Liberal, Black Rioter Mad Because ‘Rich People’ Don’t ‘Give Us None’ of Their Money

Liberal, Black Rioter Mad Because ‘Rich People’ Don’t ‘Give Us None’ of Their Money
-By Warner Todd Huston

THIS is what the left has wrought, folks. We have as the left would define it “a protester” — but who should really be termed “a criminal rioter” — telling the media exactly why he and his pals are setting Milwaukee on fire… it’s because, you see, “the rich people, they got all this money and they not like, you know, tryin’ to give us none.”

Milwaukee TV grabbed one of the rioters who had set about to destroy his own neighborhoods and asked him why they are all rampaging through the streets like lunatics. He said the riot occurred because “rich people” won’t “give him money.”

Here is what this uneducated young man said on live TV:

“It’s sad, because, you know, this is what happen because they not helping the black community, like, you know, the rich people, they got all this money and they not like, you know, tryin’ to give us none…”

And all this rioting in Milwaukee is being perpetrated in the name of a career criminal who confronted police with a semi-automatic firearm and has a long history of crimes including witness intimidation!

Folks, this is what the left has inculcated in our youth – not just in African Americans.

The left has trained them to think that all they have to do is draw a breath and “the rich people” are supposed to “give them money.”

And if “the rich people” don’t “give them money” for all their wants and desires… then it is endemic raaaacism and all white people hate them.

This isn’t a recent development, though. In fact, blacks were bound to become slaves on the Democrat plantation once black socialist and grievance monger W.E.B. DuBois destroyed the palliative influence of Booker T. Washington with his all-for-education and his pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps mentality.

Washington’s views of “racial uplift” could have brought a far different America to blacks if only DuBois and his hate-filled screaming and finger pointing hadn’t won the argument with blacks way back before the 1920s.

To be sure, DuBois was fully supported by the white education establishment in the 1910s. These people had already gone to the socialist side of the argument, so white educators looked down on Washington’s sunny optimism and favored DuBois’ ideas that America is evil and blacks will be forever oppressed by white people.

But, in any case, this is why are where we are. The black intelligentsia became DuBois acolytes and rejected the more American ideals of Booker T and, aided and abetted by the self-hating white education establishment, laid the groundwork for the constant state of rioting and race hatred blacks now wallow in.

The goal? No less the destruction of the United States of America.

Mission accomplished, I’d say.
“The only end of writing is to enable the reader better to enjoy life, or better to endure it.”
–Samuel Johnson

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