Unwritten Constitution Under Assault

-By Thomas E. Brewton

In the United States and Great Britain, immigration abetted by multiculturalism is corrupting society’s unwritten constitution, which is the positive embodiment of the spirit that animates a society and gives it a driving force of unity in belief and national aims.

No society can survive without a consensus about right and wrong, about what constitutes moral conduct. That consensus is the unwritten constitution of society, the content that gives meaning to a written constitution, the meat on the bones of the structure of government.

Without that consensus there can be only a disparate group of people with little or no attachment to their new homes. That is what we see increasingly, here and in Great Britain, under the impact of a tsunami of immigration from alien cultures and religions.

Combining this huge flood of immigration with a liberal-progressive ethos of rootless multiculturalism sets the stage for disintegration of American and British societies more effectively than terrorist attacks by Islamic jihadists. No longer is education viewed as a melting pot to teach our history and the principles of our government.

Without the pre-existing unwritten constitution of 1776, which Jefferson said was the source of his words in the Declaration of Independence, our written Constitution has become vulnerable to distortion by activist judges and liberal-progressive educators.

In Great Britain, the danger is even more acute. England has no single written constitution, depending instead upon various documents, commencing with Magna Carta in 1215, and long preserved traditions that circumscribe political power and social interaction.

To see what happens when liberal-progressives impose standardless “tolerance” and multiculturalism on a society, read Theodore Dalrymple’s A Confusion of Tongues: Why Britain struggles to assimilate immigrants.

Judeo-Christian traditions of right and wrong underlie the unwritten constitution that prevailed in 1776. Those traditions taught generations of Americans that every person should always do his best to do the right thing, even if doing so did not benefit him personally. A flood of judicial decisions since the 1950s reveals, however, that doing away with precepts of right and wrong is one of the primary objectives of liberal-socialism.

The “me” generation of the Baby Boomer era were taught that the only standard is immediate gratification of their sensual urges. Hence today’s generally accepted belief that sexual promiscuity, murdering babies via abortion, drug abuse, biological fathers abandoning partners and the children they father, and living off the welfare state are acceptable life styles.

Our liberal-socialistic educational system goes to great lengths to teach students that the only important virtue is what liberal-progressives call “tolerance,’ which amounts to saying that there are no standards of any kind. Liberals’ version of scientific truth flatly rejects what they call value judgments. John Dewey’s philosophy of pragmatism says do whatever you can get away with. Cheat in school and cook the books in companies like Enron and Tyco; dump substandard mortgage loans into packages of supposed creditworthy loans. If it works for you, that is the only test of validity.

It is not essential that a cohesive and successful political society have a written constitution. But no political society can exist for long without an unwritten constitution. The idea of a written constitution is, in fact, fairly recent in world history. England’s constitution is not a single document, but a large collection of acts, declarations, and traditions. So long as the English people preserved reverence for and clear recollections of traditions, England remained the dominant world power. Just as in the United States, the unwritten English constitution began to disintegrate under the corrosive effects of its 20th century socialist labor governments.

Without the unwritten constitution, a written constitution is mere form without content, the state of affairs that came to prevail in the United States during the 20th century. Knowledge of the unwritten constitution is essential to preserving the intent of the written constitution, because words taken out of context can be misinterpreted by liberal enemies of society.

Today, after seventy years of liberal brain-washing, American students know almost nothing about our history and traditions, which means that our unwritten constitution is falling apart from lack of maintenance. The United States has become a large collection of competing special interest groups, each heedless of the common good and intent upon getting as much as possible of government handouts. American society has become the equivalent of road kill being picked clean by buzzards and crows.
Thomas E. Brewton is a staff writer for the New Media Alliance, Inc. The New Media Alliance is a non-profit (501c3) national coalition of writers, journalists and grass-roots media outlets.

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