Something About This Just Ain’t Right…

-By Glenn Flowers

I’ve been thinking a lot about the trillions of dollars that have been spent or allocated in Obama’s plan to, supposedly, get the economy back on track. There is a lot about this that has a bad smell to it, but one aspect really is putrid.

Let’s imagine a friend came to you and asked for a loan to enable him to keep his home and feed his family. You would love to be able to help him out, but you have no cash. Feeling like you must do something for your friend, you offer to give him your CreditPlus card that has an unlimited line of credit. He is very appreciative and you feel you have done a good thing.

About three months later, your CreditPlus statement comes in the mail and shows new purchases of $11, 600. You are shocked but decide to calmly ask your friend how he and the family are doing and see what he says. He is up front and tells you how much he’s spent on your card before you even ask. You let him know that you are glad to have been able to help. He then says he is very appreciative and he is sorry that he has created that amount of a burden for you to have to deal with in the future. He says he hopes you will be able to pay the debt without too much trouble. You are flabbergasted that he expects you to pay off the debt that he has borrowed from you.

Now, back to reality.
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Something About This Just Ain’t Right…”