Lincoln Quote That Can Be Used for Freedom of Religion

-By Warner Todd Huston

On August 24 of 1855, Abe Lincoln made another one of his arguments against slavery. But I’d dare say that the logic of his point works to defeat the left’s efforts to destroy freedom of religion today, too.

By 1855 Illinoisan Abraham Lincoln had firmly joined the anti-slave element of the Whig Party and he was already developing a reputation as an eloquent speaker against the “Peculiar Institution.”

In August he made the argument that having slavery in a nation that is supposed to believe in the freedom and equality of men is a contradiction that makes the belief in equality essentially a lie.

Here is how he once described the dichotomy between a nation that claims to value equality and a nation that supports slavery:
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Lincoln Quote That Can Be Used for Freedom of Religion”

President Obama Says Christians More Responsible for Beheadings Than Muslims

-By Warner Todd Huston

After the murder of American hostage and aide worker Peter Kassig by members of the Islamist terror group ISIS, Obama claimed that Christians were more responsible for terrorism than Muslims are.

After he returned from his trip to Asia, Obama deigned to comment on the murder of the aide worker by claiming that the actions of ISIS “represent no faith.”

“ISIL’s actions represent no faith, least of all the Muslim faith which Abdul-Rahman adopted as his own,” Obama claimed.

Obama also claimed that the act was one of “pure evil.”

But my friend, Chicago’s Joe Walsh, noted on Monday evening, this means that Obama just said that Christians, Jews, Hindus, even Mormons are more responsible for terror than Muslims.

Before you get incredulous just look at what he wrote.
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President Obama Says Christians More Responsible for Beheadings Than Muslims”

Buzz Feed Reporter Reveals Anti-Mormon Bigotry of Press Corps

-By Warner Todd Huston

McKay Coppins of Buzzfeed was one of the reporters in the Romney press pool during his late campaign for president. He is also a Mormon. In a long piece posted on November 14, Coppins reveals the stark anti-Mormon bigotry that his fellow members of the media openly displayed as they followed team Romney around the country.

Coppins’ report offers several interesting bits of information and even makes Mitt out to be the John Kennedy of Mormonism in that, like Kennedy, Mitt’s candidacy brought his religion out from under the shadows of suspicion and into the mainstream.

But the piece begins revealing the stark and totally casual anti-Mormon bigotry of his fellow members of the Old Media establishment.

In his first several paragraphs Coppins reveals that the other reporters following Romney constantly sniggered about his “Mormon underwear” and often made jokes about his religion when in the privacy of the press plane or on their many bus trips.

The jokes from his fellows made Coppins uncomfortable. At one point he noted he “slid down in his seat” and pretended to look at his phone to avoid eye contact with the guffawing media bigots surrounding him.
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Buzz Feed Reporter Reveals Anti-Mormon Bigotry of Press Corps”

Wash. Post on Romney’s Mormon Plot to Take Over the Country

-By Warner Todd Huston

The Washington Post must not have noticed that the United States is supposed to be a land that is tolerant of religions, especially where it concerns out electoral system. This week the Washington Post has published a long story filled with innuendo that Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith is somehow engaged in a conspiracy to make him president.

The more than 3,000 word piece is also filled with pop psychology and subtle rhetoric all intended to make the reader simultaneously suspicious of Romney and his religion as well as doubting that any of his life is his own idea but is, rather, merely programming instilled in him by his father, his wife and his religion. This isn’t the only time WaPo writer Jason Horowitz investigated Mitt’s suspicious Mormonism, either. In June, Horowitz wonders if Romney’s Mormonism was “fair game” for attack.

At the outset of his newest near slanderous piece, Horowitz calls Mitt a “political scion” because his father was once the Governor of Michigan. Of course, George Romney was also a successful career auto man, as well. Why isn’t Mitt an “auto scion”? We know why. Horowitz is trying to cast Mr. Romney as a member of some privileged class who expects public office is to be bestowed upon him because it is somehow a birthright.
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Wash. Post on Romney’s Mormon Plot to Take Over the Country”

Reuters Goes After That ‘Wealthy’ Mormon Church

-By Warner Todd Huston

As the race for the White House heats up, Reuters suddenly realized that the massive Mormon Church has a lot of money in its bank accounts and sought to needle the Church saying if it were a business “wealthy adherents like Mitt Romney would count as its dominant revenue stream.”

Reuters took the if-it-were-a-business theme even farther in its opening paragraphs.

It would also likely attract corporate gadflies protesting a lack of transparency. They would call for less spending on real estate and more on charitable causes to improve membership growth — the Mormons’ return on investment.

Of course, a religion is not a “business” proposition. A religion does not operate like a company does. It has far different goals. But assessing a religion wasn’t Reuters’ goal, here. Making Mormons out to be “rich” elitists that act suspiciously and are pushing a snobbish presidential candidate on the nation was Reuters’ goal.
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Reuters Goes After That ‘Wealthy’ Mormon Church”

Some Mormons Less Cultic Than Others?

