Illegal Aliens and Voter Fraud

-By Charles R. Busch

Of all the extremely complicated challenges facing our country coming at the end of the disastrous Obama administration, immigration will prove to be the most difficult and most critical to the survival of our constitutional republic and the nation itself. One aspect of the whole immigration morass that is of upmost importance and must be addressed immediately following this recent national election is the monumental voter fraud being perpetrated on the citizens of the United States. Greg Phillips (, after completing an analysis of 180 million voter registrations, reported that over 3 million votes were cast by non-citizens. Given that most illegal aliens will vote for the liberal amnesty and welfare-friendly Democratic policies, it is likely that nearly all of these votes went for Hillary Clinton.

Had only actual citizens voted in this last election, Donald Trump would have had much larger winning margins and probably would have secured the popular vote as well. It is fortunate that voter turnout in favor of Republicans was as large and decisive as it was or this country would have been defrauded of its true choice. If the non-citizen vote was so significant in this most recent contest, one has to wonder about the validity of past presidential and midterm elections. Barack Obama’s victory over John McCain in 2008 was particularly questionable.

The deceit is so egregious, yet the remedy is so simple. Requiring a voter ID at the polls or for registration will eliminate virtually all of the fraudulent voters.
As it is today, there are 18 states and the District of Columbia which do not require some ID before voting. This must end now. Proof of citizenship is not overly burdensome. Nearly all genuine citizens have a type of national ID already. The federal government should make this a requirement and oversee its implementation. The individual states would still be able to conduct all other voting regulations as they see fit. Citizenship is obviously a federal matter as are all immigrant laws and their execution there of.

The magnitude of voter fraud in this last election was such as to make a mockery of our whole electoral system and the value of citizenship. The GOP did well in this election primarily because of the outrage of a larger turnout of conservative nationalistic voters against the destructive policies of the current administration and any continuation of it. However, in four years, if present trends and voting regulations continue, the exponential increase of non-citizen voters will eventually overwhelm any increase in support that the conservative populist movement could generate. If this new Republication administration procrastinates or fails to secure the voting booth and control the infiltration of illegal’s into the country, they will not win again and the true voice of the American people will be drown out by a sea of imposters.

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