Illinois Democrat Sponsors Bill to Kill all White Puppies in State Because They Have White Privilege

-By Warner Todd Huston

Illinois Rep. Julie Stratin of Chicago’s 11th District has introduced a bill to have all state shelters immediately euthanize dogs with predominantly white coats. Stratin says that white dogs represent too much white privilege and she wants to level the playing field for dark colored dogs, the Chicago Tribune Times reports.

Stratin’s bill would ban white dogs from being sold in the state, though on objection from House Republicans, Stratin did add a clause to the bill stating that all white dogs currently living in the Land of Lincoln among private owners could live out their normal life spans and escape being euthanized.

The bill also sets up a pet owner’s registry so that the state can track dog owners to make sure no new white dogs are brought into the state. And a waiting period of three days is set so that state inspectors can affirm that any new dog sold in the state has fur that is 50 percent or less white.

The bill sets up a new office of DoggyID and with inspector’s jobs offering a starting salary of $75,000 a year with full union benefits.

“It’s time that the brown and blacks puppies get much needed relief from this state,” Stratin said on the floor of the House on Thursday. “White dogs in shelters continue to be adopted at higher rates than the minority dogs and as a compassionate society we should move to even the playing field. It’s time to stop this gross white privilege!”

The bill will also fine pet owners $500 for a first time offense of buying a white dog and pet shops will be find $10,000 if they are found non-compliant with the new law.

Illinois Republican House Minority leader Jimmy Dunker praised the bill after successfully cutting its proposed budget from $10 million annually to only $4 million by raising fees for dog owner licenses.

“Illinois is a proud dog state and if we are to govern successfully we must reach not only into the Illinois House but the dog house,” Dunker proudly said.

The bill is headed to the Illinois Senate and will likely be approved by next Thursday. From there it will head to Governor Bruce Runner’s desk.

However, the bill has a murky future once it makes it to the governor. The state’s chief executive said that he will only sign the bill if the economic impact on licensing for pet shops is cut in half, something that isn’t likely in the Democrat-led government in Springfield. Continue reading

Illinois Democrat Sponsors Bill to Kill all White Puppies in State Because They Have White Privilege”

Pure Media Bias: Liberal Media Smears Mitt Romney With Death of Cecil The Lion

-By Warner Todd Huston

For the last few days the left-wing media has been losing its tiny collective mind over the death of Zimbabwe’s Cecil the lion. Well, today the liberal Washington-based political newspaper The Hill published a story breathlessly informing the world that the man who shot the lion donated to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. And then, in a perfect example of media bias, the left-wing newspaper Tweeted a photo of the dead lion next to an image of Romney!

This is little else but the yellowest of yellow journalism. What does Romney have to do with the death of Cecil the lion? Nothing. But for some reason The Hill wants to link the death of the beloved lion to Romney!

Here is the Tweet that the far left, non-journalists at The Hill sent out on Wednesday:
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Pure Media Bias: Liberal Media Smears Mitt Romney With Death of Cecil The Lion”

Transparency a Must to Protect Our Ecosystem

-By Warner Todd Huston

April brought us Earth Day and with it at focus on both our ecosystem and those that claim it is their highest interest to protect the same. With reflection, though, we have to wonder if these self-appointed guardians of our environment are really just foxes guarding the henhouse succumbing to the temptation of power and money, even as they demonize those “greedy” corporate interests, they oppose. In many cases we may discover that these supposed “non-profits” are anything but.

A recent article–one of many on this theme–shows that even the so-called mainstream environmental groups like the Sierra Club are becoming targets of ridicule and derision from a brash new breed of environmental activist. It brings to mind the old adage that there is no honor among thieves.

Armed with money from deep-pocketed, left-wing donors have loosed an army of idealistic shock troops. With social media marketing skills and lawyers on staff, these organizations have perfected the art of adeptly (and legally, I might add) picking the public’s pocket while bragging about it. It is, as Forbes magazine says, a costly game of “sue and settle.” Worse, there is collusion going on between these environmental groups and the federal government.
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Transparency a Must to Protect Our Ecosystem”

High School Drama Teacher Pushes Play With Incest and Bestiality, Gets Suspended

-By Warner Todd Huston

Here is a story that shows why we don’t let children decide what they want to do for themselves. In Arizona, a high school teacher thought it would be a great idea for his kids to put on a play that features incest and bestiality. He got suspended for this leftist idea, but the silly children are rallying behind this warper of souls hoping to get his punishment vacated.

Stirring controversy, Drama teacher Andrew Cupo of Cactus Shadows High School near Scottsdale, Arizona, chose the Edward Albee play The Goat, or Who is Sylvia, a supposedly “award winning” play that features obscene language, humans having sex with animals, not to mention incest.

