Kansas City Star: Muslims ‘better attuned’ to world politics than many ‘US-raised Christians’

One does not need to look much farther than the Newspapers in the USA to understand why we may lose this war against Islamist fascism and terrorism. At the very least, the Kansas City Star’s Mary Sanchez displays her desire to condemn everything American and to make excuses for Muslim terrorists.

Using the “six imams expelled from an airplane” story as a springboard to wag a finger in the face of we ignorant Americans, Sanchez warns that we just don’t get it where it concerns distinguishing between “Muslims who are a threat, and those who are not.”

Naturally, it isn’t the fault of any Muslim, either. No, it’s all the fault of those uninformed American Christians.

Funny. I missed the part where Christians flew planes into the World trade Towers, or when Christians cut off Nick Berg’s head, killed journalists and soldiers, and perpetrated so many suicide bombings.

The only crystal-clear thing is this: similar incidents will occur. We are at the beginning of a long process to gain a better understanding of, comfort level with, Muslims in the United States.

Once again, a “journalist” places the onus of understanding on us and asks nothing of those poor misunderstood Muslims — you know, the Muslims who are perpetrating so much violence the world over?

Were she in the 1930’s, Sanchez might well have been the type to plead for us to “understand” the Nazis, too.

Amusingly, Sanchez made an effort to sound like she was attempting to come from the middle ground.

“Can’t we all get along” dialogues are not going to help us much right now.

An argument she promptly demolishes by claiming that Muslims are better informed on world politics.

Many Muslims are better attuned to world politics, world faiths, than many US-raised Christians. Sometimes this is due to them being immigrants, or having closer ties to foreign lands. But erasing this global gap is a first start in disconnects between Muslims and Christians within the United States.

It is a bit hard to believe that Muslims are better informed, though, considering that literacy is many times higher in the west than it is in the Muslim world. Muslims are more prone to wild-eyed conspiracy theories — a Jew behind every door and an American paying for it — than a Daily-Koz reader on a full pot of coffee, clutching the latest issue of Mother Jones magazine.

For Sanchez, this is another opportunity to push multiculturalism and to scold us about how racist we really are.

So, she’s right when she says that “can’t we all get along” is not much help because her solution is to tell us to bow to the enemy’s wishes. After all, we aren’t cosmopolitan enough, not worldly enough to understand those poor, put upon Muslims. Sanchez feels it her duty to let us all know that it’s really all our fault anyway.

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