NY School Bans National Guard T-Shirt Because: GUNS!

-By Warner Todd Huston

A New York school took quick action to ban t-shirts being handed out by a New York National Guard recruiter because the shirt “promoted violence” since it had an drawing of a U.S. soldier in battledress on it. And, *gasp*, the drawing of the soldier was holding an evil, evil GUN!

Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk High School in Ravena, New York, said that the Guard recruiter’s t-shirts were “inappropriate” and violated the school’s dress code because of the gun image.

“They’re not allowed to wear anything that would have a weapon on it,” district Interim Superintendent Alan McCartney told the Times Union. “Our main purpose is education. Wearing pictures of weapons brings to mind those things in our society that are not pertinent to education.”

So, even mentioning America’s fighting forces is “not pertinent to education”? This man is an idiot who should be fired just because he is plainly too stupid to be in “education.”
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NY School Bans National Guard T-Shirt Because: GUNS!”

NY Teachers/Social Workers Save Class From Evil Lego Gun Wielding Kid

-By Warner Todd Huston

The geniuses in the State of New York educational establishment have made schools safe from gun wielding crazies once again by persecuting an evil child who waved a gun in class. What kind of super dangerous gun did the boy have? A one-inch-long Lego toy, naturally.

This is, of course, more stupidity sponsored by one of those pointless “zero tolerance” policies that holds that any “weapon” in class is grounds for severe prosecution of the student violating the policy.

In this case, an 8-year-old boy at an upstate New York grade school was persecuted by officials for wielding the tiny piece of plastic shaped like a gun used for characters in the Lego line of toys. Officials claimed the boy threatened to “shoot” his classmates… with a one-inch-long piece of plastic.

The boy’s “teacher” called both the school principal and the social worker because of this dangerous, dangerous gun.
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NY Teachers/Social Workers Save Class From Evil Lego Gun Wielding Kid”

Fetid Chicago Schools: 11-Year-Old Suspended for Broken Toy Gun

-By Warner Todd Huston

Once again we see the stupidity of the so-called “zero tolerance” policy in our fetid schools with an 11-year-old boy in Chicago who was suspended for voluntarily turning in a broken toy gun to school officials after he remembered he had it in his coat pocket when he got to school.

Chicago’s Frederick Funston Elementary School recently introduced random pat downs of students entering the school with an eye toward stopping weapons from coming into the classroom. So, when sixth grader Caden Cook was waiting in line to get into the school he remembered he had the broken toy gun in his coat pocket and voluntarily turned it in to school authorities.

Being honest was the student’s big mistake. Instead of school officials just taking the little toy and tossing it in the garbage like a sensible adult would do, the boy’s life was turned upside down from multiple attacks at the hands of school administrators incensed that the child dare to break their foolish, illogical “zero tolerance” policy.
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Fetid Chicago Schools: 11-Year-Old Suspended for Broken Toy Gun”

Zero Tolerance Stupidity: Little Boy Suspended for Using Fingers Like Bow and Arrow

-By Warner Todd Huston

The stupidity of our so-called schools seems never ending. Now we have a ten-year-old boy being suspended because he used his fingers and made motions like they were a bow and arrow. So, now the boy is branded as a weapons-using criminal over an imaginary bow and arrow.

This is just more of the stupidity that is the fetid “zero tolerance” policy, a rule that gives school administrators the opportunity to act like good little automatons and not be required to use their brains like adults should.

This case happened on October 14 in Fawn Grove, Pennsylvania. A ten-year-old named Johnny Jones was suspended from school for shooting an imaginary bow and arrow at another kid. Apparently the school’s idiotic “no weapons” policy was evoked to get the kid thrown out of school.
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Zero Tolerance Stupidity: Little Boy Suspended for Using Fingers Like Bow and Arrow”

Boy Expelled From School For Playing With Toy Gun… In His Own Yard

-By Warner Todd Huston

And now the ultimate in “zero tolerance” stupidity. A school has expelled a boy from school because they heard he was playing with a toy gun in his own front yard.

Khalid Caraballo, a seventh-grader in Virginia Beach, VA, is about to be expelled for playing with an airsoft pistol in his own yard as he waited to be picked up by the school bus.

Thanks to a nosy, buttinski neighbor, who should be prosecuted for improper use of 9-1-1, called the cops on the kids playing in their own yard on Sept. 9. It wasn’t long before the school decided without proof that the boy was somehow threatening people with the gun.

Khalid, though, says that he and a friend were shooting the pellets into Khalid’s own yard but not shooting at anyone else.

Even the buttinski neighbor said that the kids were firing the gun at a target near a tree in Khalid’s own yard and that there was a net behind the target to catch stray shots. No one at all was in any danger.
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Boy Expelled From School For Playing With Toy Gun… In His Own Yard”