German Judge Denies 12-Year-Old American Girl A Place With Her Father

-By Sid Sauer

Recently a 12-year-old American-German girl was denied her request that her dad be given 100% custody in a court case in Munich, Germany. In yet another incident of the “State” knowing best, Judge Barbara Stockinger of Munich’s Oberlandesgericht, the highest court in Germany for family affairs, says the child doesn’t really understand what “custody” means.

It all started when the girl wrote a letter to child social services asking for help, because her step-father was verbally abusing her. It was so bad, that her mother had to remove him from their shared home. It was not an isolated incident. But when child social services responded, circumstances were spun in a different direction and the girl’s biological father was accused of psychologically pressuring his own daughter. Even though the daughter and father both, in separate interviews, stated otherwise. Then, child social services refused to release the child’s statement.

Immediately following child social services involvement, the mother and step-father filed for a restraining order against the father, providing false testimony in their claims, and followed up with filing false criminal charges against him for verbally insulting them.

No allegations against the father have ever been substantiated. In fact, the Munich District Attorney dismissed all charges made by the child’s step-father and her mother against the bio dad saying the charges were unfounded.

At that point, the attorney for the mother then resorted to tactics such as labeling the father a religious fanatic, this because he and his daughter read stories from her children’s Bible and gave thanks before meals. The Dachau-based lawyer had a field day when she discovered the father did a private art project as a Sar-El Unit Volunteer for the Israeli Defense Forces. Her remarks to the court regarding the father approached what might very well be construed as anti-Jewish hate speech. At any rate the lawyer encroached upon the father’s rights granted in the German Constitution.

In the lower courts, one of the charges against the father was that he endangered his daughter by letting her take part in a recreational sporting arms safety course while vacationing in America. The judge in this case was Lukas Neubeck who was involved in a shooting in his courtroom in 2012. The shooter in the case missed the judge twice, but the D.A. was killed. It also did not bode well for the loving pop when his daughter’s statement; “A gun is only as dangerous as the person holding it!” was submitted to the court. One might question why the judge did not recuse himself. However, there was nothing to charge the father with because the event took place in America, and no laws were broken at that time.

Curiously the judge later stripped the father of his 50% custody and awarded 100% to the mother. Strangely, he did so before a decision was made on other outstanding charges surrounding the case. And as mentioned above, the D.A. sided with the father.

According to the Dad; “The peculiarities intertwined in this ongoing battle for custody are even more bizarre the deeper one looks into the validity of the facts. The court psychologist assigned to evaluate the parents and the child is a long time member of a world wide ‘religious organization’ that is itself accused of sex crimes and racism in many different countries. Child social services even denied my attorney access to their files, although it is allowed by German law. The judge just shrugged it off saying their input has very little sway with her, but, in the written decision, she relies heavily on their testimony. At any rate, ‘in the best interest of the child’ has not been served.”__The case was appealed to the Oberlandesgericht. Evidence submitted by the father’s attorney was simply disregarded and a request to call witnesses from the daughter’s horse riding therapy program and the Munich Police Department was intentionally refused. The harshest reality is that the child, verbally in an interview with the judge, and in writing, informed the court that she also disputed the child social services claims against her dad, and in no uncertain terms asked for her father to have full custody. She does not understand why everyone is lying to her. To this day, her request for help against the actions of her step-father have gone unanswered.
_Is it any wonder that Germany is concerned over their unsustainable future? When children are torn away from their fathers by the State, in their post adolescent state, why should they not tear themselves away from the Fatherland!

The father has since, sent out requests for assistance to Chancellor Angela Merkel, The Federal Minister for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, Manuela Schwesig, the Subcommittee on Human Rights at the European Parliament in Brussels, Luxembourg and Strasbourg and also the Court of Justice of the EU.

Sid Sauer is actually the Pen name for the father who is a freelance writer.

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