In Mocking Undecided Voters SNL Misspells ‘Responsible’

-By Warner Todd Huston

Saturday Night Live made an error just as it was making fun of voters that are so stupid that they are still undecided about this coming presidential election and it doesn’t seem that the error was part of the joke.

The segment was set up as a fake Public Service Announcement, one featuring the confused ramblings of the “Low-Information Voters of America.”

These “low-information voters” were clueless about the whole election, so stupid that they didn’t even know who was currently president and if women were allowed to vote.

All in all, a fairly funny little faux PSA.

But the error, unless it was supposed to be part of the joke, comes in at the end of the video. There, at the bottom of the screen you’ll see a “claimer,” the sort you’d see at the end of a PSA that tells the viewer who is claiming responsibility for the ad.

This claimer on SNL’s faux PSA says (my bold):

Low-Information Voters of America is responsable for the content of this advertising

Yes, SNL misspelled the word “responsible.”

Again, is it part of the joke? If so, it is not really a logical extension of the premise of the faux PSA. Anyway, we just thought we’d point it out for you to decide.

Was it part of the joke or just bad spelling on the part of SNL?
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