Video From Oregon Activist: ‘We’re Breaking NO Laws’ But Warns They Are Armed—NO RUBY RIDGE

-By Warner Todd Huston

As patriots gather outside the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon, all eyes are on the activists gathered there to protest what they feel is a government gone wild. Many of the activists are armed raising some fears that bloodshed could result if Obama’s government sends armed officials to clear them out. But one activist has a warning and a promise for officials.

In a video posted to Facebook, activist Jon Ritzheimer told those watching his video that he and his fellows have gathered to defend their Constitutional rights.

Close to the end of the video the activist explains one of the reasons that he and his fellows are protesting. He says that the refuge is “swallowing up ranches.”

On the video Ritzheimer continues saying, “this refuge here we found out is also the largest and it’s getting bigger and bigger. It’s swallowing up ranchers. It’s already kicked off over 100 ranchers from this land.”

Still, Ritzheimer goes to pains to point out that the land they are camping on is public land and that they aren’t breaking any laws. He further points out that there has been no vandalism of the park. He insists, “there’s nothing illegal taking place here.”

“This land belongs to ‘we the people.’ It’s outlined right here in the Constitution,” Ritzheimer says.
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Video From Oregon Activist: ‘We’re Breaking NO Laws’ But Warns They Are Armed—NO RUBY RIDGE”

Seattle University Tells Veterans They Can’t Say ‘Controversial’ Pledge of Allegiance or Display U.S. Flag

-By Warner Todd Huston

Last week a dust up between Seattle Pacific University and a veterans group was kicked up when the university informed the group that they would not be allowed to say the Pledge of Allegiance and present the colors during their veteran’s day ceremony.

A group called the Military and Veteran Support Club at SPU had scheduled a ceremony to be held in the university’s chapel for the upcoming Veterans Day holiday. The group intended to perform the Pledge of Allegiance and wanted to present the colors during the ceremony. But the plans were nixed by the university because they were deemed too “controversial.”

As the veteran group noted on its Facebook page, “This integral part of veteran support was deemed controversial due to the fact that it may make some individuals “uncomfortable”. It is important to note that University Ministries initially approved the pledge and the presentation of colors, but then rescinded approval of this portion of the service.”
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Seattle University Tells Veterans They Can’t Say ‘Controversial’ Pledge of Allegiance or Display U.S. Flag”

Illegal Immigrant Who Killed 2 Girls Released, Protected by Obama’s DREAM-Styled Act

-Warner Todd Huston

One of Barack Obama’s illegal aliens upon whom one of his illegal alien protection acts was bestowed has been found guilty of killing two little girls in a car accident but has been released from jail because she is protected by Obama.

Mexican citizen Cinthya Garcia-Cisneros, who came into the US illegally, was shielded from deportation by Obama’s illegal alien protection act after she hit and killed two little Oregon children in October.
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Illegal Immigrant Who Killed 2 Girls Released, Protected by Obama’s DREAM-Styled Act”

South Oregon Proves Gov’t Subsides Are Bad for You

-By Warner Todd Huston

The Beautiful Rogue River in South Oregon

A very long article at the conservative Washington Free Beacon describes how economic recession and a changing timber industry has turned parts of southern Oregon into a “lawless” area with toothless authorities, few police, and empty government treasuries. But what the article really proves is that government subsides created this problem in the first place proving that government largess is a bad thing in the long run.

The piece, “The Lawless South,” by CJ Ciaramella, describes the hard times that parts of southern Oregon have fallen upon. The hard times have come from several directions all converging to smack the area with high unemployment, plunging home prices, and failing industry.

The area Ciaramella is around Josephine County, way south of Portland and near the Oregon/California border. This area is in such bad economic times that the various governments, city and county, have had to make massive cuts. The cuts Ciaramella focuses on are the cuts in policing, hence his “lawless” title.
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South Oregon Proves Gov’t Subsides Are Bad for You”

Little Girl Told She Can’t Sell Mistletoe to Raise Money for Healthcare, but She CAN Panhandle

-By Warner Todd Huston

The stupidity of the age in which we live in America today is seen once again in the case of an 11-year-old girl in Oregon who has been told by authorities that she isn’t allowed to sell mistletoe to raise money to pay for her dental treatments. However, they have told her, she is allowed to beg on the streets to raise the money.