-By Frederick Meekins

For obvious and justifiable reasons, a number of Evangelical leaders often cast a suspicious gaze at Mormon figures in American public life. After all, though the two systems of belief share a similar vocabulary at certain points and often both hold to traditionalist assumptions regarding social morality, these perspectives differ considerably regarding the nature of God as well as the origins and destiny of man.

However, the least that the orthodox Christian commenting on public affairs ought to do is to try and maintain some kind of consistent policy towards those advocating what could be considered a doctrinally questionable religious viewpoint. It seems that instead of basing such characterizations solely upon the beliefs such voices claim must take precedence above all other considerations, such analysis is often skewered in favor of those most likely to ensure that the particular pundit in question can retain a position as the water carrier of the entrenched political establishment.

For example, in his 9/16/11 commentary transcript, Cal Thomas mentions Rick Perry presenting his testimony before an audience at Liberty University. Thomas closes his brief analysis by concluding Perry’s testimony isn’t all that important beyond its existential value as it is more important how one’s faith works itself out in a President’s policies. Thomas astutely observers that believers have had the wool pulled over our eyes numerous times in terms of politicians saying one thing and doing another.
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Some Mormons Less Cultic Than Others?”

Questions No Reporter Will Ask Romney!

-By Don Boys, Ph.D.

We are told that a politician’s religion is private and is of no concern to anyone. In fact, it is supposed to be bigoted to inquire what a candidate believes; however, that is dangerous non-thinking. Since religion is an extremely personal thing making up the character and principles of a person, it is insane not to consider a candidate’s religion.

Harry Truman was a Baptist, but not a very good one; however, what he learned from church and the Bible sure affected millions of people on earth, especially Israel. When Israel declared itself a nation on May 14, 1948, Truman recognized the new state without going through his advisors. He did it knowing most of his close advisors and both the State and War Departments were against the recognition.

The politicians were fearful that Muslim states would cut off our access to oil and the possibility of a Soviet/Arab alliance. May 15, the Arab states issued their statements of opposition and immediately invaded the new nation–and got their tails whipped. (Muslims are slow learners and got their tails whipped repeatedly over the following years.) That first Israeli/Arab war is known as the War of Independence.
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Questions No Reporter Will Ask Romney!”

So Now A School Says We Can’t Even Discuss Religion in Private?

-By Resa LaRu Kirkland

So my youngest son Cody, who is a Senior at Moses Lake High School, is a budding Chef. He joined the afterschool Culinary Team through SkillsUSA last January, and right off the bat won an alternate spot in the Washington State competition. He has been winning ever since. (Take THAT Charlie Sheen.)

This past summer he helped set up and work at the new Chief Academy Cafe, an off-campus student-run cafe (the only one in the nation) where kids learn how to set up a business, deal with local codes and sanitation, order supplies, wait on customers, cook the food and try recipes, etc. It is a fantastic experience, especially for a young man who has chosen that career path. On top of that, the Cafe makes a tidy profit for the district. Yup, it’s a bastion of Free Enterprise at work. Other districts should take note!

The teacher, whom I’ll call Mr. F, runs the cafe and teaches the students what they need to know in the restaurant business and the best ways to cook and bake. Cody loved it so much he signed up for the Cafe for his second hour of class as preparation for his final year on the Culinary Team next semester. He’s even creating a dish with the help of Mr. F for his big Senior Project.

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So Now A School Says We Can’t Even Discuss Religion in Private?”

Media’s Confusion about Mormonism – Journalists’ Poor Theologians?

-By Rev Michael Bresciani

Dr. Robert Jeffress said Mormonism has “never been considered a part of mainstream Christianity.” He indicated that he thought Mormonism is a cult at the Values Voter Summit on Friday October 7, 2011. His statement has ignited a firestorm of controversy and questions. From the forthright Fox News to the feckless far left media, questions like “did he go too far” are circulating around the media like a deadly tornado. What is it all about?

It would be easy to simplify it all by saying that for years most of mainstream Protestantism has held Mormonism as a cult, so Jeffress was not wrong. But here we will ask the question of just why Mormonism is viewed this way.

Volumes have been written that deal with the theological problems with Mormonism, which is why I will not presume to settle it here in one article. What is needed is some clarity and some history so it can be understood just how mainstream Christianity came to these conclusions.

Journalists generally don’t make great theologians and that can be seen in their repeated misuse of terms they obviously do not understand. The terms used most often are, heresy and cult.

While it is possible for some sects to be such aberrations of standard Christianity that they are labeled as cults it is not the best or normal usage for this term. A cult is adherence to a person or teaching that usually has no connection to Christianity or the Bible at all. Manson, Aum Shinrikyo, Scientology, Jonestown, are good examples of cults that never had Christian foundations or if they did they were completely discarded for something else.

The second most often misused word is heresy. Here is a word with a clearer definition but a broader application, the misuse of this word is rampant, even among the best Christian minds of the day.
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Media’s Confusion about Mormonism – Journalists’ Poor Theologians?”