CNN ‘Apologizes’ for Allowing Hill Shill in GOP Debate

Remember the scene in “The Blues Brothers” where Jake Blues (John Belushi) was on his knees in front of Carrie Fischer pleading with her that all the things he did to her wasn’t his fault. His ending line was something like, “I swear to GOD, it wasn’t my fault!” Keep that in mind when watching this gee-we-didn’t-know apology from CNN for having a Hillary Campaign shill in the GOP debate last night!

Well, do you believe that the Clinton News Network didn’t know they had a Hill shill in the GOP debate??

Do, ya, huh?

One thought on “CNN ‘Apologizes’ for Allowing Hill Shill in GOP Debate”

  1. That joker needs to attend a few Toastmaster meetings to learn how to NOT say, “Ah!” and “Um!” while speaking. I couldn’t hear what he was saying because I was distracted by his poor presentation.

    Sad that CNN has fallen so low that they couldn’t get a better spokeshole.

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