Breaking News: Guam Tips Over, Chinese Island On Other Side

Earlier in the week American Media outlets lambasted Georgia Representative Hank Johnson for his concern over the safety of the inhabitants of the U.S. Protectorate of Guam. Johnson feared that the Island would tip over if the U.S. Army sent too many troops to her shores.

Over Easter weekend, the U.S. Army sent one too many soldier to the Island causing Johnson’s most feared catastrophe to occur.

Guam did, indeed, tip over. But after the seismic activity settled it was discovered that a Chinese Island and its inhabitants was situated on the other side of Guam.

China is now asserting sovereignty and naming the Island East Taiwan. In a surprise visit, President Obama went to the Chinese leaders, bowed deeply, and promised to apologize for America’s evil actions.

In a statement, Representative Johnson said, “I warned you!”

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Breaking News: Guam Tips Over, Chinese Island On Other Side”

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