Just Waterboard Me

-By Lee Culpepper

Yes, it is natural to panic now. America is in trouble when both presidential candidates consider thirty-five to ninety seconds of coerced gagging and panic to be torture. Haven’t liberal politicians and judicial activists been ramming painful ideology down our throats for years?

Maybe it is just a coincidence, but liberals and their news media seem to bring up the word “morality” only if it helps to undermine America’s ability to defend itself against Islamic butchers. Perhaps the relentless pistol-whipping of political correctness has knocked the sense out of most liberals. How else could they assert that President Bush authorizing interrogators to seriously frighten three high-ranking terrorists — in an effort to save American lives — is comparable to Allah (or whoever) commanding terrorists to mutilate, gang rape, and brutally execute innocent victims?

Call me intolerant, but a culture that contains a fantasy where suicide bombers inherit 50 black-eyed virgins in a “heaven” that indulges every debauchery it forbids on earth is not a moral culture. But a culture that values innocent human life is moral.

Misleading Muslim terrorists to believe that we are sending them to their hedonistic paradise by pouring water over their faces may not be nice, but it is not immoral. If we were drilling into their kneecaps and elbows or crushing their privates in a vice, then the narcissistic, morally one-up crowd would have an irrefutable argument.

Today, Barack Obama and other liberals revel in the failures President Bush must accept for earlier decisions he and his advisors made concerning Iraq. But liberals indignantly refuse to give President Bush any credit for turning the war around. They don’t even acknowledge that his policies have made us safer, as terrorism around the world has declined significantly since 2001.

Currently, Obama enjoys the luxury of not being held accountable for the decisions that keep the rest of us safe. Criticizing President Bush, who is accountable, is much easier than taking over his responsibilities. Had Bush focused on Iran instead of Iraq, Obama and other liberals probably would be criticizing him today because Iranians “did not fly airplanes into American buildings on 9/11.”

The fact is that Obama and his supporters would simply prefer not to talk about terrorism at all.

Liberals feel much more comfortable discussing issues that really matter like legalizing gay marriage, banning transracial adoptions, increasing government funding for abortions, and convincing idiots that everyone can live at the expense of everybody else.

It is hard to imagine choking on these issues for the next four years. Unfortunately, that possibility seems preferable to the chaos and carnage that would follow Obama’s proposed surrender in Iraq. I realize Obama has promised to meet personally with the terrorists to sort through our differences, but something tells me terrorists listen better when they are perfectly centered in the sights of an M-16.

I would much prefer to suffer waterboarding for ninety seconds than to vote for John McCain. But if Barack Obama becomes our next president, I will deserve far worse than choking on ninety seconds of water if I were to stay home on Election Day.
Lee Culpepper is a Marine turned high school English teacher. Currently, he is writing his first book, Alone and Unafraid: One Marine’s Counterattack Inside the Walls of Public Education.

Lee can be reached at drcoolpepper@yahoo.com.

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