Fake Mich. ‘Tea Party’: Another Example of How Democrats Fight Dirty

-By Warner Todd Huston

Every Democrat I know likes to act as if it were the GOP that fights dirty. Of course, every time I ask them for an example they just stare back blankly at me — I know, it’s their normal state, but this question gets particular blankness. On the other hand, I can give reams of evidence of the left doing all it can to win by hook or crook, and it’s usually crook. From ACORN, to constant use of the race card, to changing rules in the middle of the game both at a local level as well as a federal level, as well as the leftist’s prosaic hypocrisy of double standards, we can all name a dirty trick from the left. Well, as if you needed another one, there is a new dirty trick being perpetrated by the left in the great state of Michigan.

There a Democrat Party group is registering a “new” party that its calling the “Tea Party.” Yeah, imagine that! Where do you think they got the idea for the name, eh?

Over at OutsideLansing.com we find that a Democrat connected petition management firm has been deployed with petitions to “organize one new state political party.” It is being called the Tea Party.

The petition was mailed to known paid circulators in the metro Detroit area earlier this week and based on conclusions of proprietary knowledge to Zarko Research, the petition is being operated by a liberal-leaning petition management firm with ties to the Democratic Party. The petition claims to seek access to the ballot for an entirely new party – the “Tea Party”…

Chetly Zarko tried to call around to the various Tea Party movement folks in Michigan and none of them seemed to know anything about this supposed new “Tea Party” petition drive. Zarko quotes Tea Party operative Wendy Day of Howell, Michigan as saying that this petition drive for a fake Tea Party (does one say a Tea Party Party?) is evidence that the Democrats are taking them very seriously, seriously enough to try this new dirty tricks campaign.

Zarko has discovered that the petition is being passed by the Michigan lefty campaign company named Progressive Campaigns, Inc. and the company is being paid $1 for each signature it can gather. Progressive Campaigns, Inc., as Mr. Zarko reports, is “funded by Soros, the Michigan Democratic Party, and is most recently known for the crude attempt to re-game the Michigan Constitution for the Democratic Party in 2008 through the Reform Michigan Government Now petition.”

So, once again we find a Democrat dirty trick in the making. As the left’s “logic” goes, if you can’t win, cheat. If you can’t get people to accept your political ideas straight on, lie. If you can’t get people to sign onto your efforts legitimately, try to fool them into thinking you are doing something else.

No surprise, but sunlight on these sort of things is always a good antidote for Fascism, Socialism, Communism and Democratism.

Coverage of the Fake Tea Party in Michigan

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