Colorado Abortion Doctor Admits He Is A Killer?

OK, I admit that my headline is a grabber. And I also have to apologize to a certain extent for using a shocker as a title. After all, both sides of the abortion debate have been all too prone to the shock tactic to support their position or demean their opponent’s. But, in this case, it is an all too obvious conclusion at which to arrive.

Perhaps by now you have heard the story coming out of Colorado? Sacred Heart of Mary Church, a Catholic church in Boulder, Colorado, has been involved in the practice of obtaining the ashes of the bodies of late-term aborted fetuses and burying them according to Catholic custom, a “proper burial” as I have seen it put in one report of the incident.

Apparently this arrangement between the Crist Mortuary and Sacred Heart of Mary Church has been going on since 2001 but has only lately come to the attention of the public. And Doctor Warren Hern, a well-known late-term abortion practitioner, appears to be quite upset over the revelation.

He has released a statement in which he excoriates the Church for its actions. “Anti-abortion zealots, Catholic or otherwise, have shown that they will stop at nothing to inflict guilt and to compound the grief, sadness and sense of loss that these women experience,” Hern said. He continued with, “These fanatics simply cannot leave other people alone with their most intimate sorrow.”

This is a most interesting statement from Doctor Hearn, indeed. As I said in my admission at the start of this editorial, this I see this statement as an admission by Doctor Hern that he is responsible for the murder of uncounted babies. After all, why else would he be so defensive about the Church’s actions? Why would he be so upset?

Is it not the stance of abortion supporters that both an aborted fetus and its live counter part is simply an “collection of unviable cells”? (Unless the Mother decides that they are viable, mind you) Aren’t they claiming that the pre-born does not qualify as human? ( Unless, of course, the Mother makes the decision that it is) Aren’t they always saying that the fetus is not really a life? (Until the Mother decides that it is, naturally)

So, since these ashes are the result of an expulsion of unwanted, inhuman, unnecessary lumps of cells, why is Doctor Hern so fired up? After all, he has called the members of this Church “zealots” who wish to “inflict guilt” presumably on the women who had the abortions. He has admitted that the women who have had abortions experience a “most intimate sorrow”. This emotional language is quite at odds with the claims from abortion supporters that the detritus of an abortion does not even qualify as a human being. Why would one be so upset over the simple removal of unwanted cells? Does anyone get upset over losing their tonsils or in excising a tumor? No, they generally do not.

But the Doctor is claiming all sorts of emotional turmoil in the minds of a woman who has had an abortion. And studies show he is right to think so as it turns out. Consequently, with this direct admission that an abortion causes all manner of grief, sadness, loss and sorrow, he must also be admitting he adds to this grief by his actions as an abortionist. I mean, if there truly is so much emotional grief over the loss of the fetus how can anyone imagine that the Doctor has not been involved in causing this grief himself? And, if there is such grief we simply have to come to the conclusion that we are, indeed, actually killing these babies when conducting abortion procedures or grief, guilt and sadness could not possibly result with such a simple procedure if aborted fetuses truly are just unviable cells.

Therefore, the Doctor, with his emotional proclamations, is admitting to being a killer. Why else would he be so upset at the simple actions of Sacred Heart of Mary Church that has been carried on in relative secret and obscurity for over three years? Why get so upset over what abortion advocates equate to the removal of an unwanted tumor? Why does he feel it necessary to make these wild-eyed proclamations? Is the guilt eating at him?

By Warner Todd Huston

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