So, we are telling kids not to try and work for their money, telling kids they aren’t allowed to start a small business or start a sales campaign to raise money for something they need, but we are telling them that they can loaf on a street corner and beg passersby for money?
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Little Girl Told She Can’t Sell Mistletoe to Raise Money for Healthcare, but She CAN Panhandle”

Militant Gays Force Oregon Bakery to Go Out of Business

-By Warner Todd Huston

You’ll recall the story about Sweet Cakes by Melissa, the Oregon bakery that ran afoul of the gay mafia when its owners refused to cater to a gay wedding? Well, now the shop owners have decided to close their shop down due to the constant harassment at the hands of the oh, so tolerant leftists in Oregon.

Melissa and Aaron Klein, owners of the bakery, posted a notice to their Facebook page announcing the closing. “This will be our last weekend at the shop we are moving our business to an in home bakery,” the couple said on August 30.

The pair also thanked supporters for their wishes of future success saying, “Thank you again everyone for your up lifting words, and encouragement! It is much appreciated.”

The pair ran into resistance when they refused to sell their cakes to a gay couple planning a wedding.
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Militant Gays Force Oregon Bakery to Go Out of Business”

God Hating Atheists Apparently Believe in Devil?

-By Warner Todd Huston

Portland atheist Mark Hecate is mad that someone made him look like a devil.

A pro-atheism billboard in Portland, Oregon was defaced causing the atheist group that paid for the sign upset that they had been “demonized.”

Pro-atheist billboard defaced in Portland, Oregon

The billboard featured Mr. Hecate next to the phrase, “This is what an atheist looks like.” The billboard campaign was meant to convey the idea that atheists are somehow just like you and me.

But some wag with a spraypaint can thought it would be funny to paint devil horns on ol’ Mark’s head making him into a devil.
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God Hating Atheists Apparently Believe in Devil?”

Unkempt, Dirty, Hippie Guy Amuses at Occupy Portland

-By Warner Todd Huston

This guy is the perfect example of what is wrong with these purported protesters in the Occupy-This “movement”?

Do you want disjointed, gobbledegook all wrapped up in pseudo intellectual rhetorical nonsense? Do you want talking points, catch phrases, and empty blather? Do you want a visual feast of the worst of the left?

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Vile Disgusting Leftists and More New Civility: ‘I Wipe My A** With the American Flag’

-By Warner Todd Huston

The Blaze posted a video (notice how I gave attribution there, Mr. Beck?) that was shot at a Portland, Oregon Tea Party rally at which a gaggle of lefties came out to organize a counter protest. Like always, the lefties were vile, low-born, scum-bags in how they comported themselves and they gave us just one more example of the vaunted Democrat “new tone” we keep hearing about. (Also see the Marooned in Marin blog)

The language employed by these ignoramus lefties is definitely NOT safe for work, so be careful. Don’t let little ones watch, either, if putridly foul language is something you don’t want them to hear.

This IS the left, folks. They are haters of the worst sort.
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Vile Disgusting Leftists and More New Civility: ‘I Wipe My A** With the American Flag’”

True Oregon Taxpayer Burden is $6.6 Billion

From the Institute for Truth in Accounting

Oregon’s “Financial State of the State”

Chicago (November 17, 2010) — Today, the Institute for Truth in Accounting released Oregon’s “Financial State of the State.” After an intensive review of the State’s 2009 audited financial report the Institute determined the State is in a precarious financial position because it does not have the funds available to pay more than $6.6 billion of the State’s commitments as they come due. Each taxpayer’s share of this financial burden equals $5,600.
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True Oregon Taxpayer Burden is $6.6 Billion”

Members of Oregon’s State Employee Unions Get 5% Pay Raises… as Taxpayers Lose Jobs!

