Obama’s UN Speech: Soft Pedaling America’s Principles

-By Warner Todd Huston

Another UN meeting, another Obama appearance where he bends over backwards for foreign ideals and terror supporters. Once again Obama basically places ideas antithetical to America’s in front of ours as he addresses the world, seeming to apologize for us all over again.

For instance, the President began his speech with a eulogy of sorts to murdered U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens. But the President didn’t have the courage to call that murder an act of terrorism. In fact, Obama used the word terror only one time in this speech and this in the same month in which acts of terror have been perpetrated across the Middle East.

Obama was upbeat, though, about the so-called Arab Spring that swept across the Middle East earlier this year and he was self-congratulatory on his part in it all.

“Since then, the world has been captivated by the transformation that has taken place, and the United States has supported the forces of change,” he said to the foreign leaders gathered at the UN.

But, Obama sure hasn’t supported pro-democracy forces in Iran. And with his “leading from behind” he has offered but uneven and tepid support for the forces in Libya, not to mention his complete silence about the pro-democracy activists in China. Further he has wasted not a word urging Bahrain to release its pro-democracy political prisoners. In fact, he’s been slow to voice support for most of the pro-democracy activists throughout the very Arab Spring he praised at the UN.

Next he again gave voice to the false claim that all the protests throughout the Muslim world are a result of some anti-Islam Youtube video.

“That is what we saw play out the last two weeks, as a crude and disgusting video sparked outrage throughout the Muslim world,” he said.

This is simply an administration-pushed fantasy. These violent protests began as a well-orchestrated attack on our various embassies and had nothing at all to do with any video. While the video did later become a subject of protest, it was only after Obama and his minions in the media began pushing the idea on the protesters.

He also fibbed a bit about this video in another respect. “I know there are some who ask why we don’t just ban such a video,” he said as if we don’t do such things in the US. But it was his own administration that asked Youtube to ban the video in question. So, here he is lying again about this incident.

Obama went on to say how we in the United States value freedom of religion, saying, “We not only respect the freedom of religion – we have laws that protect individuals from being harmed because of how they look or what they believe.”

While Obama is right that the United States values freedom of religion, it doesn’t seem to be true that he and his administration value it. After all, it has been Obama who has attacked the U.S. Catholic Church and has forced them to violate their own freedom of conscience by making them offer contraceptives to church employees against their religious principles.

Obama also took pains to denounce those who “bully women.” Women are not merely bullied in the Middle East. They are oppressed, beaten, murdered, and treated like chattel. But, this message wasn’t for the Middle East. It was a backhanded attack on his own countrymen who happen to be Republicans. He claims that Republicans “bully women” and that was his target in this speech. Sadly, it seems he has no interest in the real oppression women face in the Islamic world because his administration has rarely mentioned the treatment women get in the Islamic world.

Then he waxed eloquent about freedom of speech. We value freedom of speech, the President said, because “in a diverse society, efforts to restrict speech can become a tool to silence critics, or oppress minorities.”

Again, this seems to ring hollow when you remember that members of his own party were only a few months ago calling for the oppression of Chick-Fil-A because of that company’s desire to engage in its own freedom of speech.

Then there was his seeming blasé acceptance of the fact that not everyone agrees with these ideals of free speech.

“I know that not all countries in this body share this particular understanding of the protection of free speech. We recognize that,” he said.

We “recognize” that? What, so we shouldn’t denounce attacks on free speech because some countries feel that it is an evil that needs to be shut down?

So much for President Obama pushing America’s ideals as the leader of the free world!
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Warner Todd Huston is a Chicago based freelance writer. He has been writing opinion editorials and social criticism since early 2001 and before that he wrote articles on U.S. history for several small American magazines. His political columns are featured on many websites such as Andrew Breitbart’s BigGovernment.com, BigHollywood.com, and BigJournalism.com, as well as RightWingNews.com, RightPundits.com, CanadaFreePress.com, StoptheACLU.com, AmericanDaily.com, among many, many others. Mr. Huston is also endlessly amused that one of his articles formed the basis of an article in Germany’s Der Spiegel Magazine in 2008.

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