More ‘Voters’ Than Actual Adult Residents in Missouri?

-By Warner Todd Huston

The AP is reporting that more than a dozen Missouri counties have found that they suddenly have more registered voters than eligible adult citizens this year. And the worst one? Well, no surprise it is Democrat controlled St. Louis County.

A statistical analysis by The Associated Press compared county voter rolls with U.S. Census Bureau estimates for the number of adults age 18 and older in each county. Fourteen of the state’s 114 counties had more registered voters than voting-age adults. Several others had registration rolls almost equal to their adult populations.

The AP finds that in “St. Louis County there are 796,979 registered voters, of which 715,195 are considered active voters and the rest inactive. The estimated voting-age population is 762,657.”

Naturally, Missouri Democrats are pretending there is nothing to worry about and many are refusing to look into the matter at all. No doubt because looking into the matter would reveal massive Democrat vote fraud.

But, one thing is sure. If even the left leaning Associated Press is saying there’s trouble, there really must be trouble!

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