Romney Has NO Principles: Trump made an error offering Mitt Romney anything

-By Warner Todd Huston

The rumor mill is churning this weekend that President Elect Donald Trump is about to offer former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney the role of Secretary of State in his new administration. Certainly, it would be a mistake to offer Romney anything. But, worse, if Romney accepts the offer it will show he truly has no principles at all.

During the recently concluded campaign for president, former GOP nominee Romney said some of the harshest things possible about Donald Trump. The fact is Romney worked as hard as he could with his limited abilities to destroy Donald Trump. He called him a “phony and fraud.” He also attacked Trump for his personality, called him a “con man,” and said he is “dishonest.”

After his constant rants on how evil Trump is, I’ll lose even that last tiny bit of respect I had for loser Romney if he accepts any role in the Trump White House.

I always said Romney has no principles and will say whatever he thinks people want to hear in order to “win” whatever goal he’s looking to achieve. My name for him in 2008 was “Mitt the Malleable.” He flipped and flopped faster than a sunfish on a boat dock.

During his own runs for office he was for abortion before he was against it, for high taxes before he was against them, and against the Second Amendment before he was for it. He took every side of every position depending on who he was talking to and what he was running for whether it was Mass. Senate, the Bay State’s governorship, or, later, president.

Mitt Romney was never to be believed. He is no conservative. Never was. Heck, HE is the guy that created Obamacare, for Pete’s sakes.

Then, during the recent presidential campaign Romney calculated that Trump had no chance to win the White House so he jumped feet first (or mouth first) into the establishment Republican #NeverTrump idiot camp because he thought that was the winning side. He spent months trying to destroy Trump’s candidacy and got absolutely nothing with his extreme efforts except accolades from those on both left and right who were working to get Hilary Clinton elected.

But now he may be on the verge of being offered the role of President Trump’s Secretary of State?

In the end, if Romney takes an offer from the Trump White House — any offer at all — he’ll have once again abandoned his past positions to “win.”

Romney needs to shut up just go away.

But I do have to say, that some sort of offer to Romney is likely a smart political move for Trump. After all, if Romney takes an offer and joins the Trump administration, Trump essentially nullifies Romney’s anti-Trump criticism. But offering him something as high as Secretary of State, I believe, is a mistake.
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