As Wikipedia describes it: “The tale of a married, middle-aged architect, Martin, his wife Stevie, and their son Billy, whose lives crumble when he falls in love with a goat, the play focuses on the limits of an ostensibly liberal society. Through showing this family in crisis, Albee challenges audience members to question their own morality in the face of other social taboos including infidelity, pedophilia, incest and, of course, bestiality.”

Naturally, as soon as some parents learned of this debacle about to befall their children, they started complaining to school authorities.
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High School Drama Teacher Pushes Play With Incest and Bestiality, Gets Suspended”

Huffington Post Slams PTEA for ‘Secret Slaughter of Kittens, Puppies’

-By Warner Todd Huston

For the Huffington Post, Nathan J. Winograd wrote an extensive expose of the history of euthanizing animals perpetrated by the supposed animal-loving group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Winograd reports that thousands of animals are killed every year and his post is filled with unsettling photos to prove his point.

Warning readers right away that the images in his report are “graphic” and may “distress the reader,” Winograd goes on to reveal that “approximately 2,000 animals pass through PETA’s front door every year and very few make it out alive.”

Amazingly, the article claimed that 96 percent of the animals that pass through PETA’s doors ended up dead. Worse, PETA’s donors are the ones paying for these killings even as those same donors think they are sending money to save animals.

“Most animal lovers find this hard to believe,” Then Winograd says. Winograd goes on to bitingly say, “if it is true that a picture speaks a thousand words, the following images speak volumes about who and what PETA really stands for.”
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Huffington Post Slams PTEA for ‘Secret Slaughter of Kittens, Puppies’”

A Blogger at NATO 2012, What I Saw on Day One

-By Warner Todd Huston

I was awarded press credentials for NATO’s 2012 Summit in Chicago and, having no idea what to expect, what I found on day one was a study in contrasts. What occurred was sometimes amusing, often mundane, and sometimes even violent. But it was all democracy in action.

Early on the morning of day one, Sunday, May 20, I boarded a western Metra train under threat of having my equipment bags confiscated or at least me prevented from boarding the train with them. I was not ruffed up the “the man,” though and downtown I went riding high on the rails. Literally. I took a seat on the top tier of the train.

The Summit didn’t start well as the NATO advance video called Chicago the Illinois Capital (It isn’t) and the place where Obama grew up (Again, it isn’t).

Upon reaching the gathering point for the press in beautiful downtown Chicago I boarded the super, double, secret press shuttle bus that took us down the service streets, steering well clear of the surface roads, straight to Chicago’s McCormick Place convention center, site of the NATO Summit.

Of course, before I was allowed on the super, double, secret press bus, bomb-sniffing dogs were loosed to make sure I had no underwear-bomb on my person or in my equipment bags. After I was officially cleared, I boarded the bus with local Chicago TV newsreader Jay Levine.

Everywhere I went there were knots of security personnel. A LOT of security personnel. The last time I saw that many security people I was in Cancun, Mexico during the 2010 UN Climate Conference.

There were members of the FBI, Homeland Security, Chicago Police, the U.S. Marshals as well as U.S. Airmen and Army officers all there on duty to make sure our tender media people were safe and secure.

I was later to learn that out on the streets of Chicago the number of security of all sorts made the way to McCormick Place seem like it was lightly guarded!
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A Blogger at NATO 2012, What I Saw on Day One”

Animal Anthropomorphists and their ‘Bullied’ Dolphin

-By Warner Todd Huston

Dolphins smile, you know? Oh, and they have a bigger brain than a human, too. Ipso facto, they are the most intelligent creature on the earth, or something. How often do we hear the animal rights nuts make these statements? Well, now add downtrodden, bullied, and sad to the anthropomorphist’s list of the assumed traits of the most wondrous creature of the seas, won’t you?

That’s right. Dolphins too are now victims of evil bullies. No, not human bullies, though I assume most animal rights wackos take that for granted. No according to dolphin watchers in California, dolphins are victims of those mean, mean, dolphin bullies. Such is the case of poor, poor “Bolsa Chica Bob,” the “bullied” dolphin that has made a temporary home in a costal bay off the shores of the left coast.
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Animal Anthropomorphists and their ‘Bullied’ Dolphin”

Barack Obama: Dog Eater

-By Warner Todd Huston

The extremists of the left (you know, Democrats) have been trying to make a big deal out of the time that Mitt Romney put his dog on top of his car in the dim, dark past. They say this proves that Romney is mean, evil, rotten, a dog-hating scumbag.

But in his own memoir President Obama said that he had actually eaten dogs when he lived in Indonesia.

