LATimes Finally Finds Graphics Like Commie Propaganda Art… And It’s Glenn Beck, NOT Obama

-By Warner Todd Huston

After the last three years of President Obama’s graphics and poster art that evokes the style of graphics used in communist propaganda someone in the Old Media has finally discovered the similarity between today’s political graphics and communist styled propaganda art. And on top of that another we see another member of the Media calling us all “tea baggers”

So which of Obama’s posters is the L.A. Times saying is like commie art? Is it the “Hope” poster where Obama stares off into the distance like a communist leader attempting to inspire confidence in the viewer? Is it one of the other many posters that position Obama in similar poses to umpteen communist posters of ages past?

Nope, it’s Glenn Beck’s Taxpayer March logo that caused the Times to finally see a similarity with communist art.

Back in June of 2008 I posted what I called a “photographic essay of Obama propaganda and the Media’s willing assistance with it.” In that essay I pointed out and gave photographic proof of how Obama’s poster art was obviously based on communist propaganda. I also pointed out how the Media ignored the obvious communist-like appearance of Obama campaign art and then pointed out that the Media assisted Obama’s iconography by constantly showing him in pseudo-religious poses as if he were Christ-like.

And to this day the Old Media has paid little notice to the communist style to Obama’s poster art. But at long last the media has noticed some communist-like art in a political movement. After all this time, the Old Media is ready to castigate someone for utilizing commie art styles. Naturally it isn’t Obama that the L.A. Times attacks, of course. It’s Glenn Beck.

The L.A. Times’ “Culture Monster,” Christopher Knight, recently posted a piece claiming that he’s been “puzzled” by the graphic design of Beck’s 9-12 Project and offers the taxpayer march logo as an example. Knight notices the image of raised fists and wonders if the organizers of the march “know the symbol’s origins”?

Knight goes on with a little history lesson of the image of the “bloody fist” and wonders why these righties decided to use an image long associated with the communist movement.

All I can say is, “whatever.” Neither Knight nor any of his Old Media brethren have noticed the last three years of Obama’s communist inspired poster art (as I pointed out back in June of 2008). So for Knight to get on his high horse to scold Beck for it now is disingenuous and really shows how willfully the Old Media has blinded itself to Obama’s actions. It’s been three years of communist-like art from Obama and now someone in the Old Media notices commie art in our political discourse… and then it is Beck and not Obama?

Lastly, Knight employed that disgusting sexual term to describe the tea party movement that so many sinckering sickos in the Old Media have employed. (My bold)

For the logo, three raised and clenched red fists are superimposed over the U.S. Capitol. Obviously the bloody fist represents the tea-baggers’ themes of unity and resistance.

As I said, this little incident really shows once again how the Old Media is sold out to Obama.
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