Sen. Baucus Admits Haste and Lack of Planning on Healthcare

-By Warner Todd Huston

In a September 23 Senate Finance Committee Hearing Senator Max Baucus (D, Montana) was heard uttering a damning quote about the Democrat’s progress on Obama’s nationalization of our healthcare system. In fact it is a frightening quote that should give every single citizen pause whether he is for Obamacare or against.

“We’re doing this all on the fly,” Baucus was heard to say, “so it’s a little bit, makes me a little bit nervous.”

What is so telling about this short quote? Baucus has done no less than admit that the Senate is pursuing this massive enlargement of federal power “on the fly.” The Senator is admitting that they have not thought this through, that they are not taking the time needed to plan this out and consider all the alternatives. Baucus has admitted that Congress is flying by the seat of its pants.

Many people have wondered why Obama is in such a hurry to get this boondoggle passed? Why are we not taking the time necessary to carefully consider this take over of one sixth of our national economy by a rapacious government?

Baucus, for one, is admitting that the Senate, at least, is barreling ahead with little regard for thoughtful consideration. This should frighten supporters of the president’s healthcare policies as much as it scares those that stand against it. We cannot help but end up with a mess on our hands, one that hasn’t been properly planned and vetted, one that has been pushed through on the double quick without having taken the time necessary for good legislation to be crafted.

We have placed the biggest enlargement of powers ever contemplated being given to the federal government in the hands of people that are rushing through the process, people who are admittedly giving short shrift to careful consideration of what these policies might do to this country.

The Senate of the United States was once called “the world’s greatest deliberative body.” Now an elected, long-serving Senator is revealing that they are “doing this all on the fly.”

Oh, how that body has fallen.
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