OK Piker, What Foreign Policy Victories Has Your Obammessiah Had?

-By Warner Todd Huston

This is a post directly to my friend, Piker — one of the few liberals that frequent this blog. I need to ask of you this salient question: what foreign policy victory has President Obama had while in office?

We were told by the lefty media that Obama was going to sweep into office and “fix” our relationship with the world. We were told that Bush was a “cowboy” who “ruined” our reputation abroad. The Obammessiah was going to heal the world for us and make us the much beloved country that liberals imagine that we always were — despite the FACT that we’ve never, ever been the much beloved country that American liberals imagine we once were.

During the campaign Obama pledged to talk to everyone “without preconditions.” Once in office he launched a world wide apology tour for America telling every foreign auience he could find that the U.S. was mean and rotten and that he was the bright, shining light of truth that would drive out the darkness and make us the world’s pal once again.

Well, he’s had a year.

Has he brought Abbas and the “palestinians” to the table to negotiate peace with Israel?

Has he stopped North Korea’s saber rattling and stopped them from further developing their nuclear weapons?

Speaking of nukes, has he stopped Iran from its aspirations for the bomb?

Has he brought the world to its senses by winning concessions for that mythical global warming? Or is it “climate change” this year? Globaloney, maybe?

Has the president made Islamofascists every where suddenly realize that they can love us again?

Has he made us safe from terrorists?

Has he…. well, what HAS he done? What concrete foreign policy success has he had? Has there been even a glimmer of success? I’d really love to hear what the left is saying about this.

4 thoughts on “
OK Piker, What Foreign Policy Victories Has Your Obammessiah Had?”

  1. On the whole, the world is much happier with Obama then they were with Bush. What would you take as proof of something concrete?

  2. Happier? Who cares if they are “happier”? Still, where is the actual foreign policy success that Obama has had with all these “happier” foreigners? What has he succeeded in doing with all these ecstatic countries?

  3. What would you take as proof of something concrete? It’s a lot easier to spot a foreign policy failure than a success. I mean, what would you like to see?

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