Mayor Daley: How a Politician Lies

-By Warner Todd Huston

This week we’ve seen King Daley’s desperate attempt to get past his deep humiliation on losing the 2016 Olympics after spending so many years trying to convince the world that his corrupt kingdom was the ideal place for the games. The King’s brilliant idea was to reveal how he was going to save the city from its epidemic of youth violence.

A Chicago Tribune story reported the diminutive King’s plan to cure the city of violence in the wake of the death of a student near Fenger High school.

emphasized that families and parents need to take responsibility, but he also said the city would seek jobs for youths and expand current intervention programs in an attempt to address youth violence in Chicago.

Well, that is just a plain lie, Mr. Daley. It’s all just happy talk and BS, sir.

First of all, a Mayor cannot make any jobs, so the “seek jobs” line is so much stuff and nonsense. But wait, you may ask, can’t he make city jobs for these needy folks? Not really. In fact, the Chicago Reader has detailed how many jobs the city has had to cut because of budget shortfalls.

According to payroll records, the administration cut 2,245 jobs between March 2008 and October 2009, reducing the total city workforce to 36,296.

The Kingie can’t even produce any make-work city jobs for people… unless he wants to fire the children of his mobbed-up buddies that already have all the fake, make-work city jobs, that is.

So the city is going bankrupt, King Daley didn’t get his graft infusion by getting the Olympics, and all he can do is go begging to President Obama for some leavings from the federal table and hope he can make do with that.

Yet he appears before the people in this shameful appearance and claims he’s going to expand programs (with what money) and “seek jobs” (where are they?) in a climate of a city budget collapse and his own necessary but painful cutting of all sorts of city jobs.

But, gosh, isn’t he wonderful to ride in on his white horse to save the day?

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