-By Warner Todd Huston

Unbelievable. In Oregon the reg’lar folks are losing their jobs right and left. And the bad luck for those actually paying the bills, the taxpayers, gets even worse because Oregon’s politicians have made sure that the state’s public employees unions get an automatic 5% pay raise starting this Wednesday!

5 percent pay increase for state union employees begins Wednesday

SALEM (AP) — A step pay increase of nearly 5 percent for Oregon state workers represented by unions goes into effect Wednesday.
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Members of Oregon’s State Employee Unions Get 5% Pay Raises… as Taxpayers Lose Jobs!”

Firefighters Union ‘Sticks it’ to the City of Portland

-By Warner Todd Huston

The Oregonian has a disheartening story proving once again why public employees unions should be outlawed.

Here we have a case of a criminal fireman who ripped off the city through a false claim of being injured and unable to work, he admits his guilt and doesn’t press the city for more benefits, yet the union DOES take the city to court to get undeserved benefits for this layabout fireman!

For 12 years fireman Tom Hurley ripped off the city of Portland’s fireman’s disability fund by receiving monthly checks of $3,200 at the taxpayer’s expense despite that he really wasn’t disabled. In fact, he took the city’s money and put himself through cooking school and then went to work in the food service industry. All paid for by the taxpayers.

And when the city finally wised up and cut him off from the honey pot, even Hurley didn’t appeal the decision. He just shrugged his shoulders and moved forward with his new career as a chef.

But the union would have none of this “end of benefits” business. No, the union wouldn’t move on. The union took the City of Portland to court to force the city to keep paying this former fireman scam artist. The union wants the city to pay this layabout fireman $103,000 in “lost” disability payments.

The city is claiming it wants to “go to war” over this whole thing. Let’s hope they do and let’s hope they win. This union ripoff of the taxpayers is unconscionable.
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Firefighters Union ‘Sticks it’ to the City of Portland”

$135 Million of Your Money Wasted on ‘Green Wall’ In Oregon

-By Warner Todd Huston

About $135 million of our tax dollars in federal stimulus is being wasted on an upgrade for the Edith Green-Wendell Wyatt Federal Building in Portland, Oregon, one aspect of which is the so-called “green wall.” Why wasted? Because no one even knows if this “green wall” will even work and no engineering solutions have been found to make it work. Many say the whole thing is impracticable.

The Associated Press starts its report on this project with a skeptical tone and if Obama’s stimulus project has lost the AP, he’s in deep trouble. “They haven’t figured out yet how to get the pruning done,” the AP begins, “but architects and federal officials plan one of the world’s most extensive vertical gardens in downtown Portland — what amounts to a series of 250-foot-tall trellises designed to shade the west side of an 18-story office building.”

The idea is to have the entire western wall of this building affixed with a trellis that will have planters for greenery in them. These “vegetated fins” are supposed to help the building better regulate its internal environment and use less energy to heat and cool.

The big problem is, though, no one has any idea if the concept will actually work as advertised. Not only that, but no one knows if all this vegetation will even stay alive. On top of it all, there is no real certainty that building operators will be able to even water all these thousands of yards of plants.
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$135 Million of Your Money Wasted on ‘Green Wall’ In Oregon”

In Worst Economy In Decades Oregon Considers Massive Tax Hike

-By Warner Todd Huston

If you Tea Party goers in the western U.S. want a specific battle to fight there is none better than ballot measures 66 and 67 in the State of Oregon. The venerable Beaver State is preparing to chase out even more jobs and intends to tax its industry and small businesses to death with these badly timed measures but Oregonians have a chance to stop them by voting “no” on both 66 and 67.

During the worst national and state-wide economy since The Great Depression, with Oregon families losing jobs in every corner of the state, with businesses going out of business everywhere, the high-minded, left-wing state government has decided in its inestimable wisdom to launch the largest tax hike on the business community and the so-called rich in Oregon’s history. In 2009 over 1$ billion in permanent tax hikes was signed into law by Governor Ted Kulongoski, the drunken sailor that sits in the State House in Salem.
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In Worst Economy In Decades Oregon Considers Massive Tax Hike”