New Evidence of Nancy Pelosi Associate Supporting Chavez, Marxists, & Terrorists

-By Warner Todd Huston

A Colombian associate of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is once again linked to FARC terrorists and Marxist Dictator Hugo Chavez with the revelation of damning new messages concerning Colombian Senator Piedad Córdoba that are currently being investigated by Colombian military officials. Once again we have a powerful American politician, this one the Speaker of the House of Representatives, linked to those attempting to institute Marxist regimes to our South. Why does the U.S. media steadily ignore the ties Speaker Pelosi has to Chavez and the terrorist group FARC through her association with Senator Córdoba? Isn’t it awfully big news that the Speaker of the House supports a foreigner that wishes to give more power to one of our biggest enemies in this hemisphere and to further the efforts of a decades old terror outfit?

Córdoba, who has worked closely with Pelosi on Colombian and Venezuelan issues, has been linked to terrorists and Marxists in the past and has been a key player in helping undermine her own government. Senator Córdoba is prominently mentioned in these emails and documents as attempting to create a “friends of Chavez” style movement in Colombia. This movement was also organized with the assistance of leaders of the Bolivarian Movement, a FARC sponsored terror group.

Some may remember that back in July Nancy Pelosi had illicitly stepped outside her role as Speaker and attempted to institute her own foreign policy by communicating with Colombian Senator Córdoba, telling her that she and Representative Jim McGovern (D-MA) were ready to help them arrange swaps of captured terrorists for hostages held by FARC terrorists. (Foreign policy is the exclusive role of the president and not the legislative branch)

Senator Piedad Córdoba has worked closely with various FARC terror leaders, she is pictured here with FARC leader Raul Reyes, later killed in Ecuador.

So, why does Pelosi get a complete pass for aligning herself with this Colombian Senator that aids terrorists and is a chief booster of one of our biggest enemies in South and Central America? What else but that the U.S. media does not discuss this subject much. But, why doesn’t the U.S. media want to expose Pelosi’s support of a foreign enemy? Perhaps it is for the same reason that the U.S. media doesn’t want to talk much about the true nature of the close ties that Barack Obama has to American terrorist William Ayers? To do so would discredit Pelosi and Obama both and that is the last thing the media wants to do. So, the truth remains unspoken in the press.

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