… and yet, these hypocrite lefties say nothing about it. And when they do bother to recognize this in-his-own-words admission from Obama that he has actually eaten dogs, they explain it away as no big deal.

Now, to me neither case is of interest. But what IS of interest here is the hypocrisy of the leftists that want to get all exercised over Romney putting a dog atop a car yet NOT getting the least bit upset over Obama EATING dogs!
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Barack Obama: Dog Eater”

‘Historian’ Gets Mouthy At Congressional Hearing

-By Warner Todd Huston

I meant to get to this last week, but “historian” Douglas Brinkley is so forgettable as a writer that it all slipped my mind. But, it’s a slow news day, so let’s take a look at the temper tantrum this hack threw when he visited the House Natural Resources Committee on Nov. 22, shall we?

Brinkley was there to provide his, uh, “insight” into the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, testimony that Alaska Rep. Don Young called “an exercise in futility” because the hearing wasn’t going to be changing anyone’s mind about the subject. I’d have to agree that anything including hack Brinkley truly is an exercise in futility. He’s one of the worst writers of popular history out there.

The fireworks began when Rep. Young accidentally called Brinkley by the wrong last name. This sent the scribbler off into paroxysms of pique and spurred him to interrupt not only Rep. Young, but also Committee Chair Doc Hastings when he tried to restore order.

Rep. Young later told the Washington Post’s Amy Argetsinger that he thought that Brinkley was just trying to get publicity with his outburst.
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‘Historian’ Gets Mouthy At Congressional Hearing”

For Every Awful Gov’t Action There is An Equally Awful Reaction, Horses Worst Hit!

-By Warner Todd Huston

There is a jester of a Chicago Alderman named Ed Burke who back in the early 1990s made local radio audiences laugh by his plaintive plea of “what about the horses” on the floor of Chicago’s City Hall. He was worried that horses in downtown Chicago’s carriage trade were somehow being mistreated and so he tried to pass all sorts of absurd new regulations in Chicago to help his equine buddies. His plea rings in my ears as I read this new story of the “unintended consequences” of federal regulations meant to save the horses that has only made their lives more miserable.

Since we became a country there have been businesses geared to dispatch and butcher ailing, broken down, or unwanted horses. These horse abattoirs may be remembered once upon a time as supplying some of the raw materials for glue factories. But they also supplied the meat for zoos, circuses and increasingly for meat markets overseas where consumption of horsemeat by humans does not carry the cultural shock that it might here in the United States.

But congress knew better, you see. Congress had become the ultimate horse whisperers and could read the horses minds to know that they felt abused by these evil slaughterhouses. And so, because congress is oh, so caring, that august body passed laws that materially harmed horse slaughterhouses in America. These rules eventually made such businesses close up and disappear in the USA.

It’s for the horses, ya know?
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For Every Awful Gov’t Action There is An Equally Awful Reaction, Horses Worst Hit!”

Petulance: Animal Ethicists are Just More Liberal Killjoys

-By Daniel Clark

“I am not an animal! I am a human being!”

That John Merrick, what a bigot. Didn’t he realize that by claiming superiority over other creatures, he was being speciesist? Too bad there weren’t any “animal ethicists” around in those days to set him straight.

A new pseudo-academic periodical called the Journal of Animal Ethics claims that much of the language we use in reference to our furry friends is demeaning and exploitative, and may even contribute to animal cruelty. Among the chief offenders, believe it or not, is the word “pet.” Actually, they might have a point there. Andy Capp and Flo address each other as “pet” all the time, just before proceeding to beat the fish and chips out of each other.
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Petulance: Animal Ethicists are Just More Liberal Killjoys”

Aussie Moron Gets Shot By Sticking Face In Front of Shotgun

-By Warner Todd Huston

We certainly never want to see anyone shot accidentally. If a firearm is wielded it is imperative that the one pulling the trigger is in the right to do so. In Australia we have a case to prove the exception. Once in a while someone who gets accidentally shot, well, they just plain deserve it.

Julia Symons is apparently one of the dumbest people in Australia. Being an animal rights wacko and anti-hunting busybody, that puts her right up there, of course, but the thing that put her on top of the list of morondom occurred over the weekend of March 19 at Lake Buloke, Victoria, Australia.

It seems that Mz Symons was one of about 150 dimwitted protesters trying to get between the shotguns of some 2000 legal hunters and the ducks they were shooting at for the first day of duck hunting season at the lake. Like her foolish pals, Symons was trying to disrupt the hunters by jumping into the water and wading dangerously near the shooters to intimidate them into quitting the hunt.
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Aussie Moron Gets Shot By Sticking Face In Front of Shotgun”