Peter Rosakm: A Few Op Eds for Your Interest

From the office of Representaive Peter Roskam (R, Ill.)…

When you get a chance, take a look at two op-eds I wrote last week.

The first in National Review Online discusses the Republican agenda for the fall, including our plans to spur job creation, reel in government spending, establish predictability in the marketplace, and replace Obamacare with reforms designed to actually lower health care costs.

Click here to read my op-ed in National Review Online.

The second in the Washington Examiner outlines my commonsense, bipartisan plan for slashing criminal fraud in Medicare. The taxpayer and the quality of Medicare service are currently degraded by $60 billion a year in fraudulent Medicare claims.

Click here to read my op-ed in the Washington Examiner.

Hopefully you find these articles both interesting and insightful.

Peter Roskam
Member of Congress

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