HuffPo’s Non-Movie Review: Brandon Darby’s ‘Informant’ is ‘Misogynistic’?

-By Warner Todd Huston

Brandon Darby, one-time liberal activist and now a Breitbart contributor, is the subject of Informant, a new film about his journey through the left’s grievance factory and the act of domestic terrorism he helped the FBI thwart. But Huffington Post is not very happy about it all. In fact, in his quasi review of the film, HuffPo’s Kris Hermes is more upset at Darby for “undermining” the left than he is at folks on his own side that wanted to kill Americans with firebombs.

At the outset Hermes admits that he has no intention to actually review the film in his film review saying, “I ultimately decided to review Informant not for its content.” But instead Hermes announced he intended to use his piece to name call, gripe about Dabry’s actions, and dismiss any wrongdoing from his compatriots in left-wing activism.

Hermes gets right to the name calling, too. In his first paragraph, Hermes calls Darby a “right-wing propagandist,” in his third he oddly calls Darby a “misogynist” and in between he claims that the FBI exists to “criminalize entire Muslim and Arab-American communities” and says Darby did the same thing; “criminalize fellow (left-wing) activists.”

One would think that a group of individuals that decided to plan a bombing of American citizens have criminalized themselves and that Darby didn’t have a hand in that effort but instead merely helped stop a crime.

Hermes then spins a few black helicopter, conspiracy tales including a reference to the 1950s-70s COINTELPRO operations and a claim that the US government “disrupted” efforts to organize in “post-Katrina New Orleans.”

Darby was an illegitimate activist, Hermes said, even when he was “a legend within left and anti-authoritarian circles.” This is because all he did was create a “cult of personality,” Hermes informs readers.

Next Hermes puts on his pop psychologist’s hat and claims that Darby suffers from some sort of desperate need for a father figure. Hermes wrote that, “it appears that Darby was directed more by seeking acceptance from male (father) figures in his life than distinct political ideas.” He further states, “Darby appears to be on a quest for acknowledgment from whichever older man plays center stage in his life at the time.”

Then Hermes delivers his well-qualified clinical diagnoses, saying that Darby’s actions “are consistent with at least three out of the five criteria of Antisocial Personality Disorders, vernacularly known as sociopathology.”

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, Mr. Hermes.

In the end, there is one small bit of truth in Hermes’ long gripe session masquerading as a film review. His last sentence holds the nut of it: “if you decide to watch Informant, be sure to bring along your anti-nausea medication.”

Hermes is clearly sickened by anyone that would expose the left for what it is and stop a planned act of domestic terrorism.
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