Republicans Who Support Hillary Are Traitors to This Country

-By Warner Todd Huston

The news media has been all a twitter over the small group of ne’er-do-wells, government leeches, and has-beens who claim to have been Republicans in the past but who are now nonetheless supporting Hillary Clinton for President. But those who pretend at being Republican and support Hillary need to be ostracized and cast out of the center right coalition, not because they are traitors merely to the Republican Party but because they are traitors to the entire country.

These group of un-American traitors have joined together to push a fool-filled group going by the name Republicans for Clinton (or R4C16). They explain their disastrous support for this anti-American effort as one that will “defeat Donald Trump, restore GOP leadership and save the senate.”

But in truth, if people are stupid enough to join these halfwits and are successful in their goal of electing the criminal Clinton to the White House their group will achieve none of those things.

Now, I don’t say this as a big Trump guy. I supported Cruz and there is a ton I don’t like about Trump. But he is by leaps and bounds better than Hillary.

Here is how these government leeches explain their mission:

Republicans for Clinton in 2016 (R4C16) is a grassroots network, independent of any campaign, of people across the country who have voted Republican, worked for Republicans and spent much of our lifetimes promoting a rational social, economic and foreign policy agenda reflective of American values and priorities.

But this year, the threat posed by Donald Trump compels us to consider what many of us never have: supporting the Democratic nominee for President.

In doing so, we recognize our equal obligation to ensure that Republican leaders retain their majorities in the House and Senate, and to identify a set of policy issues for our growing Republican constituency to engage Secretary Clinton.

The irony of this is that their goal of guiding policy would have chances of success if they supported Trump, but they haven’t a ghost of a chance to succeed at their desires if Clinton wins.

Supporting Clinton in any way whatever and being an American interested in “saving” the country are mutually exclusive. Hillary Clinton stands for everything un-American.

Therefore, if you support Hillary Clinton in any way, you are directly advocating for the destruction of everything those in the center right coalition hold dear.

Ipso facto, if you claimed to be a member of the center right in the past and you are now supporting Clinton you have turned your back on your former principles and are now a traitor to the U.S.A.

The idiocy of these twerps is that they imagine they can create some sort of opposition to a President Hillary that can work to keep her in check. This is a fool’s errand. Only raw power can check Clinton and even that has to be so massive that she will be completely hamstrung. And even power won’t faze her as she will do anything and everything she wants whether it is legal or not — just like her husband and just like Obama. if she wins (and even if she wins with their help) Clinton will ignore these ankle biters and go about her business of destroying the country without paying them the first never mind.

But let’s remember that most of these people are tax dollar freeloaders and really are not interested in principles but only in keep the government gravy train on track. They nearly all worked for government offices which exist as little else but a drain on our taxes or politicians who have done zero, zip, nada to oppose Obama and the Democrat agenda. And it is telling that so many worked for John McCain, too.

Granted the people on this list are a bunch of low-level placemen, hangerson, flunkies, government grovelers, and perfunctories, but we need to make sure these cretins never again work in any job that represents the center right coalition. ESPECIALLY if it is in a job our tax dollars pay for.

So, let’s work to end these traitors:

  • Ken Adelman, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations and Arms Control Director
  • Charles Badger, former Director of Coalitions for Jeb Bush 2016, former Director of Legislative Affairs (NJ-Department of Community Affairs, Christie Administration), former Hill staff
  • Kurt Bardella, former advisor to Darrell Issa (R-CA) and former spokesman for Breitbart News
  • Donna Barbisch, Major General (ret.) and former Director of Chemical and Biological Defense Program Integration
  • Niki Christoff, former member of the policy staff of John McCain 2008
  • James Clad, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Asia
  • Patrick Cronin, former Assistant Administrator for Policy and Program Coordination, USAID
  • Charles Dunne, former Foreign Policy Adviser to the Director for Strategic Plans and Policy at the Joint Staff in the Pentagon and former Director for Iraq, National Security Council
  • James Filippatos, former Assistant Administrator for International Affairs, Federal Aviation Administration
  • Charles Fried, former Solicitor General
  • Jana Chapman Gates, former speechwriter, US Department of the Treasury
  • Jean Geran, former member of the Secretary of State’s Office of Policy Planning
  • Jim Glassman, former Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs
  • Justin Kintz, former Special Assistant External Affairs, US Department of the Interior
  • Frank Lavin, former White House Political Director, former US Ambassador to Singapore, former Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade
  • Phil Levy, former member of the Secretary of State’s Office of Policy Planning
  • Jim Magill, Chief Master Sergeant (ret.), US Air Force
  • Mario Mangiameli, Captain U.S. Marine Corps, (Ret.) and former Counterterrorism & Law Enforcement Policy Advisor, US Dept of Homeland Security
  • Robert Manning, former Member of the Secretary of State’s Office of Policy Planning
  • Peter Mansoor, Colonel, US Army (Ret.)
  • David Meyers, former White House Assistant Staff Secretary and former Communications Advisor for the Senate Republican Leadership
  • Todd Moss, former Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of African Affairs, US Department of State
  • David Nierenberg, former Mitt Romney 2012 National Finance Chair
  • Richard Painter, former Chief White House Ethics Lawyer
  • Ricardo Reyes, former Deputy Assistant USTR for Public Affairs
  • Andrew Sagor, former Special Assistant to the US Ambassador-at-Large for War Crimes Issues
  • Mark Salter, former Advisor to Senator John McCain
  • Jennifer Sarver, former Bush Administration Official, former GOP Senate Staffer, former RNC Professional Volunteer
  • John Stubbs, former Senior Advisor USTR
  • Elizabeth Tamposi, former Assistant Secretary of State and former New Hampshire State Legislator
  • Colin Tooze, former Member of the Office of Rep. Chris Cox (R-CA)
  • Dan Twining, former Member of the Secretary of State’s Office of Policy Planning
  • John Veroneau, former Deputy USTR, former Assistant Secretary of Defense
  • Davis White, former Member of the White House Office of Public Liaison

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–Samuel Johnson

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