Hillary’s Criminal Behavior and Scandals Pile Up Before Election Day, But Will It Matter?

-By Warner Todd Huston

As an avalanche of stories revealing Hillary Clinton’s corruption appear across the media landscape, just in time for Election Day crooked FBI Director James Comey is pronouncing the former Secretary of State “innocent.” So, will her real scandals matter as Americans go to the polls?

Just as FBI Director James Comey announced on Friday, October 28, that the Bureau was opening a second investigation into Hillary Clinton’s illegal, secret email server used to avoid both America’s transparency laws and her national security laws, Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh floated an important theory as to why Comey was doing it.

Rush noted that a cynical view of Comey’s announcement might tend to bring one to imagine that it was all a feint. That Comey made his announcement to roil the news cycle, but before Election Day Comey would come out to make the miraculous announcement that they investigated and, once again, Hillary is innocent of any wrong doing.

Now, to add to the story, not long after Comey announced his renewed investigation, news broke that the FBI’s New York office was reviewing 650,000 new emails that had something to do with Hillary’s email server.

Now, remember, the first investigation that ended in July took over a year to look over 30,000 of Hillary’s emails.

So, what happened this weekend, just over 7 days after Comey announced his renewed investigation and only three days before Election Day?

Yep, you guessed it. Comey just announced that the Bureau looked over the new batch of 650,000 emails and Hillary is totally innocent. Totally.

Comey is expecting us to believe that the bureau assessed 650,000 emails in less than eight days. Remember this, there are only 691,200 seconds in eight days. So Comey is expecting us to believe they read and assessed nearly an email every second for eight days!


It now appears that Rush Limbaugh’s “cynical view” was the right view. Just like when he cleared Hillary back in July with a purely political decision, corrupt FBI Director James Comey just did it again and conveniently just in time to make Hillary “innocent” for Election Day.

So, for the next two days, when ever the media reports on Hillary, expect to hear them say that Hillary was just exonerated by the FBI. When in fact, this is untrue. The investigations are still ongoing and no formal outcome has been determined.

But this FBI investigation — whether it is a false flag meant to help Hillary get elected or not — is far from the only report of major criminal activity by Hillary Clinton, her husband, her so-called foundation, and her campaign operatives. The media has been full of such reports.

Let’s just go through a few of these stories, shall we? (In no certain order)

According to Clinton campaign documents released by WikiLeaks, Clinton operative Doug Band revealed that Hillary’s daughter, Chelsea Clinton, illegally used Clinton Foundation funds — money that was supposed to go to “charity” — to pay for her wedding, to go out campaigning for her mother, and to avoid paying taxes.

In another example of Hillary’s criminality, we learned that Hillary ordered her Filipino maid to print out classified material in her home. That means Hillary allowed a person with no security clearance to access secret government State Department documents. This is a serious breach of our national security.

Speaking of Chelsea, in another case, it was discovered that Hillary was even sending her daughter classified information over that email server. Chelsea. A person who is not even an elected official and who was at the time working as a freakin’ “journalist.” (Though, granted, not much of one.)

There are more, of course, but we have limited space and other actions by the Democrats need to be noted, as well.

For instance, Democrats are working over time to steal this election just in case voters decide all Hillary’s criminal activity is just too much for them (as it should be). In close states like Pennsylvania and Florida cases of vote fraud have exploded. Even in Virginia Democrats are launching efforts to steal the election. Specifically, Authorities in Pennsylvania have launched a major investigation into Democrat vote fraud and in the Sunshine State Democrat-controlled Broward County election officials were caught faking thousands of votes.

Then there’s Virginia where Democrat Governor Terry McAuliffe — who just happens to be a long, long associate of the Clintons — suddenly decided to give the vote back to 60,000 Virginia felons and just in time to swamp the GOP in the Commonwealth and insure a massive Democrat victory on Tuesday. Imagine that.

Even President Obama got into the vote fraud game by giving an interview to a TV actress in which he urged illegals to vote and assured then that they wouldn’t be deported if they were caught illegally voting.

But maybe, just maybe, Trump can eke out a win here. After all, in just the last few days polling guru Nate Silver announced that his models now show that Hillary has lost her lock on the Electoral College vote and this race is no longer “over.”

So, folks, all I can say is get yourself and your family and friends to the polls and vote Trump. We can deal with his foibles and troubles later. But if we don’t stop Hillary Clinton there won’t ever be a reason to vote again because as president she will finish the destruction of the United States that Barack Obama started. With just her ability alone to stack the Supreme Court of the United States with far left-wing justices and the weak spinned Republicans who will bend over and approve her nominees, Hillary Clinton will destroy this country.
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