.

Including that part that all who enroll at West Point do not have to pay tuition, which West Point refers to as “scholarships” on its website.
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What’s Wrong With Ben Carson?”