2014 Primaries: Illinois Family Institute Voter Guide

-By Warner Todd Huston

The Illinois Family Institute has been making its recommendations on elections in the Land of Lincoln for quite some time and with the GOP primary for the 2014 election year coming up very soon, I thought I’d pass on their thoughts on the matter here.


For the offices of U.S. Senate and Congress, the guide is made up of ratings based on what the candidates say in answer to key questions on Obamacare, marriage, abortion and other questions, nine in all.
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2014 Primaries: Illinois Family Institute Voter Guide”

Chris Nybo Running for Ill. State Senate, 24th District

-By Warner Todd Huston

At the recent TeaCon 2011 event, I had a chance to speak to Chris Nybo, currently a state representative for the 41st district. Nybo is running against State Senator Kirk Dillard of the 24th District in the upcoming GOP primary.

As he is already a State Rep., the big question is why the run to upset Dillard? According to Nybo, he didn’t want to run against his colleagues Patti Bellock or Sandy Pihos, both of whom are state reps that are now in Nybo’s district due to redistricting.

Let’s allow Mr. Nybo take it from here…

So where do we stand with Mr. Chris Nybo?
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Chris Nybo Running for Ill. State Senate, 24th District”

Illinois GOP Betray Own Platform

-By Warner Todd Huston

With the latest three votes, the Illinois GOP has shown itself to be little else but Democrat lite and has shown that even planks in its own platform are meaningless when it comes to voting time.

The last Illinois Republican Party platform was produced and approved in 2008 (See .pdf here) and there hasn’t been another one since.

Lets start our scolding with the recent vote to wildly expand gambling in Illinois, a bill that 21 Republicans voted for, shall we?

SB744 passed this weekend with a 65-60 vote in the Illinois House. 21 Republicans voted “yea” on this despite what their own party platform say. That platform says…
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Illinois GOP Betray Own Platform”

Government Is Not Our Friend

-By Warner Todd Huston

Small-government conservatives have always been suspicious of government. Whether city, county, state or federal all government is looked on as a troublesome but necessary evil that must be tightly controlled and oft times opposed. This anti-government attitude, of course, is a complete mystery to socialist Democrats. They just don’t understand why conservatives mistrust government and why they eye it suspiciously. So, looking for a way to explain in real terms why conservatives loathe government is sometimes not an easy task as the ideas are often very esoteric. Thank God the corrupt governments in Barack Obama’s Illinois are always there to supply a ready example of why government is often the enemy of a free people.

In that mien, here is another perfect example of how government often does not serve the voters, how it does what ever it wants to do despite the voters, and how government often thinks it knows better than the very voters that it is supposed to serve.

In 2009 the Illinois State legislature in its Springfield-based capitol passed a video gambling law that for the first time legalized video poker machines across the state. The progress of this law was very contentious with most Republicans and some Democrats standing in opposition to this immoral legislation and a sop to the opposers was put in the bill as sweetener to assure passage. An “opt out” clause was put in the bill so that those conservative districts that were so opposed to video gambling could exclude themselves from allowing the immoral act of video gambling in their jurisdiction.
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Government Is Not Our Friend”

22nd District State Senate: Rauschenberger Slams Democrat’s Video Gambling Law

-By Warner Todd Huston

The Daily Herald is reporting on a pointed exchange between 22nd District incumbent State Senator Mike Noland and GOP challenger Steve Rauschenberger over the Democrats reliance on revenue from video gambling to fund state pork projects.

Noland was desperately trying to make the GOP out to be the bad guys because some Republicans were for the video gambling law when it was implemented last year but now some of them are balking at the spending that Democrats want to do with the money they think they are getting from gambling.

Noland whined that “now it’s largely Republicans who are trying to create a roadblock,” to use of the money. Noland is trying to claim that state Republicans are merely trying to prevent people getting jobs from the capital bill just before an election, intimating that state jobs on Quinn’s attach would bring Democrat the votes that the GOP wants to prevent.

In reply Rauschenberger made some excellent points.
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22nd District State Senate: Rauschenberger Slams Democrat’s Video Gambling Law”

State Rep. Skip Saviano: An Illinois Republican to Dump

-By Warner Todd Huston

77th District State Representative Skip Saviano is a perfect example of the sort of Republican that may as well be a Democrat. Saviano’s latest gaff is to side with the big government, big spending Democrats on the video gambling issue.

On Feb. 1 I wrote about how the Democrats are trying to pull a tax bait and switch on those communities that legally decide to employ the opt-out clause in the State’s new video gambling law. Democrats, and wild spenders on the GOP side like Saviano, want to penalize those communities that have voted their conscience on this destructive gambling measure.
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State Rep. Skip Saviano: An Illinois Republican to Dump”

Illinois: Why Government Cannot be Trusted

-By Warner Todd Huston

Government is often called the “necessary evil.” But whatever it is, as each day passes we see that the “evil” part of that axiom seems ever more true. We can see the pernicious qualities of government at every level from local, to the state, to the era of Obamaism in the federal government. But if you want yet another example of how truly disgusting government is we have to look no farther than Illinois, the corruption larded Land of Lincoln.

In 2009 the Illinois State legislature passed a bill that for the first time legalized video poker machines. This was done so that the state could raise much needed revenue — I say “much needed” because obvious CUTS are never considered in a budget that is billions of dollars over spent. But because so many Illinoisans oppose the evils of legal gambling in their state the legislature added an opt out clause so that each individual county and community could decide if they wanted to allow video gambling in their jurisdiction.

It almost seemed the perfect bill. Those areas that wanted to throw propriety and good government aside could vote for allowing video poker, those that realized that it was bad policy could just say no. What’s better than local rule?

Well, leave it to government to mess it all up. You see, the avaricious, profligate spenders in the state capitol in Springfield began to get alarmed at how many communities wanted to choose the opt out clause. These drunken sailors began to see that they might not get the revenue they thought they would see. So they arrived at a plan to get it anyway. These ripoff artists that pretend at being our leaders devised a new tax, one that would penalize any community that opted out of video gambling.
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Illinois: Why Government Cannot be Trusted”

McHenry County County Votes Down Video Gambling

-By Warner Todd Huston

Cal Skinner of the McHenry County Blog has reported his shock that the County Board has voted down video gambling by a 13 to 10 (with one abstention) victory.

Skinner reports that all ten Republicans voted for the ban and three Democrats crossed the aisle to join them.

This is good news for McHenry County.

Video gambling was passed by the State Legislature to raise needed revenue, but the bill included an opt out clause where each county board can decide if they want to allow gambling or not.

Skinner has the complete roll call if you are interested in seeing who voted what way in his blog report on this issue.

For more information on what towns, villages, and counties in Illinois that have already put a ban on video gambling, see the Illinois Church Action website.
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McHenry County County Votes Down Video Gambling”