Tenn. Newspaper: Being Pro- US Constitution and Anti-Obamacare is Raaaaacist

-By Warner Todd Huston

Did you know that if you cared about the U.S. Constitution you are a racist? Oh, and did you also know that being against big government and being against Obamacare also makes you a racist? Well if you didn’t know that the Nashville Tennessean wants you to realize that if you love the Constitution but hate intrusive, overarching Obamacare… well, you, sir, are a big fat racist. The paper also resurrects the lawmaker-spate-upon lie and lays the blame for all this on the Tea Partiers.

That’s right, for the Gannet-owned Tennessean reporter Nate Rau wants you to know that loving the U.S. Constitution is an evil thing to do and if you don’t accept Obamacare like a fish after a baited hook, then you hate black people, too.

Rau starts his slanted piece off claiming that the current states’ rights debate “raises” the “specter of slavery and segregation.” Of course, it does nothing of the kind except for those looking to use that issue to push their race-baiting schemes. There isn’t a single contemporary states’ rights advocate that has brought slavery and segregation into the argument. Nowhere have states’ rights advocates said that relying on the original American principle of local control is an avenue for somehow bringing back slavery! In fact, it is slanderous and patently stupid to say it does. But this is the sort of race baiting that the 30-some-year-old reporter Nate Rau is trying to enflame. I’d say he is the one raising “specters” not the states’ righters.

Naturally, Rau finds a few local race hustlers, one in the Reverend James Thomas, to Farrakhan/Wright/Sharpton-like stir as much race hatred as they can in order to get their 15 minutes of fame and keep the race game rolling.

The article pushes the idea that the healthcare debate “strikes a racial tone.” And why are we to think this? Absurdly another race baiting “pastor” tells reporter Rau, “Definitely there’s a tone, because when you look at who the Democrats are, they’re primarily black people and other racial minorities…”

Talk about an un-American point of view! Think about what this race baiter is saying. Because most blacks vote Democrat, ergo anyone that doesn’t vote Democrat is an automatic racist? Sorry, but there is no automatic cause and effect here. After all, employing strict logic, one could assume that it is the blacks that are the racists because, unlike other ethnic Americans, they heavily favor a single party. Shouldn’t we be asking why blacks congregate in an exclusionary block? We’d be asking that is strict logic were guiding us, anyway.

However, we do know why this racial meme is so constantly utilized to polarize the political debate in America. It’s because this sort of social lie fits neatly with those so-called leaders of the African-American community that want to keep blacks separated from the rest of America in order to keep their positions of power over them. Allowing blacks to think freely and independently would be devastating to those that claim leadership.

Then reporter Rau unleashes these lies:

The tea party movement came under fire when the debate over the federal health-care bill reached its boiling point in March.

On the eve of the House vote approving the bill, some members of Congress said protesters called them slurs and spit on them.

The lawmaker-spate-upon claim has been proven to be without merit, yet this whelp of a reporter dredges up the lie of a story anyway to add punch to his claim that states’ rights advocates want to bring back slavery. He knows there is no proof whatsoever for the spitting claim, but he uses the tale anyway to shore up his desire to stir racial hatreds.

After this slander of the tea partiers, though, reporter Rau went for some unexpected balance and gave some room for an African-American that supports the current states’ rights movement to state his case in favor.

Vanderbilt law and political science professor Carol Swain, an African-American, spoke at tea party tax-day rallies last month. Swain said she understood why “older blacks” would have a specific point of view about the 10th Amendment. But Swain refuted the notion that renewed arguments in favor of states’ rights had a racial subtext.

“I think it is sad that so many older blacks are so rooted in the past that they seem incapable of moving ahead,” Swain said. “What they need is a new way of looking at issues.

“Everything is not about race and racism. They need to educate themselves about the constitution, federalism and the burden that federally imposed unfunded mandates impose on state and local government.”

Kudos to Rau for adding these supporting statements for states’ rights to his article.

Sadly, Rau waited until the end of the story to add the considered opinion of Ms Swain. Then again, there is a reason Rau left this until the end. He knows that most people stop reading news stories half way through — especially if they are somewhat longer ones like this article is. Rau knows that most people that saw his piece will never read the praise of the states’ rights movement made by an African-American because it is at the end of the piece. They’ll have stopped reading after Rau gives voice to those blacks that oppose states’ rights, those that are sure that the return of slavery is just around the corner. Rau knows he gave the race baiters the most prominent space in the story where the largest number of readers will see their complaints. All this will reinforce the contention that white people would love nothing more than to put blacks back in slavery and to cajole readers into thinking that the Constitution is a evil document.

All in all, Nate Rau proves himself to be a good little member of the Old Media. That doesn’t make him a good reporter, just excellent at following the anti-conservative, pro-left wing agenda of the Old Media.
“The only end of writing is to enable the reader better to enjoy life, or better to endure it.”
–Samuel Johnson

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