Ohio Elections: ACORN Worker by Day, Prostitute by Night

-By Warner Todd Huston

Of course, we all know that ACORN workers are prostitutes for Barack Obama, The One, the all seeing, all knowing messiah at large.

But, whoda thunk they were also prostitutes for… well… just prostitutes? I mean Real ones?

WCPO channel 9 in Cincinnati is reporting that an ACORN worker was arrested for soliciting an undercover police officer this week. Shari Bell also had a crack pipe in her coat when police arrested her.

So, we know her night job. But what was her day job? Well, apparently she worked for ACORN (the Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now), Barack Obama’s old employer and current supporter.

Bell told police she worked for Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), a group that works for progress in low-income communities on issues like housing, education and voter registration, at the time of her arrest.

ACORN head organizer for Cincinnati Amy Teitelman said that Bell did work for the organization as a canvasser, going door to door for four days, but did not show up for work Wednesday, therefore she said they assumed that she had quit.

ACORN sure knows how to pick em, don’t they?

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(H/T EM Zanotti)

3 thoughts on “Ohio Elections: ACORN Worker by Day, Prostitute by Night”

  1. Oviously, Warner Todd Houston does not have the education to get a real job.

    Look, I don’t care that you are revealing voting discrepencies. I don’t, however, like you pointing fingers at just the dems. Is the republican party doing the same except you are not reporting it?

    The all important question is “when I vote how do I know my vote has been counted?” Think about this folks, you make a mark on a ballot, turn it in and then what? Do you know the checks and balances that go into checking to see if all ballots are counted? I have never questioned it but I am now.

  2. Obviously charliemack isn’t edcuated or smart enough to understand that this is NOT an anti-Republican site.

    There are PLENTY of lefty sites out there covering their beat. I am covering mine. You want coverage from the left, there is a whole world of websites out there for you to seek out.

    It isn’t my job to write what YOU want me to write.

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