Indoctrinating Children With Global Warming TV Shows, Movies and Books

-By Warner Todd Huston

Here are chilling words for any parent to hear: “Hollywood recruits kids to fight climate change.” It isn’t every day that someone admits that they are basically out to indoctrinate children with an ideological position, but Helen Andrews of reports to us just such an admission from the globaloney forces in Hollywood. Not only do they intend to brainwash our children (and already are, for that matter) with their anti-capitalist, anti-growth ideas using fuzzy animals and cartoonish figures, but they are presenting it as a “moral” issue and, just as badly, trying to convince our children that humans aren’t any more special than the animals — because, you see, kids are “an animal,” too. Naturally, these globaloney pushers imagine there isn’t a thing wrong with their actions despite that they are trying to inculcate political positions on unsuspecting children, undercutting their parent’s ideologies, and undermining the American way of life.

Citing the success of such films as “Happy Feet” and even “Bambi,” Andrews brings us the ruminations of several folks who imagine that children are ripe for indoctrination with globaloney hysteria.

A significant amount of “moral learning” happens during the formative ages — generally beyond pre-school, Anderson explained. Kids roughly 7 and older begin to understand, remember and reflect on serious topics like death — including the Earth’s death. Elementary school students even start becoming interested in political positions.

So the “earth’s death” is a “moral” position, now?

Instead of teaching children about the American way of life and our Christian mores, these “experts” want that supplanted with global warming hysteria. Many feel that doing so with movies and TV is the perfect solution and the key to it all is fuzzy animals, the best way to grab little one’s attention and hold it. The 1940s debut of the forest fire prevention campaign with “Smokey Bear” is used in Andrews’ piece to illustrate the success of appealing to the young. Dave Walsh, president of the National Institute on Media and the Family, who fondly recalls his love for “Smokey Bear,” believes that the global warming crew can easily use the forest fire prevention campaign as a template for their own agenda.

“Children have always been very sensitive to the plight of animals…” …Walsh, who at age 7 was president of his neighborhood Smokey the Bear club, said that the environment is now Topic A among purveyors of children’s media.

Dan Anderson, a professor of psychology at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, agrees that children are the perfect, most receptive audience.

“It begins very early,” Anderson said about the connection between the young and animals. “Children by around age 2 really strongly respond to the branding of products.”

And Walsh adds…

“It’s not surprising with all of the recent talk about global warming that people who are creating children’s entertainment would translate that current-event discussion into the impact on animals,” Walsh continued. “Kids aren’t going to relate to the impact on the polar ice cap.”

So, global warming is to be that “product” as far as the ideologically motivated pushers of the issue are concerned. found Mitchell Kriegman, the creator of the eco-friendly PBS program “It’s a Big World,” who also took the opportunity to make it seem as if the Clinton era was somehow more “safe” even as islamist terrorism was just as much a part of the 1990s as it has been after 2001 — despite that the MSM never much reported on it then.

“My show was really a reaction to 9/11,” explained Kriegman. “Little kids were starting to get frightened about the world, and this was a change. During the Clinton era, there wasn’t this kind of fear of the world.”

And Kriegman uses his show to push the environmentalist movement on his young audience with a 7-foot sloth named Snook who is, as the article says, “the Al Gore for kids.”

It isn’t just environut stuff, either. A whole raft of anti-capitalist and secular humanist ideas are pushed on kids with this show and other media, such as movies and kid’s books. In one episode of “It’s a Big World” for instance, the main character even tells the kids that they are not any more special than animals, saying to them, “Hey, did you know that you are an animal, too?”

No, Snook, our children are not “animals,” they are people!

Even more ridiculously, this Kriegman is so sure that his zealous positions are just a fact that he doesn’t even seem to realize that he is pushing his politics on our children.

“There’s no controversy for kids,” said Kriegman. “It’s not a political issue.”

Well, it SHOULDN’T be, I’ll grant him that. But he has made it so by pushing his secular humanism and unproven globaloney ideology on unsuspecting children and their parents.

But, to global warming alarmists, their ideology is not a “political issue” as much as it is a cultish, religious styled belief system. Even truth is a victim of their zealotry as revealed by the recent report that proved that the so-called “scientific consensus” is a figment of the globaloney pusher’s imagination. Recent research shows that less than half of published scientists endorse global warming despite the fact that global warming advocates constantly claim that the great preponderance of scientists agree with their man-made global warming theories.

But, to believe is not to require proof… faith trumps all. There is nothing wrong with faith, of course, but if your faith is supposed to be based on reason and science, it would be nice if that faith corresponded with the facts therefrom.

I remember an incident in the early 1990s, one of my children, who was in 2nd grade at the time, had come home with a book from school assigned to him by his teacher. The book was ostensibly about a young raccoon’s first time home alone. His raccoon parents had to go to a meeting of forest creatures and decided to trust their young one home alone for his first time. Now, this story was supposed to be helping children learn about responsibility and “growing up.” But, what was surreptitiously tucked into this story but an enviro-wacko and anti-corporate message. Why were the parents going to the forest meeting, you ask? Why, it’s because the evil logging corporations were destroying their forest homes and the forest animals had to get together to protest this evil, capitalist destruction.

I gave the school an earful, of course.

But, be forewarned. These fuzzy penguins, happy sloths and cute raccoons are not just inoffensive cartoons. They hide a political message that is antithetical to our culture and the ideals that have made our country the greatest country ever created by the mind of man. Parents pay close attention to these things because, if you aren’t careful, they will undermine the great American principles that you wish your children to live by.

Remember, Only YOU can prevent globaloney from infecting your children.
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