In India, Finally Some PCism I Can Stomach!

-By Warner Todd Huston

India is one of the most important up-and-coming, capitalist democracies in the world. It is inches from being a true world power and in the ensuing years will become one, certainly. But India still has some stupid, backwards, ignorant cultural practices to shed before it can step into the circle of leading nations with true pride. This story highlights one of those practices.

Like many tribal, backwards peoples, India has a hatred of girl children. This is a holdover from the days when having a boy meant not only passing on your family line, but meant a strong back to work for that family. This is a holdover from the backwards days when a girl was seen more as chattel than as a human being in her own right. It is also because of a cultural economic problem when girls marry (see below). Unfortunately it is not a prejudice that sits in India’s cultural past. This disregard for women persists…

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