Disastrous Commie Pope Now Calling Murderous Palestinians ‘Angels of Peace’

-By Warner Todd Huston

Every day this disastrous commie Pope gets worse for Catholics in particular and the west in general. This time this foolish man is lauding the so-called “Palestinians” a “angels of peace.” Nothing–absolutely NOTHING–could be farther from truth than calling Palestinians “angels of peace” unless you are referring to the relative peace of death because death merchants is all they are.

This weekend Pope Francis praised murderer Mahmoud Abbas calling him an “angel of peace” in a meeting held at the Vatican on Saturday.

Abbas presented the red pope with a medallion that supposedly represents the “angel of peace destroying the bad spirit of war.”

In reply this Marxist pope told Abbas that the gift was appropriate because Abbas is “an angel of peace.”

Add this weekend’s foolishness to this pope’s decision to confer statehood on the non-existent “country” of Palestine by signing a treaty recognizing the Palestinians as a state. The announcement for the treaty was made last week, but has been neither officially drawn up, released to the church nor signed.

All this glad handing for a man who represents a terror outfit that is based on murder and genocide. This pope is calling a terrorist state an “angel of peace.”
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Disastrous Commie Pope Now Calling Murderous Palestinians ‘Angels of Peace’”

Muslims Drown 12 Christians in the Sea on the Way to Italy Because they Would Not Pray to Allah

-By Warner Todd Huston

A rubber boat full of refugees from Nigeria were floating across the ocean to try and get to Italy when the Muslims on board began to throw Christians off the boat and into the sea simply because they weren’t Muslims. 12 Christians drowned due to this disgusting act of hate.

This is Islam, folks. Islam IS terrorism. It is endemic to the faith. Many westerners like to pretend that Islamic terror is only something that terrorists perpetrate and that “normal” Muslims don’t act like this. This is a serious mistake to make. Foolish westerners who think like this come by it honestly, at least. It is based on the experiences of westerners who generally don’t see religion as a justification to commit murder.

But, this story makes the lie to the claim that Islam is essentially a peaceful religion built on love. It just isn’t.

The murders began when those on the boat began to fear that the rubber craft was starting to lose air and might sink. One Christian made the mistake of praying the Jesus out loud. This set the Muslims aboard into a frenzy of murderous hate.

One of the Muslims on board the rickety craft ordered him to stop, saying: ‘Here, we only pray to Allah.’

When he refused, a violent fight ensued and 12 Christians drowned when they were thrown overboard by the Muslim refugees.

This is the soul of Islam. It was neither “terrorists” nor radicals on the boat from Nigeria to Italy. They were all refugees who were trying to escape a war-prone nation.
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Muslims Drown 12 Christians in the Sea on the Way to Italy Because they Would Not Pray to Allah”

The Communist Pope Now Saying Christians Just Like Islamist Terrorists

-By Warner Todd Huston

With “friends” like Pope Francis, who needs enemies? Now the Pope notorious for his Marxist rhetoric is essentially saying that Christian “fundamentalists” are somehow just like Islamist terrorists. This guy is a disaster for Catholics and the west.

During an address last weekend, Pope Francis said that equating Islam with it worst, most violent members is unfair. Then he went on to downplay Islamist terror by saying that Christians have their fundamentalists, too–as if Islamist terrorists and Christian hardliners are exactly the same.

Francis said that calling terrorists Muslim was a mistake because not all Muslims are terrorists.
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The Communist Pope Now Saying Christians Just Like Islamist Terrorists”

Francis: Our Commie Pope

-By Warner Todd Huston

Last year Pope Francis stirred passions on both sides of the political aisle with a major statement that seemed to show that he was an anti-capitalist commie. And while for weeks afterward he and his spokesmen denied the characterization of a commie pope, we may now have yet another example of Pope Francis going red with a new message on the Papal Twitter feed.

On April 28, the Papal Twitter account had this message: “Inequality is the root of social evil.”

