A Liberal Goes to a Gun Event, Comes Away Shocked at How Nice Gun Owners Are

-By Warner Todd Huston

A pair of liberal reporters decided to see what would happen if they attended the great Big Sandy Shoot Out in Arizona and came away with actual knowledge about guns and a certain amount of amazement that gun owners are such nice folks.

The Big Sandy Shoot Out is held twice a year in the Arizona desert and features any manner of firearm from pistols and rifles all the way to fully automatic machine guns and even big artillery like cannons and anti-tank guns. Even working, military tanks are brought to blast away in the desert.

For one thing, Terry Greene Sterling, the liberal journalist in question, seemed shocked to find out that not just anyone can buy a fully automatic machine gun. In her world of journalists, they all think that any five-year-old can buy a machine gun in Kindergarten.

She was amazed to find out just how strictly the US government regulates the sale and ownership of machine guns.

The journalist also thought that all she would find at the shooting event would be die hard, tea party Republicans but was amazed to find that all sorts of people are shooting enthusiasts. Not all of them are what she thought of as raving, hard-right lunatics.

The journalist even ended her piece noting how much fun it was to chew up the landscape with a Swiss anti-tank “monster machine gun” saying, “Man, was that fun.”

You can see journalist Sterling’s very long article on her experiences at MrConservative.com)
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