L.A.Times’ Ridiculous Links: ‘2 Obama Backers Hospitalized’

L.A.Times’ Ridiculous Links: ‘2 Obama Backers Hospitalized’
-By Warner Todd Huston

The L.A.Times’ Andrew Malcolm is so over come by Obamamania that he sees connections to his messiah everywhere, even in hospitals separated by hundreds of miles, from patients admitted days apart, with maladies and injuries that are completely dissimilar. And not just with ordinary everyday patients in those hospitals, but with two star studded actors who ended up in hospitals, one in Chicago and one in Tennessee. And guess what? They are both… gasp… OBAMA SUPPORTERS. Yes, I know how shocking it is that two actors can be admitted to hospitals after donating money to the Barack Obama campaign. After all, the mere fact that they gave the messiah money should have been enough of a talisman to have protected them at least until the elections, wouldn’t ya think? I mean, isn’t their messiah letting them down here?

Malcolm’s tenuous connections between these two actors and Obama only serves to highlight his own obsession because the hospital stays of the two actors have absolutely no relation to each other. Actor Morgan Freeman was admitted to a Memphis, Tennessee hospital on August 4 suffering injuries from a car accident near his Mississippi home. Actor and comedian Bernie Mac was admitted to a Chicago, Illinois hospital on August 2 suffering from pneumonia.

So, what is the Obama connection? They both gave money to Obama’s campaign. That’s it. They just gave money.There is no other connection between Freeman and Mac and Barack Obama.

Of course, it is utterly unsurprising that two well known black actors have given money to the Obama campaign. Heck, it wouldn’t be too surprising if both actors gave to Hillary’s campaign earlier in the primaries, either.

But, why did Malcolm focus on the tenuous Obama aspect of this story? There is no logical reason other than it gave Andrew Malcolm an excuse to have a story about his messiah. The two actors have no connection to each other. They have no substantive connection to the Obama campaign. Their ailments have no relationship to each other. They were admitted days apart, so the timing isn’t even a connection. And they are hundreds of miles apart so proximity doesn’t even play here.

Yet, still we get Malcolm’s mysterious Obama linking.

Back in the Cold War, the left would scorn anti-communists by joking that red haters were so afraid of commies that they “saw commies under their beds” at night. Well, in this case, it seems like Malcolm is so star-struck by Obama that he sees Obama in everything. Malcolm might not fear Obama under his bed, but one could be excused for wondering if Malcolm might wish Obama IN his bead at night! I am not sure if Malcolm is in the tank for Obama, but he might have been tanked when he wrote this one, anyway.

Stay tuned, because I have some tips that Malcolm’s next piece is titled “Obama Image Appears in Breakfast Toast.”

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