Montana, Hell, Let’s Talk of the Democrat’s LONG History of Political Violence

-By Warner Todd Huston

The fake news media went mad last week when a Republican candidate from Montana got in a tussle with a pajama-boy-like journalist on the eve of Election Day. Across the fake news establishment the media whined about the “violence” inherent in the Republican Party in the era of Trump. But this narrative totally ignores the history of political violence perpetrated by Democrats that goes back well before the Civil War.

The latest incident that got the fake news establishment feeling their oats was when Montana’s Republican candidate for Congress, Greg Gianforte, pushed around a reporter for the UK paper The Guardian on the day before Election Day.

The Guardian’s pajama boy apparently pushed his way into a room with the candidate which sent the latter over the edge. As audio seems to prove, the Republican then initiated a physical altercation that, as pajama boy is wont to tell over and over again, broke the reporter’s glasses.

Gianforte apologized profusely the next day. But despite the cacophony of media condemnation for his actions meant to drive Democrats to the polls to defeat him, Gianforte won his election to Congress with a comfortable margin.

After his election, nearly every single report on the event started something like this report by tax dollar whore NPR (my bold).

Republican Greg Gianforte won the special election for Montana’s lone congressional seat on Thursday despite an election eve misdemeanor assault charge for allegedly body-slamming a reporter.

But those treatments were mild compared to the avalanche of abuse Gianforte took in the intervening hours between his “incident” and the announcement of his election victory.

The press went on a feeding frenzy against Gianforte and, naturally, they all tried to blame his actions on Trump and the “rhetoric of violence” Republicans are purportedly guilty of.

Just for a few examples, Newsweek said Gianforte’s actions showed “the trickledown of lawlessness in Trump’s America.”

Next, according to The Atlantic, the Montanan “took a page out of Trump’s playbook” when he attacked the reporter… because… you know… Trump went around punching reporters all day long during the late campaign for president, and stuff.

Also, voxplained to its readers that Gianforte was just following Trump’s lead when he went brutish on the pajama boy.

On and on it went as the media blamed the now newly minted Congressman’s actions on Trump’s “vicious” rhetoric.

But not once in any of these voluminous condemnations in the press was there any recognition that the only real political violence in America is perpetrated (now and always) by the Democrat Party and its liberal minions.

We can go back to the beginnings of the Democrat Party where violence at the polls was a typical occurrence in every election. We can point to the span of nearly 200 years where Democrats used violence to maintain political power over both whites and blacks alike. We have the decades of the slave power keeping all in line with its roving gangs of enforcers, we have an entire civil war initiated by Democrats during which nearly a million Americans died, and we have a hundred years of Jim Crow and KKK armies all fueled by the Democrat Party. Yes, there is all that.

But we don’t have to go back 200 years, 100 years, or even 50 years. We can just look back at the entirety of the last 20 years where Democrats, Bernie Sanders supporters, black lives matter ruffians, Occupy Wall Street criminals, and your general left-wing lunatic in our colleges and we will see that political violence is the left’s stock and trade.

Yet, there has never been any mediot out there who felt the need to condemn the constant violence emanating from the left. When members of the Black Panthers carry clubs to the polls, when violence erupts in Berkeley, when leftists destroy property during riots in Ferguson, when liberals deliver bodily harm to Republicans, the liberal media is utterly silent on the topic of political violence.

And even as the media has been going mad over the “violence” committed by Gianforte, they’ve never gotten their dander up when one of their own “body slams” someone.

If “body slamming” people is something we don’t want in Washington D.C., one has to ask why the media has been so supportive of Minnesota Senator Al Franken? After all, Franken was entirely pleased with himself when he body slammed a right-leaning man who was protesting Howard Dean back in 2004.

Granted Franken’s violent outburst was five years before he ran for the U.S. Senate, but if the left is against thugs, why did they rush to support him when he ran?

And if you think there is too much distance between Franken’s 2004 attack (one he not only admitted to but gleefully so) and his 2008 run for Senate, then how about the fact that U.S. Senator Tim Kaine’s son was just arrested for committing violence at a Trump rally last year?

Not only is this young man’s father a U.S. Senator from the Democrat Party, but said Senator was just the Democrat Party’s nominee for vice president!

And where do you think 24-year-old Linwood Kaine learned his hate and violence? Yeah, in the home of his Democrat dad, the Democrat who was supposed to became the second most powerful man in the world.

So where is the media to squawk about all this violence in the Democrat Party?

You guessed it. Nowhere.

It is the hypocrisy and partisanship of the press on full display.
“The only end of writing is to enable the reader better to enjoy life, or better to endure it.”
–Samuel Johnson

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