Regulating Violence

-By Gary R. Evens

Once again liberal groups are proposing legislation to severely restrict handguns and the rights of gun owners. They cite rising violence within cities as the main reason for doing this. Their solutions range from placing micro serial numbers on the firing pins of guns that will be imprinted on shell casings whenever a round of ammunition is fired, to placing unique identification numbers on bullets and their associated cartridge case so again you can tell which bullet was fired from which case. Any transfer of a gun from one individual to another or the purchase of ammunition would have to be recorded with the government, to include providing fingerprints of the individuals involved in the transactions transferring firearms from one person to another. Thus they hope to be able to trace every bullet that is fired and/or every cartridge casing that is recovered at a crime scene back to the gun that it was fired from and the individual that owns that gun. Once again they are ignoring the fact that criminals, by definition, will not follow the laws and thus will obtain the guns they feel they need on the “black market” or through outright theft of them from legitimate owners.

These proposals would be tremendously expensive to implement—something the liberal supporters of the proposals do not object too, indeed they hope the handgun market would simply dry up because no one could afford to own or shoot them anymore. Some of the more extreme proposals also suggest that all existing stockpiles of ammunition that do not have unique identification numbers on them should be destroyed—at the owner’s expense of course. I wouldn’t be surprised if they also propose replacing all existing firing pins with new ones with the micro serial numbers engraved on them—again at the owner’s expense.
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