Anti-Conservative Hollyweird Update — BDS and Globaloney Galore

-By Warner Todd Huston

They make anti-American films that bomb at the box office and lose money. Then they make more films that make fun of the conservative base of the country, they lose more money. They make films that attack, belittle and infantalize our men and women at arms — all as we are in a war, adding insult to injury — and they lose still more money. So what do they do? They make yet more films like these previous lemons. Any guesses what will happen next? That’s right, box office poison.

There is a whole raft of new projects that are sure to become box office stinkers that make Americans rather want to stay home instead of stream to the movies. There’s Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS) extravaganzas, anti-capitalist potboilers and global warming scaremongering galore all coming to a theater near you!

Of course, we all know of the Oliver Stone movie about George W. Bush that is beginning principle filming now. We’ve heard how everyone that has any knowledge of president Bush is saying that this schlock entirely misses Bush the man and presents a silly, unbelievable caricature instead of a serious movie (when even the entertainment press is reporting that the Stone debacle is over-the-top, you know we have trouble). But, then again, it is Oliver Stone who has proven over and over again that truth is not what he is interested in. On the contrary, his own special brand of far left propaganda is his real goal.

But, Hollyweird has no shortage of leftist tripe masquerading as “entertainment” soon to be forced upon the country. At least three more such exercises in leftist tropes are making news in moviedom. First up is the announced sequel to Point Break, the 1991 Patrick Swayze/Keanu Reeves flick that featured bank robbers that wore U.S. President masks in the execution of their crimes. A Sci Fi channel extravaganza called Lost City Raiders that absurdly features a post global warming world that is almost entirely under water (even though there isn’t that much water on the planet!). And yet another anti-war flick, this one disguised as a comedy.

It has been announced that the Point Break sequel will feature a new gang of bank robbers. For those unaware, in the last film the bank robber gang that wore masks of past U.S. presidents was called “The Ex-presidents” gang. Well, impugning all the presidents jointly wasn’t intense enough for the sequel, apparently. The new gang in the film will be called “The Bush Administration” because, well, we all know what crooks Bush and his administration are, right? This is deep writing, folks. I guess “deep” and “Keanu Reeves” aren’t compatible concepts, though.

When Billy Dalton, military special ops and star surfer, is disqualified from the pro-surfing tour, he takes off for the coast of Bali looking for the perfect wave. While there he’s recruited by a private security force who are trying to find a gang known as The Bush Administration, surfing outlaws and modern day pirates who work like “The Ex-Presidents,” a bank robbing crew from Malibu twenty years ago.

I would like to suggest that the new film be titled “Point Bleak” for the box office bomb it will surely become.

Another film, this time premised on Goregasmic global warming hype, is so far titled Lost City Raiders. It is set in 2079 after that eeevil global warming has melted all the ice caps and flooded the entire Earth with the ocean’s waters. In this flick a roving band of explorers in their own little yellow submarine will spend their damp days visiting the sites of submerged cities looking for a sacred object that will reverse “the rising.” Apparently, a Catholic leader at the Vatican sends the explorers looking for this object of power. I am pretty sure that by the end of the film we will all discover that what they seek is Al Gore’s Oscar statuette. After all, what else could have such globaloney power? But in this one we get global warming AND a nice diminution of the Catholic Church taking the Church from one of the World’s greatest religions to glorified treasure hunters. That’s a two for one deal for Hollyweird, folks.

I found a great article on this project published in German, but there is a small recap of it on the homepage of one of the actors in the flick, too. (Here is the full article in German, for those Teutonicly inclined readers out there.)

Lastly, soon to open, is the new anti-war flick starring John Cussack called War,Inc.. This one tries to make a comedy out of America’s supposed war-like interests in the Middle East. Turaqistan, a fictional country, is invaded and taken over by a warmongering former U.S. vice president who is in control of a private corporation with its own army — shades of Darth Cheney and his henchmen in Haliburton, we can only assume. See, this one is funny cuz it’s an American corporation stealing oil from a helpless Middle Eastern country… see, funny stuff man! I mean, it’s funny cuz it’s so true, right? All sorts of American corporations have taken over countries and are stealing their oil we all know. Just hilarious stuff.

There are several other projects in the works, like the dreary Watchmen which I will be writing about when this film gets closer to completion. These are just some of the latest attempts by Hollywood to attack, impugn, and ridicule the ideas and values held by most Americans, folks that these producers imagine to be their customers, curiously enough.

Yes, with this long line of stinkers about to accost you at the cineplex and your paraded across your TV screens, I’d say this calls for a renewal of your library card, or refamiliarizing yourself with your local book store. Maybe even taking up golf or hiking. Obviously Hollyweird isn’t interested in making films that most Americans care to see, anyway.


Warner Todd Huston is a Chicago based freelance writer, has been writing opinion editorials and social criticism since early 2001 and is featured on many websites such as,, New Media Journal, Men’s News Daily and the New Media Alliance among many, many others. Additionally, he has been a frequent guest on talk-radio programs to discuss his opinion editorials and current events. He has also written for several history magazines and appears in the new book “Americans on Politics, Policy and Pop Culture” which can be purchased on He is also the owner and operator of Feel free to contact him with any comments or questions : EMAIL Warner Todd Huston

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