Senator Dick “Turbin” Durbin’s Helathcare Poll

-By Warner Todd Huston

Illinois’ senior Senator, Dick “Turbin” Durbin is sponsoring a poll on the so-called public option on his website this week.

Durbin, who made himself notorious for saying during the Bush years that our troops were just like Nazis, wants to know what you think about the “public option” socialistic government healthcare plans he and his pals in the left-wing, Euroized Senate want to force upon us all.

Ranking your feelings from “0” meaning no support, to “10” meaning greatest support, Durbin wants to know if you want a 50-State public option, an opt-out option, an opt-in option, a trigger plan, or no public option at all.

You can guess which one I chose (hint it’s the last one).

If you are an Illinois citizen, you need to go to this site and tell “Turbin” Durbin that you do NOT want any public option at all.

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