Why not fire UAW union Chief too?

-By Warner Todd Huston

From Fox

In forcing the resignation of General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner, President Obama said he was seeking a fresh start, a “new vision and new direction,” for the beleaguered automaker.

But some critics are questioning why the president of the United Auto Workers union didn’t meet the same fate, to signal a fresh start on the other side of the bargaining table.

Even though UAW President Ron Gettelfinger argues that his workers have made significant concessions in recent years, critics say Gettelfinger should have gone the way of Wagoner — whose ouster could be seen as the final judgment for GM’s pursuit of gas-guzzling SUVs at a time when foreign manufacturers were winning over their customers with fuel-efficient cars.

Excellent question! Why is union thug Gettlefenagler allowed to keep his job? After all, he is just a guilty for the destruction of GM as Wagoner is!

Without question unions are one of the bigger parts of the problem in Detroit. So why is Barry O not doing the same to Guiltleflinger as he is to Wagoner? Why are we the people firing CEOs but not union chiefs that are responsible for their own part of the destruction of the business?

Ah, but we KNOW the answer there, don’t we? Obama will NEVER hold his pals in unions accountable for their criminal destruction of the American economy. It’s only those eeeevil capitalists at fault, you see? Barry will never accept fault on behalf of government incompetence and union thuggery.

Must be nice to have a powerful apologist in the White House, eh? Too bad the taxpayers don’t have anyone in the White House that cares about them.

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