This is pure communist pap. This buzzword of “inequality” is free of both substance and truth.
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Francis: Our Commie Pope”

Obama Disrepecting The Vatican, Catholics, Jews, Everyone But Muslims

-By Warner Todd Huston

First Obama pushes a deal with Iran that does nothing to prevent that Muslim nation from getting the bomb putting Israel in mortal danger, before that he sided with al Qaeda and other Muslim groups in Syria despite that they are murdering Christians just for being Christians, and now Obama disses Catholics by moving the US embassy to the Vatican out of the Vatican and miles away next to the Italian embassy in Rome.

In only a few day’s time, Obama has turned his back on Jews and Catholics both while giving Muslims all the help they need to become an even greater danger to the whole world. Who’s side is this guy on, anyway?

Obama has offended the Vatican and Catholics everywhere with his unilateral decision to move the embassy out of the Holy See, claiming he did so because of “security” reasons.

Security is a pretty weak reason, of course. The embassy to the Vatican is no more safe in Rome than it is in the Vatican itself.
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Obama Disrepecting The Vatican, Catholics, Jews, Everyone But Muslims”

New Worry: RFID Tracking Chips in Firearms?

-By Warner Todd Huston

The Italians have caused an outrage among American firearms customers. A Italian company named Chiappa Firearms sent out a press release (in Italian) last week announcing that it will soon be putting inside each firearm it manufactures an RFID chip (Radio Frequency Identification) meant to track quality control, inventory, and shipping. American gun owners and consumers were whipped into a frenzy of suspicion and fear that government agents will be able to use these RFID chips to track their firearms. But what are the facts and will these RFID tags become common with all firearms manufacturers in the near future?

First of all there is a lot of fear about the capabilities of governments to use RFID chips for nefarious purposes. These are devices that can radio information to someone with a device as inexpensive as $250 and without any “approval” needed for the reading. These chips can relay all sorts of information from location, to detailed records of all sorts.

There are several different kinds of chips but most uses require non-powered chips that can only be read at short distances. In other words we are told that a satellite orbiting in space cannot read a non-powered RFID chip from that distance. Some chips can only be read for a few feet others a few meters.

Despite all the poo pooing that advocates of RFID chips release to ease people’s minds, this identification technology is far easier to misuse than any other ID technology ever invented. But that does not make RFID chips all bad, either.
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New Worry: RFID Tracking Chips in Firearms?”

Barack and Benito‏

-By Michael Zak

Barack Obama’s infamous phrase “Just words. Just speeches” keeps ringing in my ears. While the U.S. economy crumbles and the world teeters toward war, the President busies himself with words and speeches (not to mention photo ops and vacations and parties). Appalling, yes. Surprising, no. To quote Yogi Berra: “This is like deja vu all over again.”

Today’s leaders of the Democratic Party are not at all progressive. In fact, their ideology is regressive – a throwback to an ideology popular in the 1920s and 30s and 40s. Their vision is that people they consider the “ignorant many” should be governed by people who see themselves as the “enlightened few.”

At the core of this socialist outlook on life is what Friedrich Hayek called “the fatal conceit.” That’s a person assuming that, if he were given unlimited power, then everything would be perfect. He projects that government employees would act on his behalf. He sees government employees as a proxy for his own egotistical fantasies.
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Barack and Benito‏”

Abortionist’s Hypocrisy: Infant Survives Abortion, Found Alive 2 Days Later

-By Warner Todd Huston

Recently a baby in Italy was put through horror for his two short days of life in an incident that puts paid to the hypocrisy of those that think that an in vitro human infant is not really a human at all.

This child survived a botched abortion then was laid alone in a cold room struggling to live for 20 hours before anyone bothered to notice it survived the attempted ending of its life. His torture lasted another day before death finally arrived to claim him.

Once the baby was found still hanging onto life after “doctors” tried to kill it, the hospital made a sudden, vain attempt to bring it to health. To complete the circus atmosphere, after the child passed, police in Italy began a homicide investigation of the incident. Why? Because in Italy infanticide is illegal.

Confused? You should be.
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Abortionist’s Hypocrisy: Infant Survives Abortion, Found Alive 2 Days Later”