Alan Dershowitz Endorses Joel Pollak for Congress (Ill., 9th)

From the Pollak for Congress campaign (9th District)…

Today I am pleased to welcome Prof. Alan Dershowitz to Chicago, and humbled to receive his endorsement in the race for the 9th congressional district. It is an honor to be one of the few Republicans that Prof. Dershowitz, a life-long Democrat, has supported. And it is a privilege to welcome a sold-out audience to our fundraising luncheon today–200 enthusiastic supporters from both sides of the political divide.

Prof. Dershowitz is an inspiration to me, and to so many others. His book Chutzpah was the first political work I ever read. Later, at Harvard, I was his student and research assistant. We have worked together in debating the fiercest enemies of the U.S.-Israel relationship. Whether standing up for Israel or standing up against corruption, I have tried to emulate Prof. Dershowitz’s courage, and his refusal to yield to political bullying.
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Alan Dershowitz Endorses Joel Pollak for Congress (Ill., 9th)”