NC Attny Gen Employee Nailed in Drug Bust… Democrat or Not?

-By Warner Todd Huston

Here is a story that is fairly recent and it is perfect for our ongoing game of “Democrat or Not.” Apparently one Susan Freeman of the North Carolina Attorney General’s office has been hauled in after a routine traffic stop by police in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She wasn’t driving on an expired license, didn’t even have a broken tail light. But she did have $150,000 in illegal drugs — 31 pounds of marijuana and one and a half pounds of cocaine — hidden in her car.

So far, I’ve seen two reports about this incident, both from TV websites. NBC 17 from Raleigh/Durham gives us an account and so does News9 of Oklahoma City. Both stories mention that this Susan Freeman works in the NC Attorney General’s office, but neither name that politician or his party.

His name happens to be Roy Cooper, Democrat of North Carolina and two term Attorney General for the state.

So, now we come to the question: who can doubt that if the NC Attorney General was a Republican, both his name AND his party would be trumpeted in every story? So far, however, this story is not being covered but by these few TV outlets.

So, as we’ve come to expect, no mention of any Party connection in a story of criminal actions by public servants when the party in question happens to be Democrat.

And there it is, today’s short and sweet edition of “Democrat or Not.”

And, as usual, it is “not.” Not as in not seeing the word Democrat mentioned, that is.


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