How the Candidates for Gov. Stand on Guns

-By Warner Todd Huston

The good folks over at have compiled a nice little list of statements about the Second Amendment made by our candidates for Governor. On a veto of the so-called assault weapons ban, they found four GOPers stongly in favor, one is wishy-washy, and two oppose it. And on concealed carry they found three Republicans support it and three are against it.

Here is what posted:

QUESTION: Would you sign or veto legislation banning the sale and possession of semiautomatic assault-style weapons in Illinois?


— Adam Andrzejewski: "Would veto a ban on semiautomatic ‘assault weapons’ in most circumstances. It comes down (to) law abiding citizens having the right to defend their life, liberty and property."

— Bill Brady: "I am opposed to any further restrictions to the ownership of firearms as guaranteed in the Bill of Rights and would veto legislation banning the sale and possession of semiautomatic weapons."

— Kirk Dillard: "Without having more sufficient detail, including the definition of an "assault-style weapon," and for what circumstances the use of these weapons would be approved, this question is difficult to answer."

— Andy McKenna: "I believe in the Second Amendment and law abiding citizen’s right to own firearms to protect their families and for sporting purposes.

— Dan Proft: "I would veto such legislation. … I believe arbitrary gun bans are unconstitutional and would oppose such bans."

Jim Ryan: "I would sign it [assault-weapons ban] provided it was narrowly drawn and did not violate our 2nd Amendment rights."

— Bob Schillerstrom: "I would sign constitutionally sound [assault-weapons ban] legislation banning assault weapons in Illinois."


Dan Hynes: "I would sign [assault-weapons ban] legislation banning the sale and possession of semiautomatic assault-style weapons in Illinois.

Pat Quinn: "I would sign [assault-weapons ban] legislation banning the sale and possession of semiautomatic assault-style weapons."

— William "Dock" Walls: "I would sign [assault-weapons ban] such legislation."


— Rich Whitney: "If it truly and accurately defines assault weapons in a manner that does not impair the rights of lawful gun owners to possess firearms for defensive purposes, and respects the rights of legitimate gun collectors, then yes, I would sign it."

QUESTION: Would you sign or veto legislation allowing concealed-carry for handguns?


— Adam Andrzejewski: "I would sign it. … Law abiding citizens have this right."

— Bill Brady: "Constitutional rights should be afforded to eligible, law-abiding Illinois citizens, and therefore concealed carry should be legalized.

— Kirk Dillard: "With proper training and thorough background checks, and dependent upon the exact language drafted in the legislation, I could support allowing concealed-carry for handguns as almost every other state in the nation has done."

— Andy McKenna: "I am opposed to concealed-carry legislation."

— Dan Proft: "I would sign right to carry legislation."

— Jim Ryan: "I would veto [right to carry]. I believe reasonable people can differ on this issue but on balance, drawing from my experience as a law enforcement official, I believe we are better off without concealed-carry."

— Bob Schillerstrom: "I would veto [right to carry] legislation  allowing concealed carry for handguns. I am a supporter of the Second Amendment; however, I do not believe that concealed carry is a solution for reducing crime in the State of Illinois."


— Dan Hynes: Hynes didn’t take a position on concealed carry in general but did say he opposes a new law letting people bring concealed guns into someone else’s home if they have permission.

— Pat Quinn: "I would veto [right to carry] legislation allowing concealed-carry for handguns."

— William "Dock" Walls: "I would veto [right to carry] conceal and carry legislation."


Rich Whitney: "I would sign legislation allowing concealed-carry or open carry — although … I would prefer that any such legislation allow individual counties to opt out if they so chose."

It looks like the posting came from an Associated Press piece that covered the issue of where the gubernatorial candidates stand on guns.
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