‘King v Burwell’ Marks the Official End of the American Republic

-By Warner Todd Huston

As he exited the Constitutional Convention, Benjamin Franklin was supposed to have told a bystander that the founders had given us a Republic, “if we could keep it.” Well this week’s latest Obamacare decision by the U.S. Supreme Court proves that we ultimately couldn’t keep it, Mr. Franklin. America is now a dead letter.

Of course, what Franklin’s possibly apocryphal reply meant was that we only had a United States system if informed citizens kept the government’s feet to the republican fires. We could only keep the system the founders gave us if we made sure the government stayed true to the system as handed down to us.

That system was one of a constitutional republic built on a rule of law, built on generations of tradition as evinced in the Common Law, and laid out with a system that had set parameters that were expected to remain virtually unchanged (though not unchangeable).

That system has been slowly eroded by parties and presidents who have had no fealty to our American way of life. Destroyers such as the Democrat Party, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, and the mewling fellow travelers of the GOP who have quietly supported the destruction, all have taken their toll on our republic. But it wasn’t until the advent of our most anti-American president yet in Barack Hussein Obama that the nation finally died a death not from revolution, but from neglect.

Thoday’s action by the opportunist Chief Justice John Roberts has thrown the last spade full of dirt over the grave of the American Republic.

Claiming that Obamacare was “poorly written,” John Roberts took it upon himself to rewrite the law from the bench divining with some magical socialist loadstone what he thought the lawmakers who wrote it really meant.

Roberts has done this sort of rewriting of law from the bench several times, now, since George W. Bush so foolishly elevated him to the highest court in the land.

What we learn from this new court is that “the law” means nothing as written. It can be interpreted, re-interpreted, written, written over, and reconfigured at any time after passage. There doesn’t need to be any of that messy “voting” business, no consultations with we the people. Just decisions made on the fly whenever a change in something is desired by the latest tyrant in the White House.

This means that the United States of America is no longer a nation that operates under the rule of law. The USA is now a place ruled by the capricious “feeling” of the present, a fleeting tyranny that makes no law reliable as a guide. It means that anyone who is perceived with enough power to force a change to law can do so without as much as a by your leave to the American people.

There is no longer any point to the United States but to “get” what you can while you can. The USA is now in a state of nature. You’d best understand that going forward.

It is officially kill or be killed in the USA today. The USA is dead. Long may she be fondly remembered as the once leading light of the world.

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