Francis: Our Commie Pope

-By Warner Todd Huston

Last year Pope Francis stirred passions on both sides of the political aisle with a major statement that seemed to show that he was an anti-capitalist commie. And while for weeks afterward he and his spokesmen denied the characterization of a commie pope, we may now have yet another example of Pope Francis going red with a new message on the Papal Twitter feed.

On April 28, the Papal Twitter account had this message: “Inequality is the root of social evil.”

This is pure communist pap. This buzzword of “inequality” is free of both substance and truth.

This seems to confirm that, despite the Church’s denials to the contrary, his anti-capitalist message last year really was just that; a communist screed against capitalism.

Naturally our own commie in chief is loving the Pope’s turn to communist sentiment. Here is what Obama said this year when Time made Francis the man of the year and after Pope Francis released his anti-capitalist screed.

His Holiness has moved us with his message of inclusion, especially for the poor, the marginalized and the outcast….His message of love and inclusion, his regard for ‘the least of these,’ distills the essence of Jesus’ teachings and is a tonic for a cynical age. May we heed his humble example.

Many Catholic apologists have tried to deny that the Pope meant to issue a communist screed last year. The Catholic Exchange launched a particularly vigorous defense of this Pope last December.

So, this is just the next bit of proof that this Pope is going to try and lead the Catholic Church into a bright red new communist era.

What is most disgusting about this is that it was the Catholic Church as led by Pope John Paul II that helped lead the world out of the Cold War by helping Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher to defeat the evil empire of the Soviet Union.

Now Pope Francis seems poised to begin to return billions of people to the subjugation of communism. How many billions will be murdered as a result of this Pope’s hope that the world becomes communist?

This is all a bad, bad sign and every Catholic should denounce this Pope for his foolishness.
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–Samuel Johnson

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