What We Ought to do and Ought Not to do

– By Vince Johnson

There is a sneaky trend in America that is creeping up on us so deceptively that we do not realize it is actually happening. What is worse, we have not the slightest idea where this trend is leading.

To explain: Most of us agree that people ought to wear their seat belts to save lives. To make sure we do what we “ought” to do, politicians passed laws requiring us to do what we should have been doing all along. As the sign says along the highway: “CLICK-IT OR TICKET!”

People “ought” to quit smoking in order to live longer and avoid exposing others to the dangers of secondary fumes from smoldering tobacco. To make sure we do what we “ought” to do, politicians have passed laws making it illegal to do what we “ought not” to do in various places such as restaurants, lounges, airports, airplanes, and more recently, entire towns!……

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