[VIDEO] Filmmaker Utterly DESTROYS the ‘White Privilege’ Junk Taught in Our Universities

-By Warner Todd Huston

Guerrilla filmmaker Ami Horowitz has been excellent at exposing the stupidity of the left and his latest film takes aim at the empty logic of “white privilege” as taught in our feckless colleges and universities.

Horowitz showed up outside a Kansas City conference pushing the nonsense of “white privilege” on students and school administrators and asked them if they truly believe in the idea, according to Daily Wire.

Naturally, every single person he asked dutifully parroted the far-left talking points and insisted that all white people are permanently racist.

One women even said that she feels “super guilty all the time” because of her so-called “white privilege.”

Most of these white leftists also told Horowitz that all whites in America are racist.

Amusingly, Horowitz then skewered these people with their own blanket accusation that all whites are racists by using their own words against them. He asked if they think it is “wrong to judge people collectively.”

Every single one of them bobbled their heads in affirmation, blurting out the left-wing talking point that judging people as a group instead of as individuals is wrong… even though they themselves continued to insist that “all whites are racists.”

Disconnect, anyone? It’s typically clueless liberalism on display.

Then Horowitz made them all look foolish again by asking each of them how “white privilege” had benefitted them that day.

Naturally not a single one of these liberals could think of how their “white privilege” had given them any advantage at all.

But they were all absolutely sure that “white privilege” kept blacks and other minorities down eery single day.

To contrast his interviews with the white privilege conference attendees, Horowitz then went into Harlem to ask African Americans how “white privilege” ruined their lives.

Yet, not a single black person Horowitz spoke to could define how “white privilege” affected them. One even said her parents taught her not to “view color as the object of anything.” Another African American interviewee said that it is a bad idea to push “white privilege” because it makes black kids feel like there is “no hope.”

The best comment was from one black man who said, “It’s America. If you’re willing to put forth an effort, you’ll do what you gotta do.” He later added, “If you let something stop you, then that’s you.”

Clearly many average black people aren’t buying into this nonsense of “white privilege.” Yet this is exactly the garbage being sold in our schools.
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–Samuel Johnson

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